Beach Cave is the first dungeon in Explorers of Time and Darkness and Explorers of Sky.


The Koffing and Zubat from the opening cut scene attack the player's partner, and steals their Relic Fragment. The partner asks for the player's help in getting it back.

At the 5th floor of this dungeon, you will end up at the Beach Cave Pit. This is where you will battle Koffing and Zubat.


Beach Cave

Wild Pokémon
Pokémon Type Floors Levels Recruitment Rate
090 Shellder water 1-4 1 Unrecruitable
140 Kabuto water/rock 1-4 1 Unrecruitable
222 Corsola water/rock 1-4 2 Unrecruitable
422A Shellos water 1-4 2 Unrecruitable
Wild Pokémon

Beach Cave Pit


Wild Pokémon
Pokémon Type Floors Levels Recruitment Rate
041 Zubat poison/flying Pit 3 Unrecruitable
109 Koffing poison Pit 6 Unrecruitable
Wild Pokémon


  • An alternate entrance to this dungeon is located on the far left end of the beach.
  • None of the Pokémon here can be recruited.
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