Berry Fields are locations for where to plant and farm Berry trees. Tending to these trees vary from generation to generation.

In Generation III

Throughout various parts of the Hoenn region, there exist patches of darker soil which can be used to plant your Berries. When you first encounter these patches, some of them will have already yielded Berries, while others are just empty patches. After you exit Petalburg Woods, heading towards Rustboro City, north of the exit is the Flower Shop where you obtain the Wailmer Pail, which is needed in the game if you wish to grow more Berries. Leaving the Berries alone, while still watering them, will cause your Berry plant to flourish, yielding more and more Berries, up to a maximum pre-determined by the Berry type.

Throughout your travels in the Hoenn region, you will encounter Berries such as Oran, Pecha, and Cheri, which have already been pre-grown by the game. These are some of the quicker growing Berries, and there are some that grow even faster, while some grow extremely slow. These times are pre-set by the system, and will not change from each playthrough. Viewing a Berry's information will list how long it takes to grow the Berry plant.

However, it is of note that should your internal battery run dry, these Berries will not grow past their initial appearance. If you attempt to plant a Berry after picking them, your Berries will not grow, and appear to be just a lump in the soil; essentially wasting what could be a very precious Berry, such as a Lum Berry or a Liechi Berry, both of which are extremely rare Berries in Generation III. If the battery in your game is dry, the pre-set Berries will appear fully-grown, and will remain in that state should you have chosen not to pick them.

If you are in the Kanto region, Berries are seldom and hard to come by. There are no places to plant these Berries, but they can be found in slight abundance in the Berry Forest, which is located on Three Island.

In Generation IV

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For more information on Mulch, see here

Damp Mulch Sprite.png
Damp Mulch
Gooey Mulch Sprite.png
Gooey Mulch
Growth Mulch Sprite.png
Growth Mulch
Stable Mulch Sprite.png
Stable Mulch

Berry Field Locations

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In Generation V

The only place to farm Berries in Generation V is in the Dream World. All these take is water and time, you can gain more fields based on what you do in the Dream World and you can water the fields of others.

Berries can be used for Décor in the Dream World or they can be sold at Route 5 for various amounts.

In Generation VI

In Route 7 of Generation VI there is a farmer and his daughter who give the player the use of their Berry farms.

There are various Berry trees spread out across the Kalos region that drops a Berry 7 days after the previous one is taken. Berry farming is more like how it was back in Generation III, but with new additions like mulch and Berry mutations. Also, weeds will sometimes spread on these fields, hindering Berry growth and needing to be pulled.

Berry Colors and Pests

Occasionally, a bug Pokémon will appear on the plant, and interacting with the plant will start a battle with the Pokémon; no matter if the player defeats it, catches it or runs away from it, the pest is removed from the plant.

Each Berry has an assigned color that determines which Pokémon will be the Berry plant's pest. In addition, Berry colors are also connected with the creation of Mulch.

Color Pest Berries
Purple 314.png
Chesto Berry.png Payapa Berry.png Kasib Berry Sprite.png Colbur Berry Sprite.png Wiki Berry.png Ganlon Berry.png Enigma Berry Gen III.png
Bluk Berry Sprite.png Cornn Berry Gen III.png Pamtre Berry.png Belue Berry Sprite.png
Red 165.png
Cheri Berry.png Leppa Berry.png Occa Berry.png Chople Berry.png Haban Berry.png Figy Berry.png Pomeg Berry Gen III.png Tamato Berry.png Liechi Berry.png Lansat Berry.png
Razz Berry.png Spelon Berry.png Custap Berry.png
Yellow 415.png
Aspear Berry.png Sitrus Berry.png Wacan Berry.png Shuca Berry.png Charti Berry.png Chilan Berry.png Iapapa Berry.png Qualot Berry2.png Grepa Berry.png Kee Berry.png
Pinap Berry.png Nomel Berry.png Jaboca Berry.png
Blue 313.png
Oran Berry.png Passho Berry.png Yache Berry.png Coba Berry.png Kelpsy Berry.png Apicot Berry.png Maranga Berry.png
Rowap Berry.png
Green 412.png
Plant Cloak
Rawst Berry Sprite.png Lum Berry.png Rindo Berry.png Kebia Berry.png Tanga Berry.png Babiri Berry.png Aguav Berry.png Hondew Berry.png Salac Berry.png Starf Berry.png
Wepear Berry.png Rabuta Berry Gen III.png Durin Berry.png Micle Berry.png
Pink 665.png
Pecha Berry.png Persim Berry.png Mago Berry.png Petaya Berry.png Roseli Berry.png
Nanab Berry Gen III.png Magost Berry.png Watmel Berry.png


The Mulch used to grow Berries are different from the ones introduced in Generation IV; instead of buying them, these Mulch are created by composting Berries. The composters are located in the northwestern and southeastern corners of the area.

For more information on Mulch, see here

Name Effect Composting method
Rich Mulch Sprite.png
Rich Mulch
Increases crop yield Use three Berries of different colors
Surprise Mulch Sprite.png
Surprise Mulch
Makes mutations more likely to occur Use three Berries of the same color
Boost Mulch Sprite.png
Boost Mulch
Makes soil dry faster Use two Berries of a common color and one Berry of another color
Amaze Mulch Sprite.png
Amaze Mulch
Has all the effects of the previous Mulch Use any two Berries and a Kee Berry/Maranga Berry


By planting a Berry tree next to another Berry tree, mutations may occur and a mutated Berry can be found growing from one of the two Berry trees. The Surprise Mulch and Amaze Mulch makes mutations more likely to occur.

Mutations allow the player to obtain otherwise unobtainable Berries. Most mutated Berries can also cause mutations, and the last Berries obtainable by mutations are Kee Berry and Maranga Berry.

Pecha Berry.png
Oran Berry.png
Qualot Berry2.png
Qualot Berry2.png
Tanga Berry.png
Ganlon Berry.png
Aspear Berry.png
Leppa Berry.png
Hondew Berry.png
Hondew Berry.png
Yache Berry.png
Liechi Berry.png
Ganlon Berry.png
Liechi Berry.png
Kee Berry.png
Figy Berry.png
Aguav Berry.png
Grepa Berry.png
Grepa Berry.png
Roseli Berry.png
Salac Berry.png
Mago Berry.png
Iapapa Berry.png
Pomeg Berry Gen III.png
Pomeg Berry Gen III.png
Kasib Berry Sprite.png
Petaya Berry.png
Salac Berry.png
Petaya Berry.png
Maranga Berry.png
Chesto Berry.png
Persim Berry.png
Kelpsy Berry.png
Kelpsy Berry.png
Wacan Berry.png
Apicot Berry.png
Lum Berry.png
Sitrus Berry.png
Tamato Berry.png

Berry Tree Locations

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