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The Battle Park (バトルパーク Battle Park) is a facility located in the Fight Area which serves as a checkpoint to entering the Battle Tower. It is also home to the Point Exchange Corner, where Trainers can exchange Battle Points received from their successful fights to acquire rare items.


The Battle Park is reached through a series of stops where the Trainer will receive the Point Card in order to catalog the number of Battle Points attained. After this the Trainer will progress through a garden with several Trainers to underneath an arched building called the Point Exchange Building. After going past the Point Exchange Building, the Trainer will come across the Battle Tower.

The Battle Tower

Main article: Battle Tower

The Battle Tower is the only Battle facility in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl versions, and features many different modes of Pokémon battling. Such are as follows:

  • Single Battle: Take three Pokémon into battle from your party and face off against a continuous line of opponents in sets of seven battles. In the 21st and 49th battles respectively, the Trainer will face off against the Frontier Brain, Tower Tycoon Palmer.
  • Double Battle: Take four Pokémon and battle a series of opponents in a two-versus-two battle. When the Trainer reaches the 21st and 49th battle, he/she will face off against the Frontier Brain.
  • Multi Battle: Select two Pokémon and enter a battle alongside a friend, in which the first Pokémon from both parties will take the front line against two other Trainers' Pokémon.
  • Wi-Fi Battle: Choose three Pokémon and connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, whereupon the player can face off against another player from across the world in Single Player mode.

Battle Tower Prize Items

When the Trainer wins a successive round in the Battle Tower, he/she is rewarded with a certain amount of Battle Points, which in turn can be used to purchase specific items. A list of such items are as follows:

Stat Boosting Items

Sprites Name BP Price
Protein Sprite.png Protein 1 Battle Point
Calcium Sprite.png Calcium 1 Battle Point
Iron Sprite.png Iron 1 Battle Point
Zinc Sprite.png Zinc 1 Battle Point
Carbos Sprite.png Carbos 1 Battle Point
HP Up Sprite.png HP Up 1 Battle Point
Power Bracer Sprite.png Power Bracer 16 Battle Point
Power Belt Sprite.png Power Belt 16 Battle Points
Power Lens Sprite.png Power Lens 16 Battle Points
Power Band Sprite.png Power Band 16 Battle Points
Power Anklet Sprite.png Power Anklet 16 Battle Points
Power Weight Sprite.png Power Weight 16 Battle Points
Toxic Orb Bag.png Toxic Orb 16 Battle Points
Flame Orb Sprite.png Flame Orb 16 Battle Points
White Herb Sprite.png White Herb 32 Battle Points
Power Herb Sprite.png Power Herb 32 Battle Points
Bright Powder Sprite.png Bright Powder 48 Battle Points
Choice Band Sprite.png Choice Band 48 Battle Points
Focus Band Sprite.png Focus Band 48 Battle Points
Scope Lens Sprite.png Scope Lens 48 Battle Points
Muscle Band Sprite.png Muscle Band 48 Battle Points
Focus Sash Sprite.png Focus Sash 48 Battle Points
Choice Scarf Sprite.png Choice Scarf 48 Battle Points
Razor Claw Sprite.png Razor Claw 48 Battle Points
Razor Fang Sprite.png Razor Fang 48 Battle Points
Rare Candy Sprite.png Rare Candy 48 Battle Points

Technical Machines

Sprites Item Condition
Poison TM Sprite.png TM06 Toxic 32 Battle Points
Electric TM Sprite.png TM73 Thunder wave 32 Battle Points
Fire TM Sprite.png TM61 Will-O-Wisp 32 Battle Points
Normal TM Sprite.png TM45 Attract 32 Battle Points
Flying TM Sprite.png TM40 Aerial Ace 40 Battle Points
Fighting TM Sprite.png TM31 Brick Break 40 Battle Points
Fighting TM Sprite.png TM08 Bulk Up 48 Battle Points
Psychic TM Sprite.png TM04 Calm Mind 48 Battle Points
Bug TM Sprite.png TM81 X-Scissor 64 Battle Points
Dark TM Sprite.png TM30 Shadow Ball 64 Battle Points
Grass TM Sprite.png TM53 Energy Ball 64 Battle Points
Poison TM Sprite.png TM36 Sludge Bomb 80 Battle Points
Dragon TM Sprite.png TM59 Dragon Pulse 80 Battle Points
Rock TM Sprite.png TM71 Stone Edge 80 Battle Points
Ground TM Sprite.png TM26 Earthquake 80 Battle Points

Consecutive Win Items

Sprite Item Condition
Ability Ribbon Sprite.png Ability Ribbon Defeat the Tower Tycoon (1st time)
Great Ability Ribbon Sprite.png Great Ability Ribbon Defeat the Tower Tycoon (2nd time)
Double Ability Ribbon Sprite.png Double Ability Ribbon Win 50 consecutive matches in Double Battle
Multi Ability Ribbon Sprite.png Multi Ability Ribbon Win 50 consecutive matches in Multi Battle
Pair Ability Image Sprite.png Pair Ability Ribbon Win 50 consecutive matches in Connection Multi Battle
World Ability Ribbon Sprite.png World Ability Ribbon Reach 5th Rank in Wi-Fi Battle
Bronze Trophy Sprite.png Bronze Trophy Win 20 consecutive matches in Single Battle
Silver Trophy Sprite.png Silver Trophy Win 50 consecutive matches in Single Battle
Gold Trophy Sprite.png Gold Trophy Win 100 consecutive matches in Single Battle