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Epilogue: Graduation Ceremony is the 2nd chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 55.


With Team Plasma's defeat, the students of Aspertia City's Pokémon School go on with their lives, enriched by new experiences to pursue new dreams.

Chapter plot

Few days after the conflict, Whitley visits Rood, who is in the detention center of the international police. Whitley is glad to see him, who asks if Whitley had encountered any trouble. Whitley denies, for Hugh and Blake have been silent about her involvement with Team Plasma. While she is continuing to visit her school classes, Hugh and Blake have not been seen in school for these past few days. Rood closes his eyes, thankful that at least she or her mother are not experiencing any consequences. Whitley asks what will happen to N: Rood answers that he'll be released after his detainment period is over and lead the remains of Team Plasma, under the police's supervision. Rood confirms that N's wishes are to return to his castle and return the liberated Pokémon to their trainers. Whitley recalls that N's words were that he'd first return Purrloin, the first Pokémon that has been liberated.

Whitley asks Rood why did N shelter himself with the Champion, during the two-year period. Rood remembers Gorm saying it was N's attempt to solve the unsolvable; when Alder first fought N, he didn't try to win that battle. N asked the question to Alder, who was unable to answer it. Alder simply wondered if it was good for the Pokémon to battle against N, who could hear their voices. In fact, Alder even thought at a time that it was good that Team Plasma was liberating Pokémon, much to Whitley's shock. Iris and Gorm were bewildered by the response, too, while N became curious about Alder's response. It was because N understood that Alder understood Pokémon, without having N's ability to hear their voices. Rood adds that one of Alder's Pokémon died of a sickness. Team Plasma knew of this secret, and spread the word quickly, making it seem that Alder's harsh training caused that Pokémon's death.

The word spread out, even to Alder, who even believed these words. Rood makes it clear that even if the fact was unfounded, and that the Pokémon suffered of an incurable unavoidable disease, Alder nevertheless began to doubt himself. In fact, Alder could only guess what the Pokémon felt and thought, despite having commanded it with respect, and in the end, Alder refused to bear his duty as a Champion. Nevertheless, Rood is pleased that N and Alder corrected each other's prejudices and found respect for each other; they trusted one other to defeat Team Plasma. Whitley also asks about Ghetsis, to which Rood responds that nobody is at ease, even if he is locked away, for he can taint people and Pokémon with his words. Rood reminds Whitley that there are still many people that oppress Pokémon, and she should not stray away, but rather stay true to herself, which makes her a bit sad.

Blake, elsewhere, is offered to return to international police as an officer. His boss reminds that arresting Colress was a bonus, along with the Seven Sages. Thus, he wants Blake to continue attending the Pokémon School, until his next task. Blake accepts the proposal, and bows down in gratitude. As Blake leaves the room, another person comes in, to whom the boss points out even if Blake was dismissed as an officer, he still pursued the goal to arrest the criminals. Despite their experiments, Blake was still successful in his mission, and the boss reminds they have to hold that into account to declare this mission as a success. As Blake reunites with Looker, the boss believes they should also take in acknowledgement that Looker was also crucial in this task, as Blake was his former superintendent.

The man also asks about Colress, who could offer his expertise for the research, in return for his limited freedom. The boss is uncertain, as negotiations are quite hard with this man, even if he is bound down to a chair. The boss asks the man that he could do the alternative plan, a case assigned to Colress involving Alola region, around next March. The man accepts, and puts on his hat: he plans on continuing being the Magician, codenamed Black-One. At Hugh's house, Hugh's sister visits him, who asks of her to tell the three annoying girls that he is not here. His sister denies, for this is about Leo. Hugh comes at the door, where Leo greets him, and asks if they could go to school together. Hugh reminds Leo that the latter lives at the dorm, while Hugh has decided not to attend the school, for he dropped out in October. Leo reminds that is not an official decision, since he only told Cheren, but Hugh does not change his mind about that.

In a quick moment, Leo and Hugh's sister push Hugh. Maya sends out her Pelipper and Jigglypuff, causing Hugh to fall into its mouth, where Jigglypuff sings a song to put him to sleep. With Hugh down, the group immediately goes to school. Once there, Hugh emerges out of Pelipper's mouth, annoyed at the girls for dragging him there. The girls admit they feel bad that Hugh won't accept his apology: they treated him badly without knowing the reason behind Hugh's vengeance. The girls asks "Hughy" to come back to school, making him blush. Hugh admits he has been treating them badly, too, at times, and apologizes. He wants to return to school tomorrow, but the girls shove him out, as he can attend the school today. Blake comes to the school as well, which makes Leo glad that everyone is here, except for Whitley, who has not returned yet. The girls describe that a talent scout arrived and took Whitley to the PokéStar Studios. Blake admits he has been invited, too.

There, Whitley continues to act in "Mystery Doors of the Magical Land", "Red Fog of Terror" and "Full Metal Cop". Stu Deeoh is amazed by her acting talent, with White assisting him. White continues to browse through the costumes, while Whitley asks her what will she do. Much to her surprise, she is told she can be a movie actress. As Whitley continues to act, she begins to think she can turn this into her permanent job, as acting is fun to her. However, a moment later, she declines, as she has something to do first. White assumes Whitley is growing closer to fulfill her dream. White is a bit disappointed, since she wanted her and Blake to star as "Foongus Girl" and "Dewott Kid", yet he also refused.

Still, she lets it know that Blake returned to his officer duty, which makes Whitley happy. As Stu Deeoh sees he has to find an actress (with a man substituting for Blake), Whitley is still under impression of Blake being reinstituted. Moments before the graduation ceremony, Black visits Cheren with his BW agency logo shirt. Much to Cheren's displeasure, Black wants to enroll in the school, to learn more before re-entering the Pokémon League. Black already shouts out his dream on the stage, announcing his first opponent will be Gym Leader Cheren. Meanwhile, Blake announces he will leave Unova region in three months. Maya, Yuuki and Yuko are sad, but Blake promises to write them letters.

Whitley observes them talking, and hears Hugh mentioning that she'll go with N to return the liberated Pokémon to their trainers. Hugh points out she does not have to choose such a difficult path. Still, he remarks that if someone will accuse her, he will always vouch that she did not do anything wrong. Whitley smiles a bit, but she is focused on Blake, who referred to her by name, not as a "transfer student". Just as Blake passes by, Whitley gets his attention, asking if he has been positioned to ex-ex-superintendent. Blake corrects her that he is just the superintendent. Whitley blushes a bit, since she should refer to Blake by his name, and promises to do just that the next time they meet. Blake reminds if they do meet, he won't be named "Blake" anymore. Whitley understands that, to which Blake smiles, offering that she could refer to him by his name starting right now. Whitley gulps, then takes Blake's hand to attend the graduation ceremony together.

During the ceremony, the students laugh, cheer and sing a song, whereas Black, White, Hugh's sister, Roxie, Iris and Alder sit on a bench, watching this glorious event. Blake, Whitley, Hugh, Benga, as well as Maya, Yuuki and Yuko throw their caps in the air, to symbolize their graduation. As some time has passed, at a house, a man explains that they can do whatever they want with "it", since he captured "it" as everyone else had them, and he released it after hearing the speech. Once the man closes the door, Whitley and N regroup with Anthea and Concordia. N senses Foongy's thoughts: it is glad that it did not return to its trainer, for Whitley belongs to her. Foongy poses, and hugs Whitley, who is very happy about this. However, she is a bit shocked, as he didn't say that he belonged to Whitley, but Whitley belongs to him. The rest smile as they continue on.

The magician and a man watch this situation unfold, before the former mentions the plane is ready. The magician points out he could greet them, but the man, Colress, bluntly states they should go. The two men turn around and walk away from the group, with Whitley being content about fulfilling her goal.