Baby Pokemon Theme Song

Igglybuff, Smoochum, Magby, and Cleffa are all examples of baby Pokémon

Baby Pokémon are basic Pokémon that are small, cannot breed and are pre-evolutions that were introduced in a generation later than the evolutions before them. However, Togepi, Riolu, and Toxel are the only exceptions, as they and their evolutions are Pokémon belonging to the same generation.

Baby Pokémon are mostly discovered through eggs. Certain species can be produced when the evolution holds a certain type of incense. Occasionally, certain Baby Pokémon can be found in the wild in later generations or games such as Munchlax or Elekid.

List of Baby Pokémon and evolutions

Baby Basic Evolution
172 Pichu 025 Pikachu 026 Raichu (Normal)
026A Raichu (Alolan)
173 Cleffa 035 Clefairy 036 Clefable
174 Igglybuff 039 Jigglypuff 040 Wigglytuff
175 Togepi 176 Togetic 468 Togekiss
236 Tyrogue 106 Hitmonlee
107 Hitmonchan
237 Hitmontop
238 Smoochum 124 Jynx
239 Elekid 125 Electabuzz 466 Electivire
240 Magby 126 Magmar 467 Magmortar
298 Azurill 183 Marill 184 Azumarill
360 Wynaut 202 Wobbuffet
406 Budew 315 Roselia 407 Roserade
433 Chingling 358 Chimecho
438 Bonsly 185 Sudowoodo
439 Mime Jr. 122 Mr. Mime (Normal)
122A Mr. Mime (Galarian)

866 Mr. Rime
440 Happiny 113 Chansey 242 Blissey
446 Munchlax 143 Snorlax
447 Riolu 448 Lucario
458 Mantyke 226 Mantine
848 Toxel 849 Toxtricity (Amped)
849A Toxtricity (Low Key)


  • Though not technically Baby Pokémon, certain Pokémon like Teddiursa, Eevee, Rufflet, Vullaby and Bounsweet are either often seen with Baby Pokémon or they have similar attributes to them.
  • Riolu and Toxel are the only baby Pokémon to have debuted in the same generation as their evolved forms.






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