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May Blaziken Blaze.png|Blaze activated by [[May's Blaziken (anime)|May's Blaziken]]
Ash Chimchar Blaze.png|Blaze activated by [[Ash's Infernape|Ash's Chimchar]]
Ash Monferno Blaze.png|Blaze activated by [[Ash's Infernape|Ash's Monferno]]
Ash Infernape Blaze.png|Blaze activated by [[Ash's Infernape]]
[[Category:Generation III abilities]]
[[Category:Generation III abilities]]
[[Category:Type-enhancing abilities]]
[[Category:Type-enhancing abilities]]

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Blaze (もうか Raging Flames) is an ability introduced in Generation III.


In battle

The damage of fire-type moves are increased by 1.5x its original damage when the user's HP is 30% or lower.

Pokémon with Blaze

As a natural ability

Pokémon Type
004 Charmander fire
005 Charmeleon fire
006 Charizard fire/flying
155 Cyndaquil fire
156 Quilava fire
157 Typhlosion fire
255 Torchic fire
256 Combusken fire/fighting
257 Blaziken fire/fighting
390 Chimchar fire
391 Monferno fire/fighting
392 Infernape fire/fighting
498 Tepig fire
499 Pignite fire/fighting
500 Emboar fire/fighting
653 Fennekin fire
654 Braixen fire
655 Delphox fire/psychic
725 Litten fire
726 Torracat fire
If any of the Pokémon were introduced before the generation that Blaze was introduced in, then they will not have it as a natural ability until then.

As a hidden ability

Pokémon Type
513 Pansear fire
514 Simisear fire
Hidden abilities were not introduced until Generation V, so if any of the Pokémon were introduced before that, then they will not have Blaze as a hidden ability until then.


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