Beauty is a Trainer Class introduced in Generation I. They vary in appearance between generations, but are generally depicted with revealing tops and shorts or short skirts, and accessories such as purses and earrings. Beauties can be found as apprentice trainers in the Celadon City Gym, the Goldenrod City Gym, the Sootopolis City Gym, the Eterna City Gym and the, Nimbasa City Gym.


The RBY Beauties have blonde hair and wear dark minidresses and heels.

In GSC, they wear a light top and have dark hair and dark shorts and shoes. In all non-Japanese or Korean versions, they have longer shorts and do not wink.

In RSE, they wear long red pants with a cropped black top and have blond hair.

In FRLG, they have blond hair, white tops, gray miniskirts, and white shoes.

In DPPt, they have blond hair and wear a gray top with a white miniskirt. They also have a brown purse with a Poké Ball on it.

In HGSS, they have brown hair and a purple and pink minidress with dark shoes. They also have a purple purse with a Poké Ball on it.

In B2W2, they have blond hair in the shape of a thunderbolt, a blue-and-black spandex suit, and black stiletto boots.

In XY, they have brown hair and sunglasses with a black tank top and very tight blue pants with black stilettos. They also have a bag of groceries.

In ORAS, they have blond hair in a ponytail with a purple tank top, purple short shorts, and dark heeled shoes. They also have a purple purse.

In SM and USUM, they have blond hair in a ponytail as well as a white minidress and brown shoes. They also have tanned skin.


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  • Before female swimmers were introduced, any females battling in the waters between Fuchsia City and Pallet Town were Beauties.
  • Every Generation except for Generation V had Beauties outside gyms.
  • As Beauties only appear in the Nimbasa City Gym (with the exception of Beauty December) in BW2, they appear to be fashion models as well.
    • Beauty December is the only Beauty encountered outside the Nimbasa City Gym, albeit during the winter and only if the player's gender is male.
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