This Breloom is a wild Grass/Fighting-type Pokémon that appears in A Windswept Encounter!.


XY104 13

Team Rocket trapping Floette and Breloom.

As Ash's Noibat was flying around in the forest he accidentally bumped into Breloom, who was carrying flowers to give to the Orange Flower Floette. When he saw that Noibat destroyed the flowers he became furious and used Poison Powder on Noibat. As Ash and his friends showed up to help Noibat, Breloom retreated, along with his three Beedrill friends. Later on he witnessed Noibat and Floette having a good time together and he got jealous so he challenged Noibat to a one-on-one battle for Floette's affection. Just as he was about to deal the finishing blow, Floette tried to stop him, but he ignored her, although he was captured by Team Rocket along with Floette. While trapped in a cage with Floette he tried to comfort her, but to no avail. After being freed he tried to confess his love for Floette, but she began walking away causing him to take her hand, which in turn caused Noibat to defend Floette, which made Breloom angry. Just then Floette was carried away by the wind with a group of Floette. Ash and his friends, especially Noibat, bid a fond farewell to Floette as Breloom cried while being comforted by Ash's Hawlucha.

Known moves

  • Using Poison Powder
  • Using Seed Bomb
  • Using Headbutt
  • Using Mach Punch
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