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Bo is Black's third Pokémon acquired from Professor Juniper and is his Starter Pokémon.


Bo first appeared as a Tepig in Fussing and Fighting where it had a fight with the other Starter Pokémon Snivy after trying to eat Professor Juniper's dinner. He and Snivy fought so much that they disrupted Oshawott after bumping it and were knocked out by Razor Shell.

Later, at the Striaton Gym, he was used against Cress' Panpour in a "Trio Battle", which had him at a disadvantage. He was knocked out, but he, along with Cheren's Snivy and Bianca's Oshawott regained health by eating Pansage's leafs that fell off during the battle.

Later, at the Castelia Gym, he was used after both Brav and Tula were knocked out. During the battle, he evolved into a Pignite.

Known moves

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