Black Belt is a Trainer Class introduced in Generation I. They are young men wearing a karate uniform while striking a battle pose. Most of the time, they use Fighting-type Pokémon. Their female counterpart is a Battle Girl.


Battle sprite from RB

Battle sprite from GSC

Battle sprite from RSE

Battle sprite from FRLG

Battle sprite from DPPt

Battle sprite from HGSS

Battle sprite from BW
Black BeltRBsprite
Black BeltGSCsprite
Black BeltRSEsprite
Black BeltFRLGsprite
Black BeltDPPtsprite
Black BeltHGSSsprite
Black BeltBWsprite


  • They are commonly found in mountains as part of their training regimens.
  • One of the Black Belts from Pokémon Masters mentioned that when he was working as a security guard of a souvenir shop in Mahogany Town, he got blasted by Hyper Beam from a power opponent's Dragonite, so he has a phobia towards Hyper Beam and Dragon-types afterwards.
    • He might be the same person Lance, who wanted to check the hidden Team Rocket hideout in the shop, has blasted.
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