Team Rocket vs. Team Plasma! (Part 1) (ロケット団VSプラズマ団!(前編)) is the skipped 23rd episode of Pokémon: Black & White.


Giovanni arrives in Unova and assembles his team in the Relic Castle. Jessie fires a gun powered by the meteorite stolen from Nacrene City which activates the Meteonite. Ash and his friends arrive with Looker and Professor Juniper and get into Team Rocket's dealings undercover. However, Team Plasma appears on the scene as well, and they too have their sights set on the Meteonite, with Pikachu also being too weak to deal with the issue.


  • This episode got postponed indefinitely because of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. Although TV Tokyo has stated that unlike an Advanced Generation episode that was canceled entirely, that it would be broadcast and that it would be announced on the site when decided, such broadcast has never occurred, and since then, the promise to air the episode was deleted from their website.
    • As of Team Plasma's Pokémon Power Plot!, the events of this and the second part have been written out of the story of the series, although subsequent DVD printings bring up this episode's preview instead of the one for the episode that actually followed, implying plans to still broadcast this special in the future, and that this episode will fall in between episodes 22 and 25 on the main story of the series. The 25th episode, Battling for the Love of Bug-Types! also had text onscreen during its first airing in Japan that this two part special will be moved to another date in the future, however such a thing has never come to pass.
  • According to Tom Wayland on Twitter, The Pokémon Company International received both this unaired episode and the following unaired episode. He also said in the same tweet that he has seen it, although the episodes were not dubbed as a result of them being postponed.
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