This Rhydon is a ground/rock-type Pokémon owned by Blaine. Rhydon was used against Ash in Blaine and Ash's Gym Battle.


Blaine sent out Rhydon to fight against Ash's Charizard. Unfortunately, Charizard, still refusing to obey Ash, dodged Rhydon's Horn Drill and forfeited the round, giving Blaine the victory. In an attempt to make a comeback, Ash dispatched Pikachu to fight Rhydon instead. Blaine was impressed by Pikachu's speed, but the electricity didn't seem to affect Rhydon, who tried using Fury Attack. Luckily though, Pikachu managed to get the better of Rhydon by shocking its horn, which beat it, although Rhydon, as a Ground-type Pokémon was immune to any electric-type attacks.[1] This made Ash think about his strategy before facing Blaine for the rematch.[2]

Known moves


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