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The Balm Mushroom is an item that was introduced in Generation V. Unlike what their name suggests, they cannot be used to make balms for the player character or their Pokémon. Instead, they can be sold at a very high price to people that will buy them, as they are very rare and give off a nice fragrance. In Generation V, they cannot be sold in Poké Marts, but the Maid in the camper on Route 5 will pay Poké Dollar.png25,000 for them. In Generation VI onward, they can be sold to Poké Marts, albeit at less than double the original price (Poké Dollar.png6,250 in Generation VI and Poké Dollar.png7,500 in Generation VII onward).


Generation V

In Pokémon Black and White, one Balm Mushroom can be found with the Dowsing Machine in Striaton City. If the player character wants more, they can also be taken from wild Amoonguss and Foongus (both mushroom/ fungus based Pokémon) if the player character gets lucky enough. They can also still be taken from wild Amoonguss and Foongus in Pokémon Black and White Version 2.

Generation VI

In Pokémon X and Y, Balm Mushrooms can be obtained from Restaurant Le Wow.

Generation VII

Generation VIII

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