This Volbeat, nicknamed Beat, is a bug-type Pokémon owned by Romeo.


Beat is the leader of Romeo's Volbeat. During their training, Beat got carried over by Juliet's Illumise's Sweet Scent and messed up, causing it to fall in the lake. The heroes rescued him and the other Volbeat. Later on, as Romeo explained he felt strange around Juliet and he and Beat mess up when they are near her and Illumise, May pointed out Romeo was in love with Juliet and Beat in with Illumise. Once they heard Illumise was gone, everyone found Team Rocket, who sucked up Ash, Pikachu and the Volbeat into their machine. Beat used Quick Attack, which destroyed the machine and freed Illumise from her cage and Double-Edge to free everyone else. Once he and the rest of the Volbeat fired Signal Beam, Team Rocket blasted off. During that night, Beat and the other Volbeat used Tail Glow during the festival with Illumise.

Known moves

  • Using Quick Attack
  • Using Signal Beam
  • Using Double-Edge
  • Using Tail Glow
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