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Base Set (拡張(かくちょう)パック, Expansion Pack) was the first TCG expansion set of the Original series. It was released on 20 October 1996 in Japan and 9 January 1999 in the US. This expansion set contains 102 cards in both Japanese and English.


  • Although the release of the set in the US was in January 1999, widespread release was not seen until months later, around March or April, the same year. This was due to the reluctance of many stores to sell the new card game.
  • All of the cards in the first print runs were "shadowless cards" and some had a first edition stamp on the bottom left corner of the card artwork. They had no drop shadows on the illustration box, and the texting used on HP and attack was weaker compared to the unlimited 2-7th print run which was called "unlimited". There was also an 8th print run called "Base 2000"
  • By the time of its release, this set had been replaced by Base Set 2, as Base Set had been out of print for some time.
  • Some of the final form Pokémon were left out of this set, but were released in Jungle and Fossil.

Variations between English and Japanese editions

  • The Japanese variations of the cards did not have a numbering system till the release of Pokémon VS, and the number featured on the cards before that represents the Pokémons Pokédex number.
  • The English numbering is based on an alphabetical sorting, with descending rarity, a sorting that would stay the same till the release of Black & White. The Japanese order is based on type, and ascending rarity, and stayed this way until the release of e-Card 2.

Theme decks

Card list

List of cards from Base Set
No. Name Type Rarity
1 Alakazam Psychic Energy Rare Holo
2 Blastoise Water Energy Rare Holo
3 Chansey Colorless Energy Rare Holo
4 Charizard Fire Energy Rare Holo
5 Clefairy Colorless Energy Rare Holo
6 Gyarados Water Energy Rare Holo
7 Hitmonchan Fighting Energy Rare Holo
8 Machamp Fighting Energy Rare Holo
9 Magneton Lightning Energy Rare Holo
10 Mewtwo Psychic Energy Rare Holo
11 Nidoking Grass Energy Rare Holo
12 Ninetales Fire Energy Rare Holo
13 Poliwrath Water Energy Rare Holo
14 Raichu Lightning Energy Rare Holo
15 Venusaur Grass Energy Rare Holo
16 Zapdos Lightning Energy Rare Holo
17 Beedrill Grass Energy Rare
18 Dragonair Colorless Energy Rare
19 Dugtrio Fighting Energy Rare
20 Electabuzz Lightning Energy Rare
21 Electrode Lightning Energy Rare
22 Pidgeotto Colorless Energy Rare
23 Arcanine Fire Energy Uncommon
24 Charmeleon Fire Energy Uncommon
25 Dewgong Water Energy Uncommon
26 Dratini Colorless Energy Uncommon
27 Farfetch'd Colorless Energy Uncommon
28 Growlithe Fire Energy Uncommon
29 Haunter Psychic Energy Uncommon
30 Ivysaur Grass Energy Uncommon
31 Jynx Psychic Energy Uncommon
32 Kadabra Psychic Energy Uncommon
33 Kakuna Grass Energy Uncommon
34 Machoke Fighting Energy Uncommon
35 Magikarp Water Energy Uncommon
36 Magmar Fire Energy Uncommon
37 Nidorino Grass Energy Uncommon
38 Poliwhirl Water Energy Uncommon
39 Porygon Colorless Energy Uncommon
40 Raticate Colorless Energy Uncommon
41 Seel Water Energy Uncommon
42 Wartortle Water Energy Uncommon
43 Abra Psychic Energy Common
44 Bulbasaur Grass Energy Common
45 Caterpie Grass Energy Common
46 Charmander Fire Energy Common
47 Diglett Fighting Energy Common
48 Doduo Colorless Energy Common
49 Drowzee Psychic Energy Common
50 Gastly Psychic Energy Common
51 Koffing Grass Energy Common
52 Machop Fighting Energy Common
53 Magnemite Lightning Energy Common
54 Metapod Grass Energy Common
55 Nidoran♂ Grass Energy Common
56 Onix Fighting Energy Common
57 Pidgey Colorless Energy Common
58 Pikachu Lightning Energy Common
59 Poliwag Water Energy Common
60 Ponyta Fire Energy Common
61 Rattata Colorless Energy Common
62 Sandshrew Fighting Energy Common
63 Squirtle Water Energy Common
64 Starmie Water Energy Common
65 Staryu Water Energy Common
66 Tangela Grass Energy Common
67 Voltorb Lightning Energy Common
68 Vulpix Fire Energy Common
69 Weedle Grass Energy Common
70 Clefairy Doll Trainer Rare
71 Computer Search Trainer Rare
72 Devolution Spray Trainer Rare
73 Imposter Professor Oak Trainer Rare
74 Item Finder Trainer Rare
75 Lass Trainer Rare
76 Pokémon Breeder Trainer Rare
77 Pokémon Trader Trainer Rare
78 Scoop Up Trainer Rare
79 Super Energy Removal Trainer Rare
80 Defender Trainer Uncommon
81 Energy Retrieval Trainer Uncommon
82 Full Heal Trainer Uncommon
83 Maintenance Trainer Uncommon
84 PlusPower Trainer Uncommon
85 Pokémon Center Trainer Uncommon
86 Pokémon Flute Trainer Uncommon
87 Pokédex Trainer Uncommon
88 Professor Oak Trainer Uncommon
89 Revive Trainer Uncommon
90 Super Potion Trainer Uncommon
91 Bill Trainer Common
92 Energy Removal Trainer Common
93 Gust of Wind Trainer Common
94 Potion Trainer Common
95 Switch Trainer Common
96 Double Colorless Energy Energy Uncommon
97 Fighting Energy Energy
98 Fire Energy Energy
99 Grass Energy Energy
100 Lightning Energy Energy
101 Psychic Energy Energy
102 Water Energy Energy


  • Years later, at the Pokémon 20th anniversary, a re-release of the set was launched, named Evolutions (TCG), with certain differences (the major one introducing Mega Pokémon).
  • XY Evolutions, features many of the cards and artworks from Base Set.
  • The 25th anniversary set, Celebrations, feature the Base Set Charizard, Blastoise and Venusaur.