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This Empoleon is a Water/Steel-type Pokémon owned by Barry. It was Barry's starter Pokémon and his most powerful Pokémon.


Barry used Empoleon in many Gym Battles, even the one he felt it was the hardest: against Gardenia and her Cacnea.

At Hearthome City, to battle Team Rocket, Barry's Empoleon used Hydro Cannon to sweep Jessie's Seviper away. It later used Hyper Beam to blast them off. During Barry's battle with Ash, Barry sent Empoleon against his Pikachu. Pikachu attempted to use Thunderbolt, though it moved away to dodge Hydro Cannon. The two sides then clashed, using Steel Wing and Iron Tail. After hitting Pikachu, Empoleon used Hyper Beam to blow it in mid-air. Pikachu used the momentum to strike Empoleon with Thunderbolt and defeat it with Volt Tackle.[1] Empoleon using Steel Wing to attack Pikachu in the battle was remembered by Ash, Dawn and Brock, as they were going to Snowpoint City.[2]

As one of Team Rocket's tricks, Barry sent Empoleon to take a picture with the group, only to be fooled into being captured into a net. Empoleon used Hydro Pump, alongside Chimchar's Flamethrower, which collided with Carnivine's Bullet Seed and Seviper's Haze. This caused an explosion, causing everyone to be separated from each other: Empoleon, Dawn's Piplup, Ash's Grotle and Brock's Happiny were a part of one group. Piplup led the group, though its efforts only made the group go to a number of dead ends. Empoleon named itself to be a leader, and while it, too, got to a dead end, the heroes spotted them and retrieved them back.

Having everyone regrouped, the heroes bumped into Team Rocket, who demanded Meowth to be returned to them, only to hear that Meowth decided to become a TV star. Jessie sent Seviper, James his Mime Jr., Ash a Buizel while Barry his Empoleon, to battle one another. While Empoleon got bitten by Seviper, it fired Hydro Pump to blast it and Mime Jr. away. At this point, Meowth decided to betray the heroes, stating he was always a part of Team Rocket, and attack Empoleon with Fury Swipes. Empoleon simply blasted him and Team Rocket away with Hydro Pump.[3] While Barry trained on Iron Island, his Empoleon nearly attacked him. When Ash contacted Barry, the latter informed him that his Empoleon wasn't feeling well.[4] Upon Team Galactic's plans being stopped, Empoleon reverted to normal. As Barry and Ash parted ways, Pikachu and Empoleon shook hands before departing.[5]

Barry sent Empoleon out to train for the Ping-Pong tournament in Sandalstraw Town. As Piplup disappeared, Barry and Empoleon helped the heroes in finding it, but Empoleon and Kenny's Prinplup got attacked by Team Rocket, whose machine grabbed the two Pokémon. The two attempted to use Hydro Cannon and Bubble Beam, but the machine spinned them around to prevent them from attacking. As Pikachu used Thunderbolt to defeat them, Team Rocket used another machine to absorb electricity and electrocute Empoleon and Prinplup instead. Piplup later used Whirlpool to destroy the machine, setting the captured Pokémon free.[6]

Barry briefly trained with his Empoleon for the Ping-Pong tournament. When Dawn lost in the Contest, Barry and Empoleon offered her to participate in the tournament.[7] Empoleon was used during the Ping-Pong tournament. However, upon facing O and Shifty, Barry and Empoleon lost in that round.[8] During the tournament battle in the Twinleaf Town's festival, Barry used Empoleon to battle Ash's Pikachu in the final round. Empoleon fired Hydro Pump against Pikachu, before using Metal Claw to clash with his Iron Tail. The two sides then fired Hydro Cannon and Thunderbolt, and moments later, Ash won the battle.[9]

Barry used Empoleon to battle a wild Gible, using Drill Peck, but it missed and shattered a rock. Gible went to use Rock Smash, but was struck by Steel Wing. Empoleon fired a Hydro Cannon to blow Gible away, and Barry lost the chance to catch it. After Ash caught Gible, Barry decides to battle it with Empoleon. Drill Pecks and Steel Wings hit Gible in a fashion it utilizes simultaneously. When Gible dodged Empoleon's Hydro Cannon with Dig, Empoleon used Hydro Cannon again in the hole, creating an eruption of light. As Gible launched a Draco Meteor, Empoleon sent the attack with Steel Wing at Dawn's Piplup. Empoleon used Hyper Beam against Dragon Pulse. When Gible was tired, Empoleon won the battle with Hyper Beam.[10]

The heroes watched Barry's Empoleon fighting a Mothim. Empoleon's Hydro Cannon struck Mothim, who attempted to use Signal Beam. Empoleon stopped the attack and used Steel Wing. It dodged Mothim's Silver Wind and defeated it. Later, Empoleon battled Ash's Monferno. Empoleon started off with Drill Peck, but was hit by back-to-back Mach Punchs and Digs. Empoleon finished Monferno off with Hydro Cannon. Team Rocket captured Monferno, to which Empoleon used Hydro Cannon to stop them, but failed. Team Rocket captured Empoleon as well, but when Monferno evolved into an Infernape, it rescued Empoleon and the rest of the Pokémon.[11] Brock remembered this moment when he and others watched Infernape's Blaze ability being activated during Ash's battle against Volkner.[12]

Empoleon was used during Barry's battle against Paul, where Empoleon blasted his Magmortar with Hydro Cannon. Paul recalled Magmortar and sent Ursaring out, to which Barry recalled his Empoleon. After Barry's Hitmonlee was defeated, Empoleon evaded Ursaring's Slash and hit it with Drill Peck. It then reflected back Ursaring's Focus Blast, so Paul swapped Ursaring with Electivire.

Empoleon used Hyper Beam, colliding with Electivire's Thunder. Electivire used Thunder Punch, but missed, though it managed to corner Empoleon. Thus, using Giga Impact, Electivire inflicted heavy damage on Empoleon. In that moment, Empoleon's Torrent ability was activated, and fired its Hydro Cannon. However, Electivire stopped the attack with Protect and knocked out Empoleon with a powerful Thunder.[13]

Barry also appeared in the ending scene of the 13th Pokémon movie, along with his Empoleon.[14]

Known moves


  1. ^ DP184: Casting a Paul on Barry!, when Paul's Electivire inficted a great amount of damage on Empoleon, it triggered its Ability.