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Dazzling the Nimbasa Gym! (ライモンジム!華麗(かれい)なる電撃(でんげき)バトル!! Nimbasa Gym! Magnificent Electric Shock Battle!!) is the 2nd of Pokémon: BW Rival Destinies.


The time has finally come. Ash vs. Elesa in a Pokémon Gym Battle. Ash tries to think of a strategy and comes up with one. Since Elesa uses Electric-Type Pokémon, and since Ground-Type Pokémon beat Electric-Types, Ash has decided to use only his Palpitoad during the battle and leave Pikachu out. Will Ash's strategy work, especially if Elesa's other two Pokémon have no weakness against Ground-types?

Episode plot

Ash plans his strategy against Elesa. Cilan admits it is not usual for Ash to do that, though it can't hurt to have a good strategy. Ash admits he has been relying too much on Pikachu, Oshawott, Tepig and the other Pokémon for a while in the Gym Battles, so he decides to use others, for a while. He contacts Prof. Juniper, telling he is preparing for his battle against Elesa. Juniper is excited, lending any Pokémon for Ash to switch. Later, they take the rail car through the Gym. Before the battle, Ash asks Cilan and Iris to watch over Pikachu, as he is not going to use him this time, making Pikachu sad. Ash comes to the battle field, where Elesa and her fans await. Elesa plans on dazzling the gym, including Ash, in this battle.

Elesa sends Zebstrika and Ash his Palpitoad. Elesa thinks it is not quite dazzling, but at least it is a smart decision to send Palpitoad. Palpitoad uses Mud Shot, but misses. Zebstrika uses Flame Charge, hitting Palpitoad twice. Iris knows Elesa is aware Fire-type moves won't be effective against Palpitoad, so Cilan senses she is after something else. Palpitoad uses Hydro Pump, but misses Zebstrika, for the Flame Charge boosted its speed. Zebstrika uses Double Kick twice, causing Palpitoad to be hit by one of the attacks. Palpitoad is getting dazed, making Elesa pleased her strategy worked. Zebstrika uses Quick Attack, which knocks Palpitoad down. However, it stands up and uses Supersonic, distracting Zebstrika. With Mud Shot and Hydro Pump, Palpitoad defeats Zebstrika.

Iris sees Ash will keep using Palpitoad, but Cilan worries, for Palpitoad took a lot of damage. Elesa plans on bringing Ash down, sending her Emolga. Palpitoad goes to use Supersonic, but Emolga uses Acrobatics, making Palpitoad drowsy, as it cannot keep with Emolga's movement, then gets hit. Emolga uses Attract, affecting Palpitoad, then defeating it with Aerial Ace. Ash is shocked, as he was counting on winning every battle with Palpitoad, making Iris and Cilan surprised. Ash is told to bring his next Pokémon, so runs off to switch another one. After some moments, he comes back and sends Snivy. Emolga and Snivy use Attract on each other, but it has no effect on either Pokémon.


UK- Electric Queen! - Pokémon- BW Rival Destinies - Official Clip

Ash deliberating over which Pokémon to use next.

Ash admits he forgot Snivy was a girl, making Iris and Cilan displeased he did not learn that. Ash still claims Snivy is still strong against Electric-moves. However, he gets shocked after being reminded Emolga is also a Flying-type Pokémon. Snivy uses Vine Whip, but Emolga dodges. Snivy uses Leaf Blade, but misses. She uses Leaf Storm, but Emolga does not seem to be hurt and retaliates with Acrobatics. Pikachu becomes enraged, as he releases electricity from this excitement. Emolga uses Aerial Ace, defeating Snivy, while Pikachu releases more electricity. Ash is getting confused and frustrated, as he does not have any quality Pokémon to battle. Pikachu electrocutes him, pointing at himself to battle. Ash admits he was wrong, thinking he may do this battle by himself, but forgot he is useless without the help of his Pokémon.

He asks Pikachu to help him in this battle, making Pikachu glad. Ash sends Pikachu, so Iris and Cilan realize he did a good thing to realize his mistake. Pikachu uses Electro Ball, countered by Emolga's Electro Ball. Using Quick Attack, Pikachu defeats Emolga. Elesa calls her back and admits Ash shines very brightly with these moves, so decides to shine even brighter to win. She sends her queen, Tynamo, making the heroes surprised at that. Elesa's Tynamo uses Tackle, which hits Pikachu at an amazing speed, binding him to the wall. Pikachu comes out, but gets tackled more and more by Tynamo. Pikachu is still determined to battle, so Elesa recognizes the sparkle in them.

Tynamo goes to Tackle, but Pikachu repeatedly uses Thunderbolt on the ground. Elesa wonders what they are up to, even if she recognizes their hearts being as one. Tynamo speeds up to Tackle Pikachu, who dodges and retaliates using Iron Tail. Tynamo is binded to the wall, defeated, so Ash wins. Elesa comes to Ash, claiming she remembered that the bond between trainer and Pokémon is more important than the grand display. For this victory, Elesa gives Ash the Bolt Badge. Ash places it in his badge case, but wonders which city should he go to next. Elesa advises him to go to Driftveil City. Ash heads there, but Elesa reminds him the bridge has not been repaired yet. Ash admits he is a bit hungry, betting he could eat more than Pikachu.






  • This is the only time Ash battles an Electric Gym Leader without having a rematch.
  • This is the first time Ash switched his team during a Gym Battle.
  • Professor Oak's Live Caster: Zorua
  • Who's That Pokémon?: Zebstrika (Japan), Tynamo (US).