The Battle Resort is a place where the Battle Maison is located. It will be unlocked after the Elite Four and Champion is beaten for the first time.

The Battle Resort

The Battle Resort is a location in Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire that can only be unlocked once the player has beaten the Pokemon League at least once and played through the Delta Episode. The Battle Resort is located on a small island near Route 130 and can only be reached via ferry, the Eon Flute or the HM Fly.

The Battle Resort corresponds to the Battle Chateau in Kalos, and is stated as being the original starting point for the Battle Chatelaines. There are four trainers who can be battled outside of the Battle Chateau building. Rich Boy Antoin uses Poison Type Pokemon and can be found on the beach along with a Fairytale Girl who uses Fairy Types. Above the Pokemon Center in the outside battle area there is a meek Ground Type user dressed as a Poke Maniac and a very confident and pushy Bug Maniac.


The Battle Resort works just like the Battle Maison in Kalos, and the Player can team up with friends or NPC (Non-Playable Characters) featured in the Game. The NPCs the player can team up with are as follows: Steven Stone, Wally, Brendan (game)/May and Archie/Maxie depending on version. The battles in the battle resort are separated into categories including: Double Battle, Multi-Battle, Single Battle, Triple Battle, and Rotation Battle. After beating one of the Battle Categories and the corresponding Battle Chatelaine(s), the player can then challenge a Super version of the category.

Other Events

The Battle Resort has several events, including one in which the player discovers an Aqua Grunt and a Magma Grunt who have apparently deserted their teams. The two grunts decide to live together in harmony and if the player leaves and talks to them again they will receive a Camerupt from the Magma Grunt and a Sharpedo from the Aqua Grunt. Likewise, the player should have received the Cameruptite and Sharpedonite from Archie and Maxie and this point.

Another event that can be completed here is the Looker Event, in which the player meets a character who has found Looker washed up on the beach. Looker gives the player Audinite after he regains consciousness, stating that the player can make better use of it since he has amnesia.

The Whismur Show can be activated every day. If the player can identify a Whismur that the Beauty picks out of her line of Whismur after they have performed the show, then the player receives an item.



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