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Ballonlea is a town in the Galar region.

Places of Interest

Ballonlea Stadium

Main article: Ballonlea Stadium

The Ballonlea Stadium is the fifth Gym the player challenges. It is lead by Opal, but she soon chooses Bede as her successor.


Trainer Pokémon Level

Pokémon Breeder
825.png Dottler 30
Held Item:
Gain: Poké Dollar.png2,880


Item Games Location/Method
Big Mushroom Sprite.png Big Mushroom SW/SH In front of the yellow mushrooms between the two houses (hidden; ×2)
Balmmushroom.png Balm Mushroom SW/SH In front of the pink mushrooms next to the Pokémon Center (hidden)
Psychic TM Gen VI Sprite.png TM21 SW/SH In front of the giant green mushrooms far south from the stadium
Flying TM Gen VI Sprite.png TM78 SW/SH From the Artist near the southern house if the player wears a full Fire-type outfit
Choice Scarf Sprite.png Choice Scarf SW/SH From Frank after delivering him the Old Letter
Ghost TM Gen VI Sprite.png TM77 SW From the old woman in the northern house
Fighting TM Gen VI Sprite.png TM42 SH From the old woman in the northern house
Eviolite.png Eviolite SW/SH From Pokémon Breeder Elena after defeating her