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Enter Elesa, Electrifying Gym Leader! (ジムリーダーはカリスマモデル!カミツレ登場(とうじょう)!! The Gym Leader is a Charisma Model! Elesa Appears!!) is the 1st episode of Pokémon: BW Rival Destinies.


After the events that occurred at the Battle Subway cause of Team Rocket, Ash and co. made their way back to Nimbasa City the next day. Now it's time for Ash to challenge the Nimbasa City Gym and they have a run into Bianca again (in her usual way). They soon realize the Gym is closed since the Gym Leader wasn't there and saw a note on the door. After they read it, it turns out the Gym Leader, Elesa, (the Super Model) was busy with the Unova fashion show, but after seeing a Pikachu in person up close, she introduces herself and accepts Ash and Bianca's Gym Challenge. After the fashion show, as Bianca's Gym Battle was about to begin, her father appears and wants to bring her home, but Bianca refuses to go back home. The battle goes under-way and Bianca lost. Will she continue on her journey or go home?

Episode plot

As the heroes are at Nimbasa City's Gym, Bianca runs to them and accidentally pushes Ash into a fountain. Bianca goes to the Gym, having an appointment for the battle, but Ash claims he came here first. Iris wonders who the Gym Leader is, so Bianca shows her a magazine featuring Elesa, who is also a role model. However, they notice a note, in which states Elesa is at a fashion show. Bianca reads the magazine and decides to go to the fashion show to see Elesa. Cilan advises Ash to go as well, for he might learn more about Elesa before the Gym Battle. The heroes and Bianca see her presenting the new clothes, being a model. During her walk, she notices Pikachu. Elesa jumps to Ash to admire Pikachu. The heroes introduce themselves and explain Ash and Bianca came to challenge Elesa. Elesa decides to do that after the fashion show. They enter the Gym and see a rail car. Figuring they need to ride it to get to the battlefield, the heroes and Bianca enter it. The rail car starts and the heroes and Bianca go through loops across the Gym.

After stopping, they encounter Elesa. Elesa decides to challenge Bianca first, making Ash annoyed he did not make an appointment. However, Elesa presents Bianca's father, who asks Bianca to come home with him. Bianca refuses and decides to pursue her dream to enter the Unova League by challenging Elesa. Bianca's father tells her the journey is too dangerous. Elesa advises she can test Bianca's skills in this battle, so Bianca promises if she loses, she will come home. Ash tells her to think over her promise, but Bianca is determined not to lose. They enter the battlefield, where crowds of Elesa's fans have come to watch the battle. When the battle starts, Elesa sends out Zebstrika as her first Pokémon, and Bianca her newly-caught Shelmet. Unfortunately, due to the Snail Pokémon's inexperience in battle, Zebstrika successfully dodges its Acid and Energy Ball attacks and defeats it by using Double Kick and Flame Charge.

Bianca calls Shelmet back and sends out Minccino as her second Pokémon. Minccino uses Double Slap, though Zebstrika evades it. Minccino tries with Swift, but Zebstrika dodges and hits him with Flame Charge. Minccino manages to inflict considerable to Zebstrika by using Hyper Voice, but is eventually defeated after Zebstrika uses Flame Charge and Double Kick. Now down to her last Pokémon, Bianca summons her Pignite, determined to win the battle. She has Pignite use Flamethrower, but misses. Zebstrika uses Double Kick, though Pignite moves away and uses his own Flame Charge, hitting Zebstrika. Pignite uses Flamethrower against Zebstrika's Flame Charge, but fails and gets hit. He manages to dodge Double Kick and uses Heat Crash on Zebstrika, impressing Elesa. Pignite uses Flamethrower, but Zebstrika moves away and hits Pignite with Flame Charge. Ultimately, Elesa commands her Zebstrika to use Wild Charge, which collides with Pignite and causes a huge blast in the process. When the smoke clears, Pignite is revealed to have been defeated by the impact.

Thus, Elesa is declared the winner of the battle, leaving Bianca devastated. The heroes, Bianca and her father, go out of the Gym. Before going home, Bianca sends Shelmet, who does not feel good. Iris gives Shelmet some medicine, making it feel better. Elesa comes as well, telling they should go to the Pokémon Center, as Zebstrika also needs to be healed. At the Center, Nurse Joy goes to heal the Pokémon, while others eat Cilan's lunch. They all compliment Cilan for such a fine taste. After lunch, Bianca's father prepares to take his daughter home. Feeling sorry for Bianca, Ash asks her father why he wants his daughter to come home. Bianca's father explains that he fears Bianca is not ready for a journey and is likely to run into trouble (citing the recent Pokémon Center thefts as an example). Although he supports his daughter's decision to go on a journey, he wants his daughter to be calmer and fully understand her Pokémon before doing so. As he and Bianca leave, Cilan suggests Ash to convince Bianca's father by challenging him to a battle.

Bianca's father accepts on the condition that Ash must return to Pallet Town if he loses. Ash is shocked by the high stakes, but accepts the deal regardless. Elesa tells she will act as the judge. Bianca's father admires Ash's courage, claiming he was called the "Red Meteor" as a trainer. He sends Darmanitan, while Oshawott comes out, wanting to battle. Darmanitan uses Flamethrower, hitting Oshawott, who uses Water Gun. Darmanitan dodges the attack and hits Oshawott back with Fire Punch, canceling his Tackle move. Oshawott uses Razor Shell, but misses. Oshawott uses Aqua Jet, dodging Darmanitan's Fire Punch and hitting it. Bianca's father is pleased, as he can battle a strong opponent, making him more decisive. Darmanitan uses Fire Punch, attacking Oshawott, followed with Flame Charge. Bianca asks Ash to stop the battle, as she does not want to be the reason Ash has to go back to Pallet Town. Ash tells the battle is not over yet.

Bianca's father does not know what is it to Ash whether Bianca should continue her journey or go back home. Ash tells him Bianca is their friend, as they met each other a bunch of times and have done much together. Oshawott uses Aqua Jet against Darmanitan's Flare Blitz. They collide with each other, but Oshawott loses. Bianca's father calls Darmanitan back, while Ash calls Oshawott back and falls on his knees. Bianca's father wishes Ash and Bianca to get stronger, as he wants them both to continue their journeys. Bianca thanks them, but heads for the Desert Resort. Iris notices Bianca's bag lying, so her father picks it up and runs to catch up with Bianca. Elesa comes to Ash, informing him she will battle him tomorrow.





Wild Charge


"I'm tingling all over!" - Elesa, after noticing Ash's Pikachu
"A Pikachu! Never seen one up close. Wow, you shine like the sun. Is this your Pikachu?" - Elesa, admiring Ash's Pikachu
"Yeah. My name's Ash." - Ash
"Well, son, I worry that she'll get into trouble like she did back at the Pokémon Center, when all of her Pokémon were stolen. Maybe after she learns how to exercise better judgment. It's not that I'm opposed to her going on a journey at all. Contact with Pokémon is one of the ways a Trainer grows, but Bianca has some growing to do first. My opinion is, after Bianca settles down a bit, a new journey might just be the thing she needs." - Bianca's father


  • Professor Oak's Live Caster: Archen
  • Who's that Pokémon?: Shelmet (U.S.)
  • The intro of the episodes uses clips from episodes that had yet to appear in the US.
  • This episode has some similarities with the previous ones, like:


  • During the battle against Bianca's father, Ash told Oshawott to use Shell Blade instead of Razor Shell.