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Battle Subway is a feature in Black and White that is a circular station, which is the only way to enter Anville Town. The Battle Subway has one active line; however, there are signs of at least 5 different lines.


Battle Subway artwork.png

A subway where players can participate in seven battles at a time. If the player wins all seven battles they can earn battle points and exchange them for various gifts. There are three battle modes: single, double and multi-battles. There are two lines for each. In multi-battles players can team up with a friend wireless connection or with an in-game character (which is the opposite gender of your player, either Hilda or Hilbert). In all of the battle modes, each Pokémon the player faces is Level 50. There is one Trainer per train carriage or two trainers if you go on the Multi Line. On every line (except for the Brown Line to Anville Town and the Light Blue Line, which is the Wi-Fi Line), if you win 20 or 48 battles consecutively, a Subway Boss will challenge the player with a very diverse and challenging team. Subway Boss Ingo challenges the player on the Single Battle lines, Subway Boss Emmet challenges the player on the Double Battle lines and both Subway Bosses will challenge you on the Multi Lines.

The circular station is used by players as a place to level up their Pokémon without battling, because the Player can level the buttons on the DS pressed down so that the character runs continuously around the circular room. When this is performed when Pokémon are in the day-care, they will continuously gain experience, allowing players to leave the DS like this and let the Pokémon level up without effort.

When you survive all 7 car battles on any train (except the one to Anville Town) you will be in a terminal where you can talk to people and access your PC. You can leave the terminal to return to Nimbasa City, or choose to continue your challenge for another 7 battles.


Battle Subway in the anime.

In the anime, the Battle Subway is much larger and has multiple lines, such as the Nimbasa City line.

Subway Bosses

Emmet(BW)Sprite.png Ingo(BW)Sprite.png
Subway Boss Emmet Subway Boss Ingo


  • During the battle with either of the Subway Bosses, the same music for battling the Unova Champion, Alder, plays.
  • Unlike the Battle Tower, if the player character enters any Pokémon that are below level 50, they will be set to level 50 automatically instead of remaining at their old level.
  • This is the first Battle Facility to take place inside a transportation vehicle.