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A Connoisseur's Revenge! (ソムリエ対決!イシズマイVSフタチマル!! A Connoisseur Showdown! Dwebble VS Dewott!!) is the 19th episode of Pokémon: Black & White.


After meeting Burgh and catching a Sewaddle, Ash and co. take a stop at a Poké Mart to stock up on supplies. There Ash learns more about Pokémon Connoisseurs and waits in line to get his compatibility tested. He is then pulled into a shop by a girl named Burgundy who says that all of his Pokémon are horrible just because they attacked her because they think Ash is a great Trainer even though she doesn't think so. Iris and Cilan find Ash and Burgundy, who apparently has an axe to grind with Cilan for beating her at the Striaton Gym. Who will win the rematch?

Episode plot

As the heroes continue onward, they see a new Poké Mart, thinking it is recently opened, and go check it out. They enter the Mart and admire how big it is, thinking it has all Pokémon-related goods. Iris admires the accessories, while a woman offers her to buy a Dragon Gem for her Axew. Iris declines and goes to check other things, while Ash sees a line. Cilan explains to Ash they are waiting for a Connoisseur to check the bond between a Trainer and Pokémon. He clarifies there are C, B, A and S-class Connoisseurs, with Cilan being rank A. Ash sees the Connoisseur is a girl. Cilan advises Ash to get more feedback, so he chooses to have a check-up with his Sewaddle, while Cilan goes to buy more food.

Ash goes in the line, but sees it is a long one. However, a girl offers him to go with her, her being a Connoisseur. She lets Ash into her room and introduces herself as Burgundy. Ash introduces himself and tells he is on a journey. Burgundy tells she already senses Pikachu is well taken care of, but Ash was wondering about an another Pokémon, sending Sewaddle. Burgundy analyzes Sewaddle and replies it is the worst partner. She thinks he'd be better off with a Sewaddle with Chlorophyll rather than Swarm ability. Ash wonders why, causing Burgundy to be insulted by that question. She tells that he should catch a different bug. Sewaddle is angry and uses String Shot on Burgundy, wrapping her head. Ash calls Sewaddle back and goes away. However, Burgundy stops him, wanting to check more Pokémon, as he wants to become a Pokémon Master.

Ash sends Snivy, though Burgundy sees Snivy has no taste nor style. She goes to taste Snivy, who uses Vine Whip, hitting her tongue. Ash sends Tepig, who smiles. Burgundy tells she cannot analyze a Pokémon that just sits and smiles, causing Tepig to use Ember on her. Oshawott comes out and tries to befriend Burgundy, who tells it is just childish and is a waste of her time. This causes Oshawott to soak Burgundy with Water Gun. Ash sends out Scraggy, but Burgundy thinks it smells like an old shoe. Scraggy headbutts Burgundy, who tells all of Ash's Pokémon are useless. Ash remembers she told Pikachu was unique. Burgundy tells he is not cute as in the books, causing Pikachu to electrocute her. Burgundy is displeased, telling Ash he should completely change his team. Ash knows she is wrong, though Burgundy tells he should, as he wants to earn Badges and win the League.

Cilan and Iris appear, as they were looking for Ash. Burgundy notices Cilan and screams. Cilan remembers Burgundy, as she challenged him in Striaton Gym. Burgundy knows Cilan insulted her and her Pokémon after losing to him in the Gym. Cilan does not remember he said such things, though Burgundy was motivated to become a Connoisseur. She came back to the Gym, only to be told by Chili and Cress that Cilan was absent. She admits she tracked him down so she could have her revenge. Cilan tells despite that, they can't have a Gym battle here. Burgundy has hopes after defeating Cilan to have her own Connoisseur shop, though is shocked after being told this is not her shop. Burgundy tells she is a C-class Connoisseur, though Cilan knows such class are assistants to higher ranks.

Burgundy still states Ash should change his team. Cilan claims Ash has a powerful bond with his Pokémon and tells Burgundy she shouldn't judge, based on a Pokémon's manners. Burgundy feels insulted and challenges Cilan to a battle, wanting to prove she is a better Connoisseur than Cilan is. Outside, Cilan and Burgundy face each other, though Iris thinks the battle is going to be a pain. Burgundy sends Dewott, while Cilan sends out Dwebble. Burgundy analyzes Dwebble, thinking Cilan was unwise to send a Rock-type against a Water-type Pokémon. Cilan replies she and Dewott will taste what they have to offer. Burgundy and Cilan tell each other the winner will prove the loser their own statements were correct. Burgundy also points out if she wins, Ash has to change his team. Cilan accepts this, shocking Ash, though Iris feels Cilan has a full-proof plan. Ash is still disappointed as he is dragged into this conflict.

Dewott starts with Water Gun, though Dwebble protects itself. Dewott uses Fury Cutter, though Dwebble protects itself. Though Iris and Ash see Dwebble is defending, Iris wonders what is Cilan planning. Dewott uses Water Pulse, hitting Dwebble. However, Dwebble is still ready to battle, as Cilan reveals its ability is Sturdy. Dwebble uses Shell Smash, followed with X-Scissor. Dewott uses Razor Shell, but gets defeated by Dwebble. Burgundy sees Cilan used a Pokémon with type disadvantage to teach her a lesson. Cilan replies a Connoisseur's job is to notice a Pokémon's unique skill and judge it based on those skills. Burgundy sends Sawsbuck, while Cilan calls Dwebble back and sends Pansage.

Cilan sees Burgundy has strength and courage, but needs to be refined. Sawsbuck starts with Horn Leech, though Pansage digs, avoiding the attack. Burgundy knows Cilan has a trick, who reveals what the trick is. Pansage emerges and digs again, dodging Sawsbuck's Jump Kick. Pansage comes out and uses Bullet Seed, hitting Sawsbuck. Cilan tells sometimes one needs to attack from front and back. Pansage comes out, so Sawsbuck uses Megahorn, who is defeated by Solar Beam. Burgundy calls Sawsbuck back, displeased she was defeated. Ash and Iris see Cilan is much stronger than they anticipated.

Later, Cilan admits to Burgundy she can be a good Connoisseur if she develops herself. Burgundy replies back she is tired of his lectures and goes to become a S-class Connoisseur. Cilan is glad to hear that, annoying Burgundy, who runs off. Cilan tells to Ash and Iris becoming a C-class Connoisseur is no small feat. Cilan is still pleased to see a spark in Burgundy, while Ash advises the same to Pikachu at Castelia City Gym.







"I defeated Chili and earned your Gym's badge already. All I care about now is beating you and taking my place as a top class connoisseuse! Then I'll become world-famous and I'll finally be able to open up my own connoisseuse shop!" - Burgundy
"Hold on. Are you saying this isn't your connoisseuse shop, Burgundy?" - Ash
"Huh?" - Burgundy
"Exactly what class of connoisseur are you, then?" - Cilan
"Well, I'm a C-class at the moment. What of it?" - Burgundy
"That's so odd. C-class is only the beginner's class. According to the association rules, you're only allowed to work as an assistant to A-class connoisseurs and above." - Cilan
"So you were lying when you said my Pokémon compatibility was no good!" - Ash
"No way! Any connoisseur would've said the same thing I did! You need a complete Pokémon overhaul!" -Burgundy
"There's no need for that." - Cilan
"Huh?" - Burgundy
"I think Ash has an excellent relationship with his Pokémon." - Cilan
"Cha." - Pikachu
"Thanks." - Ash
"This is a real Connoisseur battle! I've never seen one before!" - Ash
"Burgundy, your battle style reflects a fine blend of strength and courage, but it will be some time before that recipe has been refined and developed into one that is destined to become a true timeless classic." - Cilan
"All this recipe talk makes me angry and hungry!" - Burgundy
"Cilan, that was sneaky!" - Burgundy
"Sometimes it is necessary to attack from the front, and sometimes you must approach from the back." - Cilan


  • Professor Oak's Live Caster: Dwebble
  • The "Who's That Pokémon?" is Dewott.


  • After Ash had sent out Scraggy, he never called Scraggy back. Later on, Scraggy wasn't there with him.
  • When Sawsbuck used Jump Kick and missed, it did not take recoil.