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For the variant appearing in the games, see Barry.

Barry is a character appearing in Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl, who is a rival of Ash's in the Sinnoh region.


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Barry has yellow hair and orange eyes. He has gray pants, brown boots and wears a brown messenger bag. He also wears a long green scarf, and has an orange Pokétch on his left arm. Barry wears a short sleeve cardigan with orange and white stripes.


Barry is shown to have a hyperactive personality. Barry admires Paul and his training methods and wants to be a strong trainer like him. He also has a slightly similar mentality as Paul's, as in capturing strong Pokémon for training. However, unlike Paul, he still cares for his Pokémon. Dawn knew Barry back when they both lived in Twinleaf Town; however, Barry doesn't remember her. He only recognizes Ash, Brock, and Dawn due to the fact that they participated in the Hearthome City Tag Battle Competition with Paul. Barry initially saw Ash as a weak trainer who couldn't compare to Paul but as time passed he saw the spirit of Ash in battling. He also became a good friend of Ash. At the end of the Sinnoh League, he also admitted that Ash was a better trainer than him.


Barry smothered a tree with some honey to attract wild Pokémon. As a Heracross came, Barry caught it, making it his first Pokémon he obtained.[1] Barry competed in a choir competition with Exploud at the Twinleaf Festival. Dawn was among the audience, seeing his performance.

Barry eventually became a Trainer, and went in many cities to battle Gym Leaders. He was successful, even though Gardenia and Cacnea gave him a hard time. He got three badges, but his winning streak stopped until he faced Fantina, to whom he lost to.[2]

Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl

Barry came out of Hearthome City's Gym in a rush, so he didn't notice Ash present: the two guys bumped each other on their heads. Barry became very aggravated, wanting answers from Ash, who was baffled by this guy. Barry settled down, and walked away in anger. In this confusing moment, Barry dropped his Badge Case. Later, Ash took the Badge Case to the Pokémon Center, where Barry bumped into him again on his head. Noticing the item, Barry accused Ash of being a thief. As Ash and his friends denied this, Barry recognized Ash as Paul's battle partner during Hearthome City's Tag Battle tournament. Dawn also recognized Barry, as during her childhood, he competed in a choir competition. Barry didn't recognize Dawn at first, then turned his attention to Ash, wanting to battle him. Dawn interrupred them, seeing Barry's Pokétch, to which Barry, who got that from Jubilife City, didn't pay much attention to.

Ash sent Chimchar out, which Barry recognized to be Paul's. He believed Ash wanted to get stronger and must've initiated a trade for it. He admitted he was fond of strength, much like Paul, and showed he got three badges already. However, upon hearing Ash had four badges, Barry went to send a Pokémon, but then he was reminded he left it in the storage. He went to the storage (ran by Team Rocket in disguise), and requested his Pokémon, to which Jessie refused. Barry became upset, to which Team Rocket ascended in their balloon, having captured many Pokémon already. Fantina and Ash joined Barry to battle Team Rocket, managing to pop their balloon to retrieve Barry's Poké Balls back. Barry sent an Empoleon, whose Hydro Cannon blew their Pokémon away. As Barry mentioned he faced Gardenia and Cacnea, James became interested in what became of his former Pokémon.

Despite this, Barry's Empoleon used Hyper Beam to blast them off. As Fantina recognized Ash's strength, she promised to have a rematch later. Ash turned to Barry if he would have a rematch with her: Barry agreed, but this time if his Pokémon lost, he would simply swap it with a stronger one. Ash tried to convince Barry that he should bond with his Pokémon, to which Barry hadn't given it much thought. Still, he felt that Paul's thinking was superior, since he managed to beat Ash a few times, even if the latter felt Paul to be a jerk. The two sides then had a battle, where Chimchar faced Staraptor, and defeated it with Flamethrower. However, Barry's Roserade defeated Chimchar and ended the battle with Ash's Gliscor in a draw.

Empoleon struck Pikachu with a Hyper Beam in the next battle, but Pikachu defeated it with Volt Tackle. Barry claimed Ash won because he was lucky, but nevertheless promised to watch his battle with Fantina.[2] Barry and Empoleon's battle against Ash and Pikachu was remembered by Ash, Dawn and Brock, as they were going to Snowpoint City.[3] Barry watched Ash's battle against Fantina, and was slightly annoyed how Ash easily defeated one of her Pokémon. When Ash sent Chimchar out, Barry noticed it looked much happier with its new Trainer. As Ash defeated Fantina, he spoke with Barry, who decided to go to Iron Island, where he faced the Steel-type Gym Leader from Canalave City. He admitted he would consider Ash as a true rival if he defeated that Gym Leader, to which Ash promised to, intending on obtaining the next badge.[4]

Barry went with the heroes to Canalave City, though he was impatent to get out. Once they came out, the group was asked by a group of photographers (Team Rocket in disgiuse) to take a photo. As one of Team Rocket's tricks, Barry sent Empoleon to take a picture with the group, only to be fooled into being captured into a net. Empoleon used Hydro Pump, alongside Chimchar's Flamethrower, which collided with Carnivine's Bullet Seed and Seviper's Haze. This caused an explosion, causing everyone to be separated from each other. Barry started to argue with Ash about whose fault this was, so they started to look around to find the missing Pokémon, eventually finding Ash's Staravia and Gliscor.

They soon found Pachirisu, Pikachu, Mime Jr. and Meowth, the latter willingly joining them to find the missing Pokémon, surprising the heroes for his hospitality. Having everyone regrouped, the heroes bumped into Team Rocket, who demanded Meowth to be returned to them, only to hear that Meowth decided to become a TV star. Jessie sent Seviper, James his Mime Jr., Ash a Buizel while Barry his Empoleon, to battle one another. While Empoleon got bitten by Seviper, it fired Hydro Pump to blast it and Mime Jr. away. At this point, Meowth decided to betray the heroes, stating he was always a part of Team Rocket, and attack Empoleon with Fury Swipes. Empoleon simply blasted him and Team Rocket away with Hydro Pump. In the end, Barry parted ways with the heroes, waiting for a ship to take him to Iron Island.[5]

Barry was training on Iron Island with his Pokémon. He was confident that his team was improving, but suddenly, his Empoleon started attacking him. He later contacted Ash, who showed he even got the Mine Badge. Barry was pleased, but was troubled by the Pokémon on the island, who were attacking them. Barry promised to solve the matter, while the heroes decided to go to Iron Island and help Barry out. Barry was going around, before being chased by some Skarmory. He fell off a cliff, landing on Team Rocket. Thinking they were the ones behind making Steel-type Pokémon berserk, he sent Heracross to attack them, until he noticed that it was Team Galactic, who used a machine to emit a frequency that caused this phenomenon.

However, they were noticed by the enemy, and were attacked, causing them to retreat into a cave. There they saw statues of Dialga and Palkia, to which the leader, Mars, taunted them and forced them to remain there.[6] Eventually, they were found by Dawn, whose Piplup fell through a hole, into their cave. Dawn tied a rope to a rock to get them all out, but as the group was arguing, Dawn fell through the hole as well. After Team Galactic retreated, the group emerged from the cave, as the enemy placed bombs around the island to detonate it. With Riley and Lucario's aura, the explosion was released into air, thus saving the island. Before parting ways, Barry and Ash made a promise to enter the Sinnoh League, and shook hands for that promise.[7]

Barry went to Sandalstraw Town to participate in the Ping-Pong tournament. He met with the heroes, as well as Kenny, to whom he all explained that after the Contest was over, they could all participate in the tournament, for which he had trained his Empoleon well. Thus, Noticing Dawn's Piplup trying to evolve, Kenny believed she was doing a good job to have it evolve. Barry then pushed Kenny, reminding him that they had to train for the Ping-Pong tournament as well. As Piplup disappeared, Barry and Empoleon helped the heroes in finding it, but Empoleon and Kenny's Prinplup got attacked by Team Rocket, whose machine grabbed the two Pokémon. Piplup later used Whirlpool to destroy the machine, setting the captured Pokémon free.[8]

Barry was training with his Empoleon for the Ping-Pong tournament. He then watched the Contest with Ash and Brock. After Dawn lost, Barry proposed to her to enter the tournament, which she accepted.[9] The next day, Barry took the heroes to the site of the Ping-Pong tournament. He explained the rules: the Trainer, using the paddle, and the Pokémon work together to score 11 points to win the round, and three games in a row earns that Trainer a victory. They were eventually approached by a man named O, whom neither Ash nor Dawn could recognize. Barry was startled, as O was the Ping-Pong champion. Barry and Empoleon eventually faced O and Shifty in one of the rounds, but lost.[10]

As Barry came to Twinleaf Town for the festival, he encountered the heroes. Ash wanted to challenge Barry, who accepted, with Dawn as the referee. Ash had Pikachu use Quick Attack against Heracross' Horn Attack. However, Barry got distracted by a Xatu and ran after it. Dawn and Ash followed him to a circus, which Barry recalled from his childhood, as he was unable to enter it. A clown invited them in, to which the group entered, and were overwhelmed by a flashing light. Suddenly, Barry found himself in a place where Pokémon were giant. Finding Xatu he had seen earlier, he went to order Heracross to attack, but it was not present with him.

Barry went to find it, only to come to a tree: the place where he had caught Heracross. Barry thus found Heracross and went away, bumping into Dawn and Ash. As they chased after Xatu, the group faced a Camerupt. Barry had his Heracross strike its rings, which caused the memory to close and the group returned to the real world, but the circus was gone. Barry went after Xatu, but ran into his father, Palmer. Barry explained to him what happened, to which Palmer surmized that Xatu unveiled the past so it could show them the future. Ash and Dawn asked him how did he know that attacking Camerupt's rings would set them free, but Barry admitted he did not know.[1]

Meeting with his father, Barry explained to Ash and Dawn that the winner of tomorrow's tournament could challenge Palmer. Barry took part in the tournament, but lost to Ash in the final round, and watched the latter facing Palmer in battle. As Palmer defeated Ash, Barry was quite proud of his father, since he couldn't be defeated easily. He boasted that his father raised his Pokémon with respect, which Dawn believed her mother did the same with her own Pokémon. After the festival was over, Barry promised to the heroes that he'd meet them in Sunyshore City's Gym, as they were headed there, too.[11]

As Ash went with Officer Jenny to catch a mischievous Gible, he got struck by Barry, who was riding his new bike. After arguing with one another, Barry wanted to challenge Ash. As Ash showed he had seven badges, Barry stated he had six but was ready to face Fantina. He admitted he wanted to go to Sunyshore City, but decided to go on his bike and return to face Fantina. He was devastated, however, as Gible ate his bike. Barry scolded Ash for having not trained Gible properly, but as he was told that Gible was actually a wild Pokémon, Barry went to catch it. His Empoleon went to battle it, but in the heat of battle, Empoleon blew it away with Hydro Cannon.

Moments later, Ash caught Gible. This made Barry furious, for he wanted to catch it. Ash claimed that Gible became fond of him and caught it, to which Barry wanted to battle it. Empoleon used Steel Wing to strike Gible, who used Dig. Empoleon then fired a Hydro Cannon in the hole, blasting Gible out. On its own, Gible emitted a Draco Meteor, to which Empoleon used Steel Wing to deflect the attack, causing it to hit Dawn's Piplup instead. As Empoleon dodged Dragon Pulse, it fired a Hyper Beam to defeat Gible. Barry was glad that he won the battle, and stated that he'd win the Sinnoh League if Ash was not going to train Gible. Dawn reminded Barry that he had to battle Fantina first, to which he pointed at his ticket. Much to his dismay, Gible ate the ticket.[12]

The heroes watched Barry's Empoleon fighting a Mothim. After winning the battle, Barry met with the heroes, showing his last badge: Beacon Badge. As Dawn advised Ash to catch up with Paul and Barry, the latter advised Ash to go to Sunyshore City, with the best Gym in the world. Barry went with the heroes to the Pokémon Center to have lunch, but met up with Paul. Barry wanted to challenge Paul, who let him battle Ash instead. As Ash still had seven badges, Paul stared at him, before belittling his decision to challenge Sunyshore City's Gym. Barry noted how the two had a strong rivalry, and was surprised to hear Ash lost to Paul in a full battle.

Regardless, Barry's Empoleon battled Ash's Monferno. Monferno managed to inflict damage to Empoleon with Dig and Mach Punch, but lost to its Hydro Cannon. In that moment, Ash's friends got captured by Team Rocket, who snatched Monferno as well. Barry had Empoleon use Hydro Cannon to stop them, but failed, and got captured as well. Barry watched as Monferno evolved into an Infernape, and rescued Empoleon and the rest of the Pokémon. Paul helped the group too, and once Team Rocket was defeated, Paul parted ways with Ash and Barry.[13]

Barry came to the Sinnoh League, but was first hit on a head by a Pokémon that passed him by (which was Ash's Bayleef). He later watched the opening ceremony.[14] Barry bumped into Ash again, and started to argue with him. However, he calmed down, having prepared his team for his upcoming match. At the battlefield, Barry won his round, and as he went through the exit tunnel, he passed by a powerful Trainer. He came to Ash's friends, stating that the Trainer he had passed by was the one with Darkrai, for he won the first round fairly easily. He then watched Ash's battle against Nando. He started to argue with Conway, before the latter walked away.[15]

Dawn bumped into Barry, causing the two to argue. Barry stopped, for he wanted to wish Paul luck in the upcoming battle. Dawn advised Barry not to do it, due to Paul's perspective on things, which only upset Barry, and he walked away to do just that. Barry came to Paul, who was with the heroes. Barry was happy to see Paul was analyzing him, and swore to do his best. Paul left, commenting he'd treat that like a common battle. Barry tried to research Paul, but failed. He realized he could only rely on battling his opponent, and dashed away with Ash, to get over his excitement on his upcoming battle.

At the battlefield, Paul faced Barry, sending his Magmortar to battle Barry's Skarmory. Skarmory deployed Spikes, but was quickly defeated by Magmortar's Flamethrower. Barry taunted Paul, due to Spikes inflicting damage when a Pokémon was sent out. Paul was unphased and sent Ursaring against Barry's Hitmonlee. Hitmonlee used Jump Kick to inflict heavy damage to Ursaring, and evaded its Focus Blast. Ursaring's wounds were dire, to the point its Guts Ability was activated: its Hammer Arm was able to defeat Hitmonlee. Barry sent Empoleon next, who inflicted damage with Drill Peck, surprising Paul enough to swap Ursaring with Electivire. Electivire electrocuted Empoleon with Thunder Punch, and cornered it to inflict damage by Giga Impact.

Empoleon stood up, its Torrent Ability being triggered. It fired a Hydro Cannon, but Electivire countered it with Protect. Using Thunder, Electivire defeated Empoleon, and Barry lost the round. Barry admitted that was a good battle, and had no regrets. Paul remarked that he wanted to have a rematch with Barry someday, which made the latter even more pumped up about it.[16] Barry observed Ash's training, execited that Infernape learned Flare Blitz. He believed Ash would use Infernape, Glalie and Torterra against Conway. Barry later watched Ash's battle against Conway, and was surprised to use Noctowl, even more when it was of a different color. At the end of the day, Barry admitted his excitement that he'd watch Ash battle Paul.[17]

Before the final match began, Barry spent some time with the heroes, watching Ash's Gliscor using its new moves. Barry wondered which Pokémon would Ash use, and the latter has decided to use the team from Lake Acuity. He felt that he should show what new things he learned from his previous battles, much like Paul would. However, unlike previous times, Ash was concentrated on what Paul had learned, not what Ash had. Later, Barry, Ash and Brock encountered Paul speaking with Dawn. Dawn reminded about Cynthia's words, surprising Barry that they all met Cynthia. Barry sat among the audience with Brock and Dawn, watching the battle. He was pleased to see that Ash raised his Pokémon well, defeating some of Paul's Pokémon, and even using the Counter Shield and Ice Aqua Jet techniques.[18]

Barry continued to watch their battle, pleased that Ash was winning. He was pleased to see Gliscor's training with the Air Master had paid off.[19] Barry noted Ash was at a disadvantage, for Paul had one unhurt Pokémon, whereas Ash had two exhausted ones. He continued watching the battle, having faith in Ash winning that battle. After Ash won, Barry was ecstatic for his win. Barry went to congratulate Ash, but could not find him, as he went to meet up with Paul for one last time.[20] He watched the semi-final round between Ash and Tobias, and was sad that the former had lost. Meeting up with the heroes, Barry admitted Ash was now stronger than him, and swore to dedicate his training to catch up with him. He left, bidding farewell to Ash and others.[21]

Pokémon - Zoroark: Master of Illusions

Barry also appeared in the ending scene of the 13th Pokémon movie, along with his Empoleon.[22]


On hand

Heracross is the fourth of Barry's Pokémon that was shown in the anime. Shown on Iron Island, Barry used Heracross to help defend against his Empoleon when Empoleon fell to the mysterious control of Team Galactic over all Steel Pokémon. Heracross is a very powerful Pokémon with good physical strength and is a powerhouse in Barry's team.

Barry utilized Hitmonlee during his third round Sinnoh League match against Paul. Sending it against Ursaring, it managed to do many quick and powerful attacks such as Mega Kick, Close Combat, Hi Jump Kick and Blaze Kick. However, its Blaze Kick activated Ursaring's Guts ability which caused it to fall in battle.



Barry's Sinnoh Badges

Sinnoh League

Pokémon League Status

Lily of the Valley Conference (Sinnoh League) - Top 16 (Loses to Paul)


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