Big Meowth, Little Dreams (Part 2) (メイッコルリリは大迷惑? Niece Azurill's a Huge Inconvenience?) is a special episode. In the dub, it is the 24th episode of Pokémon Chronicles.

Episode plot

Azumarill is making another picnic, even if Meowth and other Pokémon had a feast the day before. The Pichu brothers are playing with Azurill. One of the brothers follows Azurill and notices the other tries to eat some of the picnic food, so intercepts him. However, they also lose Azurill, who is lost. Meowth, however, is walking through the city and is quite tired and bored. Meowth wishes for some purpose in life and saw Miss Skitty, making him charmed by her presence. Meowth tries to get Skitty's attention by reciting poetry, but Skitty is not interested. To find Azurill, the Pichu brothers call for Smoochum, Teddiursa and Magby. They go through the town and find Azurill, who hops away, across the road in the traffic.

The Pokémon go across the street, following Azurill. The Wooper is bathing in a barrel and Azurill jumps on and off its head. Wooper is startled and the other Pokémon do the same, so Wooper follows them. Meowth, however, takes some roses to give them to Skitty. The Pokémon find Azurill, who jumps into the water. Just then, a Feraligatr emerges, so Azurill bounces off it, across the river, into an alley. Meowth sets the ladder and climbs it with the flowers, to reach Skitty. Azurill comes into the same street where Meowth is and starts jumping, collecting the clothes that were drying on the ropes. Meowth climbs up and goes to give Skitty the roses. However, something struck the roses and Meowth re-plays the scene, seeing Azurill, by accident, replaced the roses with the laundry it was carrying.

As such, Skitty is enraged to see Meowth with the laundry and scratches his face. Meowth falls down from the ladder, while Skitty goes inside the building. Meowth was displeased, but did not give up. Meowth attempted to give a cake for Skitty, but Azurill came in a second and ate the cake, so Skitty refused "Meowth's offer" of the empty plate. For a final offer, Meowth climbs up and plays the guitar and sings a song for Skitty. Azurill comes and happily hops, making Meowth annoyed. Meowth is angry and bashes the guitar, but, by accident, hits Skitty, who scratches Meowth and causes him to fall off the ladder. Meowth cries, but Azurill laughs at this, so Meowth starts chasing Azurill at the roof. Azurill comes to the edge and loses balance, so Meowth claims he'd like to see Azurill's dreams crushed. However, the other Pokémon arrive and Wooper uses Water Gun. Azurill bounces off, causing Water Gun to hit Meowth and blast him off. Azurill falls down, but the Pokémon Babies (with Wooper) managed to catch it before Azurill hit the ground.

Meowth lands on the street, thinking if his day can get any worse. To his displeasure, a Snorlax lays down on him. Meowth, thinking he set his goals were too high, decides to take a nap, for tomorrow his vacation is over and has to join back Team Rocket.


  • Meowth reads the title card episode and is the narrator for this Pokémon Chronicles episode.


The Feraligatr seen in this episode has its jaw colored blue instead of tan.


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