This Magmar is a Fire-type Pokémon owned by Blaine.



Magmar was sent as the last Pokémon in the Gym match against Ash. It overwhelmed Ash's Pikachu with Fire Punch and tried defeating it with Fire Blast.[1] However, Ash surrendered the match, as Pikachu would've fallen into the volcano, though the Fire Blast still managed to singe Pikachu's backside when he ducked it. Team Rocket, later on, tried to capture Magmar by freezing it. However, Magmar thawed out and started attacking. This caused Team Rocket to launch their attacks on the cave itself, causing the volcano to erupt. Team Rocket blasted off, but the volcano threatened to erupt and burn everyone. Thus, Magmar tried to stop it by blocking its lava flow with rocks. Although the hard work exhausted it, Magmar refused to give up and gained the respect of Ash's Charizard, who decided to help. Charizard then challenged Magmar to a battle, wanting to test its strength against such a formidable opponent. After launching Flamethrower attacks at each other, Magmar launched Fire Blast, which Charizard negated. However, Magmar used Skull Bash, which wounded Charizard. As Charizard attempted to attack Magmar, the latter pushed Charizard into the volcano. Just as Ash thought his Charizard has fainted, Charizard burst out of the lava and finished Magmar with a devastating Seismic Toss.[2]

Both Ash and Otoshi, while speaking about Gym Badges, recalled how their Charizard and Marowak battled Blaine's Magmar.[3]


Ash remembered his Charizard battling Blaine's Magmar, as he told Charizard's history to Iris, N and Cilan.[4]

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