Battle Chateau

Calem at the front of the Battle Chateau.

The Battle Chateau, one of the battling facilities in Kalos, is a mansion situated on top of a river on Kalos Route 7.


  • White capes for Baron and Baroness
  • Blue capes for Viscount and Viscountess
  • Green capes for Earl and Countess
  • Yellow capes for Marquis and Marchioness
  • Red capes for Duke and Duchess
  • Purple capes for Grand Duke and Grand Duchess


The Battle Chateau features rematch battles against Gym Leaders, the Elite Four and the Champion.

Calem/Serena is greeted by Viola, who talks one of the servants of the Battle Chateau into giving them a beginner's noblity rank. Battling other nobles who show up (either on their own or because of Writ being sent out to invite them for battles), Calem/Serena can raise his/her rank through countless battles.

In the anime

The Battle Chateau appeared in Breaking Titles at the Chateau!.


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