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Jostling for the Junior Cup! (ジュニアカップ開幕!カイリューVSツンベアー!!, The Junior Cup Gets Underway! Dragonite VS Beartic!!) is the 42nd episode of Pokémon: BW Rival Destinies.


Finally arriving at Lacunosa Town, Ash and co. finally arrive for the World Tournament Junior Cup, where the winner will battle Alder. As they go there to register they found Alder talking to Cynthia outside having a conversation. Naturally, Ash's rival Trip is there with his newly evolved Serperior (since Ash's 3rd battle with him 59 episodes earlier) when his Servine evolved, and he's not going to be knocked out of the tournament that easy. But Trip's not the only rival that their friend Dawn meets who can be a pain in the neck exactly. That's right! And lookout everyone, here comes Iris' rival, Georgia, the Dragon Buster, and Cilan's rival, Burgundy, the C-Class Pokémon Connoisseur who doesn't like Dawn's Pokémon Coordinator personality when she's friends with Cilan. Now that Ash's friends and rivals are all here to enter (minus Luke, Bianca, and Stephan), who will come out on top? Round 1 begins now!

Episode plot

The heroes arrived at the Lacunosa Town and admire the stadium, where the Junior Cup will take place. Meloetta appears and is asked to cheer for all of them. Two guys accidentally push Ash, causing Meloetta to be scared off and disappear. They walk and spot Nurse Joy with Audino, thinking this is the Pokémon Center. They also encounter Alder, who tries to convince Cynthia to have lunch with him, who refuses. Dawn sees Alder and Ash goes to greet him, but Trip appears, enraged by Alder's personality. Alder tries to remember Trip's name, but Trip is not amused. Ash greets both of them, while Trip aims to win the Cup to have a chance to battle Alder himself. He aims to defeat Alder, claiming his title will be in the past.

Cynthia leaves, while Alder follows her. Dawn thinks he has a colorful personality. Suddenly, Georgia appears and immediately chides Iris. Iris replies she is a little kid, but Georgia clarifies Iris cannot lose before she battles her, even if she is not a Dragon Master yet. Ash tells Dawn Georgia is Iris' rival. Cilan goes away, but is stopped by Burgundy, who promises to crush him. Burgundy notices Dawn, who admits she is Cilan's friend. Burgundy yells at her, claiming Cilan will soon start his boring evaluations that will make everyone's ears fall off. Burgundy aims to prove she is a better Connoisseur than Cilan, then walks away. Dawn replies there are too many annoying people here.

Inside the stadium, Freddy O'Martian presents Alder, Unova's champion, who will fight the winner of the Cup. Alder greets everyone and reminds them to give their best, for he will wait for the challenge. Before the battle, Freddy presents two people, who will fight in the exhibition match: Caitlin of the Elite Four and Cynthia, Sinnoh's Champion. Cynthia greets Caitlin once more and gives her the chance to prove herself, for she trained well to become the Elite Four. Cynthia sends Garchomp and Caitlin, Gothitelle. The match is timed onto ten minutes. Caitlin admits it is an honor to battle Cynthia, as Gothitelle starts with Flatter, which confuses Garchomp. Gothitelle uses Psychic, causing Garchomp to be bashed onto the ground and wall.

Gothitelle goes to bash Garchomp onto the ceiling, who uses Dragon Rush to hit Gothitelle. Cynthia congratulates on Caitlin, who shows a lot of strength and courage. Caitlin admits her old self is gone, but feels her heart pounding again. Garchomp uses Draco Meteor, but is countered by Gothitelle's Thunderbolt. The attacks collide, causing a firework. They collide again, both use Brick Break. The match ends in a draw, as the ten minutes passed. Caitlin thanks Cynthia for the match, as she aims to present her battles with elegance and beauty. She hopes more battles from Cynthia, who wishes the same and shakes her hand. The audience favors both of them, while Freddy presents the challengers of the Cup.

The first battle is Burgundy vs. Trip, the former wishing to battle Cilan instead. Cilan is matched with Shepherd, while Ash will face Marris. Dawn will battle Ramon and Georgia will face Iris, both of them determined to crush each other. Meloetta appears among the audience, glad to see the upcoming battles. Burgundy battles Trip, as she sends Darmanitan against Serperior. Ash realizes Trip's Servine evolved. Burgundy announces her evaluation, but Trip simply orders Serperior to use Leer on Darmanitan. Burgundy calls this trickery, while Serperior uses Solar Beam, which defeats Darmanitan. Trip wins, while Burgundy calls Darmanitan back, annoyed she lost so easily. Ash admits that was quick for Trip to win. Trip, however, aims at defeating Alder.

Later, Manning's Heatmor defeats Kenton's Golett, while Cilan's Pansage defeats Shepherd's Galvantula. Simeon's Zebstrika is defeated by Horatio's Cinccino's Giga Impact. Ash sends Leavanny, whose Energy Ball defeats Marris' Karrablast. Geraldo's Reuniclus defeats Cassie's Sawsbuck with Thunderbolt, while Dawn's Piplup uses Drill Peck to defeat Ramone's Stoutland. Last are Iris and Georgia. Iris sends out Dragonite, making Georgia pleased to see that Iris has another Dragon Pokémon other than Axew. Georgia has Beartic start off with Hidden Power, but when Iris orders Dragonite to dodge, he instead deflects the attack. Georgia orders a Focus Blast, but Dragonite again does not listen to Iris, and simply stops the attack. Cilan deduces that Dragonite considers dodging too similar to running away.

Beartic uses back-to-back Ice Beams, and Dragonite ends up frozen solid, as he refuses to dodge or even use his super-effective Flamethrower attack. Cilan calls this reckless and that sees Iris and Dragonite are not compatible, while Ash wonders whether Dragonite even wants to win or not. Iris yells for Dragonite to be serious and battle. Dragonite breaks out of the ice and charges towards Beartic, who uses Blizzard. Dragonite powers through the move and uses Thunder Punch, instantly knocking out Beartic. Iris wins, so Georgia calls Beartic back. Iris, while glad, claims that Dragonite shouldn't be reckless. Georgia replies that she lost against Dragonite and lets Iris know that if she's to call herself a Dragon Master, she should use a Pokémon that will actually listen to her.

With the first round over, Ash inspires his friends to do their best in the second round.







"There sure are lots of pain in the necks around here."
"Lup. Pip-lup."


  • Who's that Pokémon?: Garchomp (U.S.)
  • Iris' Dragonite's personality of being reckless is the same as Ash's Charizard while battling Sparky in Friend and Foe Alike.
  • This episode marks the first time when two different rivals of Ash and co.'s (minus Dawn's) face each other off in a Pokémon Battle.
  • Caitlin is the only Unova Elite Four member to have appeared in the anime.