Battle Armor (カブトアーマー Kabuto Armor) is an ability introduced in Generation III.


In battle

Battle Armor prevents other Pokémon from landing critical hits on Pokémon with this ability.

Pokémon with Battle Armor

As a natural ability

Pokémon Type
140 Kabuto rock/water
141 Kabutops rock/water
347 Anorith rock/bug
348 Armaldo rock/bug
451 Skorupi poison/bug
452 Drapion poison/dark
772 Type: Null normal
If any of the Pokémon were introduced before the generation that Battle Armor was introduced in, then they will not have it as a natural ability until then.

As a hidden ability

Pokémon Type
104 Cubone ground
105 Marowak ground
Hidden abilities were not introduced until Generation V, so if any of the Pokémon were introduced before that, then they will not have Battle Armor as a hidden ability until then.


  • Before Battle Armor was introduced in the Pokémon games, it was featured as a TCG card.
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