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Strong Strategy Steals the Show! (ダゲキ登場!サトシ対ケニヤン!!, Sawk Enters! Ash Against Stephan!) is the 9th episode of Pokémon: BW Adventures in Unova and Beyond.


The battle between Stephan and Ash gets underway and both Trainers refuse to lose. Who will be triumphant and move on to the Quarter-Finals?

Episode plot

Ash sends out Krookodile against Stephan's Liepard. Liepard starts with Shadow Claw, which is countered by Krookodile's Dragon Claw. Liepard continues with Shadow Ball, but is countered by Krookodile's Stone Edge. Liepard uses Hyper Beam, though Krookodile dodges with Dig, causing Hyper Beam to miss. Liepard uses Double Team, then Shadow Claw, overpowering Krookodile and hitting it, following up with Shadow Ball. Krookodile retaliates with Stone Edge, attacking Liepard, who uses Double Team. Krookodile uses Dig, but Liepard uses Hyper Beam at the hole it made, hitting Krookodile. Krookodile uses Dragon Claw and Liepard uses Shadow Claw, hitting one another. They repeat the attacks, which causes Liepard to faint.

Stephan recalls Liepard and sends in Zebstrika, while Ash recalls Krookodile and sends out Palpitoad in its place. Cilan is pleased, as Zebstrika has the disadvantage here with its moves against Palpitoad. Zebstrika uses Double-Edge, dodging Palpitoad's Mud Shot and hitting him. Zebstrika then uses Stomp on Palpitoad, who uses Sludge Wave, poisoning Zebstrika. Stephan has Zebstrika use Facade, hitting Palpitoad. Cilan is surprised that Stephan knew Palpitoad would use Sludge Wave, since Facade doubles in power if the user has a status affliction. Iris thinks Stephan just planned ahead wisely. Zebstrika repeats Facade, but Palpitoad counters with Supersonic. Zebstrika becomes confused and begins bashing its head against the wall. As Stephan tries to calm it down, Palpitoad uses Hydro Pump, damaging Zebstrika and also snapping it out of its confusion.

Zebstrika uses Giga Impact, which hits Palpitoad, sending him flying. Palpitoad uses Mud Shot, defeating Zebstrika before being launched into the wall and being defeated as well. Stephan sends out Sawk, while Ash sends out Leavanny. Iris and Cilan feel Ash has a strategy to send Leavanny against Stephan's ace. Sawk starts with Bulk Up, while Leavanny uses String Shot. Despite being wrapped in silk, Sawk breaks out. Sawk uses Close Combat, which Leavanny dodges. Leavanny uses X-Scissor, hitting Sawk back. Sawk tightens his belt and uses Karate Chop, but misses. Leavanny jumps away from Low Sweep and retaliates with Razor Leaf, then uses Energy Ball. Sawk is hurt, but stands up and blocks Leavanny's X-Scissor.

Leavanny is hit by Low Sweep, then with Close Combat. Leavanny kneels, but starts glowing with a green aura. Cilan explains that Leavanny's Swarm ability has been activated, boosting its Bug-type moves. Leavanny uses X-Scissor, but misses Sawk, who uses Bulk Up. Leavanny uses String Shot, binding Sawk's arms, who cannot break out. Leavanny uses X-Scissor and hits Sawk, who tries to get Leavanny to cut the threads. Sawk manages to break out, but he is too exhausted. Sawk uses Karate Chop, ignoring Leavanny's Razor Leaf and hitting him. Leavanny is defeated, so Ash calls him back and brings Krookodile out. Cilan knows well that Krookodile is at a disadvantage here, not only because it had taken a beating during the battle with Liepard, but also because Dark-type moves aren't effective against Sawk, who is a Fighting-type.

Stephan is certain this match is theirs, having Sawk use Close Combat. Ash does not believe that, whose Krookodile counters the attacks with Dragon Claw. Sawk uses Karate Chop, but misses, as Krookodile uses Aerial Ace, evading the attack and defeating Sawk. Ash cheers for Krookodile, for they won the match, while Stephan calls Sawk back. Stephan commends Ash for keeping Krookodile until the end. He admits it was a great battle, despite losing the match and shakes hands with Ash. Later, Virgil's Umbreon uses Shadow Ball on a Gothitelle, while Riolu's Circle Throw defeats a Gigalith, allowing both Trainers to enter the next round. The screen displays Ash's next opponent is Cameron.

Freddy announces that the next quarter-final battles will be six-on-six, then wishes the challengers some rest. Later, Cilan prepares a feast for Ash, containing his favorite meal: croquette, with many trimmings. Ash and Stephan have an eating contest, unamusing Bianca and Iris, who believe such food has to be eaten slowly. Stephan decides to cheer for Ash from tomorrow's battle on and asks of him to win the whole League, which Ash agrees to. Later, Cilan reminds Iris that Cameron was speaking about "the secret weapon". He tells Iris that Ash went for a walk since he was too excited to sleep, making Iris think Ash is a little kid. Ash goes to the stadium and notices Cameron's tent. He greets Cameron, who replies he camps out here so he wouldn't be late for their match. They wish each other luck for tomorrow's battle. Cameron reminds him he still has "the secret weapon", but Ash replies he is ready for any challenge.

Next day, Ash faces Cameron, who sends his "secret weapon", a Hydreigon.



Cameron's Hydreigon


Sludge Wave