Episode Plot

Ash and co. finally arrive at the Virbank City port, but before he could challenge the Gym Leader, he, Iris and Cilan run into Luke and Zorua again (in a surprise way when Zorua impersonates Ash's personality). Apparently he's planning on entering the Pokéstar Studios Movie contest and wants Ash, Iris and Cilan to help making the greatest film about the Unova Defense Force against his rival film director Jules and his Krookodile. Will Luke's newest film be a smash hit? And why is Team Rocket after the mysterious Meloetta since it starts to follow Ash to the Virbank City Gym in the end?




  • The Mecha-Tyranitar from the upcoming Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2 makes its appearance in the anime.
  • Who's That Pokémon?: Krookodile (US)
  • At the beginning of Luke's film, Zorua appears and roars. This is a parody of the beginning of all M-G-M Studios movies, when a lion appears and roars twice.
  • Most of the movies mentioned in this episode are parodies of movies in real life, such as Dirty Herdier parodying Dirty Harry.
  • The movie seen in this episode is a parody of kaiju movies, which are popular in Japan. There are a number of Godzilla references in this episode as well, which are listed below.
      • Iris and Luke's Zorua play the twin priestesses of Pokémon Island, roles that are similar to the miniature priestesses of Infant Island in the Mothra movies, the Shobijin.
      • Cilan playing an evil alien controlling the Mecha Tyranitar is similar to a number of Godzilla movies in which variousdaikaiju were under the control of aliens bent on destroying Earth, including Destroy All Monsters.
      • The Mecha Tyranitar itself is a reference to Godzilla's longtime mechanical foe, Mechagodzilla.
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