This Rapidash is a fire-type Pokémon owned by Blaine.



Blaine had Rapidash and Arcanine fight Team Rocket's forces. Suddenly, someone spotted Red, so Team Rocket attacked him. The fight was canceled when Blaine arrived, and he retreated off on Rapidash with Red. Team Rocket, however, deployed Moltres to track them down, and it couldn't be stopped by Red's Poli's Water Gun nor Rapidash's Fire Spin. Thus, Blaine remained in his place, letting Rapidash take Red to his lab. There, Rapidash helped Red awaken the fossil that was given to him by Blaine.[1]

Later, when Blaine was conducting research on Cinnabar Island, Rapidash helped him by giving him a jorunal.[2] Blaine arrived on Rapidash to stop Miles from taking Yellow's Pika.[3]

On Cerise Island, Blaine and Yellow had Rapidash and Pika use Fire Spin and Thundershock to destroy the wall, to reach Bill and lt. Surge. However, Bruno had Onix bind the two with its tail, to prevent anyone from interfering with his battle.[4]


Blaine arrived to the Pokémon League with his Rapidash, to participate in the Gym Leaders' tournament.[5]

Known moves

  • Using Fire Spin


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