This Machop is a fighting-type Pokémon owned by Brawly.


AG020 9

Machop using Cross Chop on Ash's Tailow.

Like Brawly and Hariyama, Machop liked surfing and used the techniques for surfing on waves while it was in battle. It fought Ash's Taillow in Brawly and Ash's first battle and simply endured Taillow's Wing Attacks, rolling back onto its feet each time. It finally knocked out Taillow with Cross Chop. Ash sent Treecko, who also could not inflict much damage to Treecko. However, since Machop was too tired, it was soon defeated by Ash's Treecko's Pound attack.[1]

Machop was sent to battle Ash's Treecko. Machop immediately attacked Treecko, who dodged, causing Machop to destroy a rock. Treecko continued dodging Machop's attacks, wearing it down until Treecko used Quick Attack to hit Machop. Machop stood up and used the power of the geyser to execute Cross Chop. Ash called Treecko back, just in time when Machop was to strike. Instead, Ash sent Corphish, who used Bubble Beam on Machop. Machop tried to retaliate, but was defeated by Corphish's Crabhammer.[2]

Known moves

  • Using Cross Chop
  • Using Karate Chop


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