The Beast Ball has a higher chance to catch Ultra Beasts than any other Poke Ball. It struggles to catch normal Pokemon.


The Beast Ball is a blue ball with two rings surrounding it on each side diagonally. It resembles an Ultra Wormhole.


Generation VII

  • Sun and Moon: First given to the player character by Wicke at Aether Paradise. Receives 10 from Looker every time a new Ultra Beast mission starts.
    • If the player character does not have any Beast Balls in their inventory, then Looker will give them another Beast Ball.
  • Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon:
    • Receive 3 from Lusamine at the Altar of Sunne/Moone after defeating Ultra Necrozma.
    • Receive 5 from Dulse/Soliera at Poni Grove to catch Blacephalon/Stakataka.
    • Buy at Aether Paradise reception, one for 1000 Poké Dollars and 10 for 10.000 Poké Dollars.


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