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This Heracross is a Bug/Fighting-type Pokémon owned by Barry.


Barry smothered a tree with some honey to attract wild Pokémon. As a Heracross came, Barry caught it, making it his first Pokémon he obtained.[1]

While Barry trained on Iron Island, he was training his Heracross when his Empoleon nearly attacked him. Later, as he was being chased by Magnemite, Barry was carried by his Heracross until they were attacked by a number of Skarmory, causing them to fall down on Team Rocket, who was spying around. Remembering them as the villains, Barry's Heracross fired Fury Attack. Finding that Team Galactic was behind the mysterious effect of berserk Steel-type Pokémon, the group was attacked, to which Barry's Heracross protected its Trainer from getting hit by Golbat.[2]

Facing Ash in Twinleaf Town, Barry had Heracross attack Pikachu with Horn Attack. However, Barry got distracted by a Xatu, so he and Heracross chased after it. Finding himself in a strange land, Barry relived the memory of obtaining his Heracross by smothering tree with some honey to attract it. Barry, being very small in this fantasy, went with Heracross to join Dawn and Ash (who were also small, compared to their Pokémon). As a Camerupt stood in their way, Barry had Heracross attack its ring, which made everyone exit this fantasy and return to the real world.[1]

Known moves

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  1. ^ DP110: Steeling Peace of Mind!, Heracross has a butterfly-shaped horn