This Magneton is an electric/steel-type Pokémon owned by Belmondo.


Dark Clembot used Magenton to cause damage in an electrical warehouse in order to carry out Belmondo's scheme. It was later used in a battle against Clembot and its Heliolisk. It first used Thunder Shock but Heliolisk dodged its attack. Dark Clembot then ordered it to use Electro Ball but Heliolisk countered the attack with Dragon Tail. Electro Ball was sent back and Magneton tackled the Electro Ball and then Heliolisk. Magneton was however also damaged by the attack but continued the battle by using Flash Cannon. Heliolisk dodged it and prepared itself to use Parabolic Charge. Magneton used Tackle once more and sent Heliolisk back to the ground. Magneton was heavily damaged by the attacks it has taken and Clemont stopped the battle by saying it was already decided who won.

Known moves

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