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Bond Bridge.png

Bond Bridge is a quaint bridge that holds areas to Three Island and Berry Forest.


Leaving the town of Three Island through its western entrance, Trainers can follow the path presented before them all the way up the small hill, or if they have a Pokémon with Cut on them, can take a shortcut. After finding some way to get around this obstacle, Trainers will walk across a beach to a small bridge across to an islet with the entrance to Berry Forest.



Wild Pokémon
Pokémon Games Level Rate
016.png Pidgey FR/LG 29-32 20%
043.png Oddish FR 31 20%
069.png Bellsprout LG 31 20%
017.png Pidgeotto FR/LG 34-40 15%
044.png Gloom FR 36 10%
070.png Weepinbell LG 36 10%
052.png Meowth FR/LG 31 10%
048.png Venonat FR/LG 34 5%
053.png Persian FR/LG 37-40 5%
054.png Psyduck FR 31 5%
079.png Slowpoke LG 31 5%


Wild Pokémon
Pokémon Games Level Rate
072.png Tentacool FR/LG 5-40 95%
073.png Tentacruel FR/LG 35-40 5%


Wild Pokémon
Fishing; Old Rod
Pokémon Games Level Rate
129.png Magikarp FR/LG 5 100%

Wild Pokémon
Fishing; Good Rod
Pokémon Games Level Rate
116.png Horsea FR 5-15 80%
098.png Krabby LG 5-15 80%
129.png Magikarp FR/LG 5-15 20%

Wild Pokémon
Fishing; Super Rod
Pokémon Games Level Rate
116.png Horsea FR 15-25 80%
098.png Krabby LG 15-25 80%
130.png Gyarados FR/LG 15-25 15%
117.png Seadra FR 25-35 4%
099.png Kingler LG 25-35 4%
054.png Psyduck FR 25-35 1%
079.png Slowpoke LG 25-35 1%


Twins Joy and Meg, Aroma Lady Violet, Tuber Alexis, Swimmer Tisha, Tuber Amira, Aroma Lady Nikki

Trainers' Pokémon

Names in other languages

Language Name
English Bond Bridge
Spanish Puente Unión
Italian Ponte Abbraccio
French Pont du Lien
German Bundbrücke
Japanese きずなばし
Chinese 索桥
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