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The Battle Resort is a place in Hoenn where the Battle Maison is located. It is be unlocked after completing the Delta Episode and receiving the S.S. Ticket.


The Battle Resort is a location in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire that can only be unlocked once the player has beaten the Pokémon League at least once and played through the Delta Episode. The Battle Resort is located on a small island near Route 130 and can only be reached via ferry, the Eon Flute or the HM Fly. The Battle Resort corresponds to the Kiloude City in Kalos.

There are five Trainers around the Battle Resort that specializes in the remaining types that are not used by the Gym Leaders, Elite Four and Champion: Aroma Lady Carnation (Grass type), Rich Boy Antoin (Poison type), Fairy Tale Girl Josephine (Fairy type), Poké Maniac Kelvin (Ground type) and Bug Catcher Felix (Bug type).

Places of Interest

Pokémon Day Care Annex

Main article: Pokémon Day Care

A Pokémon Day Care Annex is located east from the Pokémon Center. It functions as the same of the one in Route 117, and both Day Cares can hold separate Pokémon.

Move Tutors

There are four Move Tutors on the west beach area, all next to each other and are located in their stands. They offer to teach moves in exchange with Battle Points.

Move Type Price
Bind Type Normal.gif 4 BP
Snore Type Normal.gif 4 BP
Water Pulse Type Water.gif 4 BP
Shock Wave Type Electric.gif 4 BP
Bug Bite Type Bug.gif 4 BP
Covet Type Normal.gif 4 BP
Low Kick Type Fighting.gif 8 BP
Signal Beam Type Bug.gif 8 BP
Giga Drain Type Grass.gif 8 BP
Thunder Punch Type Electric.gif 8 BP
Fire Punch Type Fire.gif 8 BP
Ice Punch Type Ice.gif 8 BP
Drain Punch Type Fighting.gif 8 BP
Knock Off Type Dark.gif 12 BP
Super Fang Type Normal.gif 12 BP
Dual Chop Type Dragon.gif 12 BP
Endeavor Type Normal.gif 16 BP
Move Type Price
Uproar Type Normal.gif 8 BP
Iron Tail Type Steel.gif 8 BP
Bounce Type Flying.gif 8 BP
Drill Run Type Ground.gif 8 BP
Iron Head Type Steel.gif 8 BP
Zen Headbutt Type Psychic.gif 8 BP
Aqua Tail Type Water.gif 12 BP
Dragon Pulse Type Dragon.gif 12 BP
Seed Bomb Type Grass.gif 12 BP
Heat Wave Type Fire.gif 12 BP
Last Resort Type Normal.gif 12 BP
Hyper Voice Type Normal.gif 12 BP
Foul Play Type Dark.gif 12 BP
Earth Power Type Ground.gif 12 BP
Outrage Type Dragon.gif 16 BP
Superpower Type Fighting.gif 16 BP
Gunk Shot Type Poison.gif 16 BP
Sky Attack Type Flying.gif 16 BP
Focus Punch Type Fighting.gif 16 BP

Move Type Price
Block Type Normal.gif 8 BP
Skill Swap Type Psychic.gif 8 BP
Synthesis Type Grass.gif 8 BP
Role Play Type Psychic.gif 8 BP
Pain Split Type Normal.gif 8 BP
Gastro Acid Type Psychic.gif 8 BP
Worry Seed Type Grass.gif 8 BP
Spite Type Ghost.gif 8 BP
After You Type Normal.gif 8 BP
Helping Hand Type Normal.gif 8 BP
Trick Type Psychic.gif 8 BP
Recycle Type Normal.gif 8 BP
Snatch Type Dark.gif 8 BP
Magic Guard Type Psychic.gif 8 BP
Magnet Rise Type Electric.gif 8 BP
Iron Defense Type Steel.gif 8 BP
Move Type Price
Heal Bell Type Normal.gif 8 BP
Tailwind Type Flying.gif 8 BP
Magic Room Type Psychic.gif 8 BP
Wonder Room Type Psychic.gif 8 BP
Stealth Rock Type Rock.gif 8 BP
Gravity Type Psychic.gif 8 BP
Electroweb Type Electric.gif 8 BP
Icy Wind Type Ice.gif 8 BP


In one or the houses, the player discovers an Aqua Grunt and a Magma Grunt who have apparently deserted their teams. The two grunts decide to live together in harmony and if the player leaves and talks to them again they will receive a Camerupt from the Magma Grunt and a Sharpedo from the Aqua Grunt.


The player may find Looker on the east beach, not knowing where he is. They may then head to the northeastern cabin above the water, where a person is taking care of him, stating that Looker washed up on the beach. Looker gives the player Audinite after he regains consciousness, stating that the player can make better use of it since he has amnesia.

Battle Maison

Main article: Battle Maison

A complete replica of the one in the Kalos region, the player can battle in Single, Double, Triple, Rotational and Multi Battles to earn BP. If one progresses deep enough, they will battle a Battle Chatelaine. After beating one of the battle categories and the corresponding Battle Chatelaine(s), the player can then challenge a Super version of the category.

Unlike in Pokémon X and Y, the player cannot choose a friend as a Multi Battle partner. The NPCs the player can team up with are as follows: Steven, Wally, Brendan/May (as rival) and MaxieOR/ArchieAS, with all of them utilizing Mega Evolution.

Whismur Show

The Whismur show can be activated every day. If the player can identify a Whismur that the Beauty picks out of her line of four Whismur after they have performed the show, then the player receives a Big Mushroom.

There is a small chance where seven more Whismur and a Marill will come during the performance. After the performance, all extra Whismur and the Marill will disappear, leaving the original four Whismur.

Battle Frontier Project

On top of the hill is a model of the Battle Tower and a sign stating that the Battle Frontier project has started, and the first planned building is the Battle Tower.

An Ace Trainer by the model explains that there is a plan to make the already popular Battle Resort a more special and robust battle facility—the Battle Frontier.




Wild Pokémon
Pokémon Games Level Rate
073.png Tentacruel OR/AS 35 -
458.png Mantyke OR/AS 35 -
279.png Pelipper OR/AS 35-40 -
226.png Mantine OR/AS 40 -


Wild Pokémon
Fishing; Old Rod
Pokémon Games Level Rate
129.png Magikarp OR/AS 10-15 65%
072.png Tentacool OR/AS 15 35%

Wild Pokémon
Fishing; Good Rod
Pokémon Games Level Rate
129.png Magikarp OR/AS 25 60%
072.png Tentacool OR/AS 25 35%
223.png Remoraid OR/AS 25 5%

Wild Pokémon
Fishing; Super Rod
Pokémon Games Level Rate
223.png Remoraid OR/AS 30-35 95%
224.png Octillery OR/AS 40 5%

Main Area


Sharpedo XY.gif

Rough Skin
Held item:
Passho Berry

Camerupt XY.gif

Held item:
Wacan Berry


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129Magikarp.png This section is completely EMPTY!
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