This Vulpix is a fire-type Pokémon owned by Bill.



Bill had Vulpix attack the intruder, who came into his house. However, the intruder was Green, who sent Blasty to intimidate them while she tied them up, since she needed a favor from Bill.[1]

Allying with Lt. Surge, Bill sent Vulpix, who used Flamethrower on Bruno. Bruno dodged its attack and Lt. Surge's Electabuzz's Thundershock.[2] Bruno had Hitmonchan face Vulpix, who used Flamethrower. Hitmonchan evaded the attack and retaliated with Comet Punch, causing Vulpix to nearly fall off Onix, into the acid lake. After Lt. Surge defeated Bruno, who fell off Onix, he had Magneton create a platform, where he, Bill and their Pokémon could land on.[3] Bill and Vulpix climbed on the platform and watched as Bruno, who survived the attack, had his Hitmonlee stretch its legs to pull Lt. Surge down.[4]


Vulpix was with Bill, who spoke with the Pokémon Association concerning the Gym Leaders.[5] They were also present during the ceremony to promote Falkner as the Gym Leader of Azalea Town.[6] It was also present with Exeggcute when Bill talked to Professor Oak about a a trainer, who is a catching-pro.[7]

Bill and Vulpix were present at the headquarters of the Pokémon Association, as the director explained the trainers with eight Gym Badges could enter the Pokémon League unconditionally.[8]

Bill went to the Pokémon League stadium with Vulpix to fix the transporter.[9] In the end, Vulpix was seen with Bill and Daisy, the latter becoming the former's new assistant.[10]

Kanto II

Bill and Celio attacked the Team Rocket hideout on Five Island with their Pokémon, including Vulpix.[11]

Known moves

  • Using Flamethrower


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