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Best Wishes! is the opening song for Best Wishes!.


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♪ はじめての場所(ばしょ) はじめての(かぜ)のにおい mm...

はじめてじゃないのは このドキドキ!

新品(しんぴん)のこの地図(ちず) クシャクシャになるころ おれたち ねえ どこまで(すす)んでるかな?

ここだけの(はなし) 不安(ふあん)ひとつふたつみっつ でも (たの)しみは(かぞ)えきれない!

(みみ)をすませば なつかしい(こえ) 未来(みらい)からの(こえ) いつも(いの)っててくれてる

「きみは だいじょうぶ! なぜか だいじょうぶ! みんな だいじょうぶ!」

Yeah-he-he-hey (ある)()そう! Yeah-he-he-hey (はし)っちゃおうか?

ドキドキは すぐに ウズウズに! いてもたっても いられないぜ! ♪

♪ Hajimete no basho hajimete no kaze no nioi mm...

Hajimete janai no wa ko no dokidoki!

Shinpin no ko no chizu kushakusha ni naru koro oretachi Nee dokomade susunderu kana?

Koko dake no hanashi fuan hitotsu futatsu mittsu Demo tanoshimi wa kazoe kirenai!

Mimi o sumaseba natsukashii koe mirai kara no koe Itsumo inottetekureteru

「Kimi wa daijoubu! Naze ka daijoubu! Minna daijoubu!」

Yeah-he-he-hey aruki da sou! Yeah-he-he-hey hashitchaouka?

Dokidoki wa sugu ni uzuuzu ni! Itemo tattemo irarenaize! ♪

♪ A place for the first time, the scent of the wind for the first time mm...

But what isn't the first is this pounding of the heart!

At the time this new map gets wrinkled, then... Hey, how far will we have gone?

Keep this merely between us, there may be one or two worries But there's countless things to look forward to

If I listen carefully, there are nostalgic voices, and voices from the future They're always praying

"You'll be fine! Somehow, you'll be fine! Everyone will be fine!"

Yeah-he-he-hey let's walk! Yeah-he-he-hey or maybe should we run?

My thumping heart immediately turns to an impatient feeling! I can't wait no longer!

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In the first episode, every Pokémon except for Pikachu are only shown in their silhouettes. As the series continues and more Pokémon are revealed in the series itself, they are shown in color. By "A Night in the Nacrene City Museum!", all Pokémon shown in the theme were revealed.

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