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The Path That Leads to Goodbye! (サトシとアイリスが絶交!?別れの1本道!!, Ash and Iris' Severed Relationship!? The Path of Separation!!) is the 34th episode of Pokémon: BW Adventures in Unova and Beyond.


When Ash attempts to catch a Dunsparce, Dunsparce's Screech causes Ash to fall on Iris's flowers. The Dunsparce have gone off, leaving Ash and Iris quite angry at each other, enough to make Iris go away. However, Team Rocket sees this as an chance to steal some Pokémon...

Episode plot

On the road, Ash and Iris argue, annoyed and angered at each other. They claim they don't want to travel with each other, thinking their time is through. Iris picks Axew up and leaves. Ash and Cilan walk, the latter seeing their minds are set. He is surprised that the moment they set foot on Capacia Island, things changed. Porter told them Capacia Island has many wild Pokémon and if they were to walk on the other side of the island, they may catch a ship leading to Kanto region. The heroes thanked Porter for this info and set off. As they traveled on the road, Iris suddenly turned to a meadow, admiring some flowers. Axew gave Iris two flowers, which she placed them in her hair. As they traveled further, they encountered a Dunsparce. Cilan shushes Iris, for it is a rare Pokémon that hides in bushes and grass. Ash challenged Dunsparce to a battle.

However, as Pikachu was to use Thunderbolt, Dunsparce used Screech. Ash was overwhelmed and accidentally knocked Iris off and ruined her flowers. Pikachu used Electro Ball, but Axew accidentally pushed Pikachu, causing him to miss, causing Dunsparce to fly off. Ash blamed Axew for getting in the way, but Iris was angry that he stepped on her flowers and walked away. Cilan sees this petty disagreement rose up quickly, making both Ash and Iris angry at each other. Cilan suggested Ash to apologize, for it would be harder for both of them to make up for this accident. Pikachu pointed at a berry tree, so Ash harvested these berries, giving them to Cilan, Pikachu, Axew and Iris. Iris was grateful, but spat the bite out, for it is too bitter for her.

Ash and Cilan have smirked, believing these berries weren't that bitter for her to make that funny face. Iris accused Ash of giving this bitter berry on purpose, throwing it back to Ash, calling him a big baby, rather than little kid. Ash replied by saying he wouldn't talk if he was her and said that she was getting mad for no reason, but Iris did not listen and became even more angry. Cilan tried to calm them down, but both sides told him to stay out of the conversation, causing Iris to pick Axew up. Cilan took a bite from Iris' berry and Ash did it as well, seeing Iris was right, that the berry was too bitter. Ash replied he had no idea it would be bitter, but seeing she did not want to do anything with him, decided to go away. Meowth explains the audience they heard the twerps going to the other side of the Capacia Island, so they made an ambush for them to catch Pikachu. As the heroes walk, Cilan feels the anger is growing, but they can't do anything, since there is only one path they can take.

Iris claims Ash is following her, but Ash replies she is just walking in front of her, bickering even more. Instead, Iris leaps through trees, while Ash and Cilan continue on. Since the sun is setting down, Ash and Cilan make a camp for the night. They send out their Pokémon and give them dinner. However, Scraggy does not see Axew around, so Ash clarifies he and Iris will travel on their own from now on. Scraggy is sad, but Ash does not know what he should do about that. Cilan tells other Pokémon he doubts Iris is far ahead, thinking it is just a feeling. The Pokémon continue eating and Ash realizes he put a plate extra for Iris by mistake; Cilan chuckles at that. Iris and Axew eat berries for dinner. Iris is glad she chose a very good berry to eat, thinking Ash does not know what berry is sweet or bitter. Iris has a doubt, but sees she and Ash aren't friends anymore.

It starts to rain. Ash sees his Pokémon are waiting for Iris, but he decides to sleep on a tree. Pikachu is worried, but Cilan tells him Ash needs time to think of the situation. Later, Iris opens her eyes, since she didn't actually sleep. Axew is still worried, but Iris promises him as long as they are together, they will be fine and try to sleep again. After the rain, Scraggy wakes up, sad Iris and Axew haven't returned. Scraggy, along with Pikachu, decide to persuade Iris to come back. Meowth wakes Jessie and James up, as Scraggy and Pikachu are walking alone on the road. Snivy and Cilan wake Ash up, who descends from the tree. Ash notices Scraggy and Pikachu are gone and is told they went to meet with Iris. Ash is shocked and is pushed away by Snivy, Pignite and Oshawott.

Cilan asks Ash would he leave his Pokémon because they made a mistake. Ash replies he'd never do that, but Cilan asks would he do the same to Iris, who was a friend to him. Remembering past experiences with Iris, Ash sees Cilan is right. Cilan decides he and Ash's Pokémon will be present to have Ash find courage to apologize to Iris. As Pikachu and Scraggy walk, they are ambushed by Team Rocket, who blast out a net. Pikachu uses Electro Ball, destroying the net. Scraggy uses Focus Blast, but misses and gets captured with Pikachu by another of Team Rocket's nets. Ash and Cilan run and encounter Team Rocket taking Pikachu and Scraggy. Ash goes to send Charizard, but he and Cilan are trapped by a third net. Meowth tells the audience they succeeded, but Jessie asks whom is he talking to. Meowth replies they are just his friends, as Team Rocket flies off in the balloon.

Suddenly, Axew uses Dragon Rage, cutting the net and freeing Pikachu and Scraggy. Iris saves them from the fall, allowing Ash's Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, blasting Team Rocket off. After this event, Ash and Iris look to each other and apologize for the things they have done and smile, finding new respect between each other. Axew, Scraggy and Pikachu are pleased, while the latter finds flowers Iris placed in her hair yesterday. Axew also finds a berry, so Ash and Iris exchange these gifts between each other. Ash finds the berry delightful, so Iris reminds him to leave the berry harvesting "to the experts". Cilan and Pikachu are certain Iris and Ash have developed their friendship bond even stronger than it was before.


"All right! Pikachu, Use thunderbolt Now!" - Ash
"What happened to our mock of genius?!" - Meowth
"The one without brains is Meowth!" - James
"And while our plans goes south...!" - Jessie


  • Who's that Pokémon?: Dunsparce
  • Cilan and Meowth break the fourth wall in this episode, talking to the audience what was done and what they are planning about.
  • Similar to "The Bicker The Better", Ash gets in a fight with May, but, through teamwork to defeat Team Rocket, they become friends once more.
  • Similar to Cars 2, Lightning McQueen gets into a fight with Mater and felt horrible, but, through teamwork to defeat Professor Z, the lemon cars, and Miles Axelrod, they become friends once more.


The intro for the N arc was used.