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The Final Battle: Crushed Ambition (- ) is a chapter Pokémon Adventures manga.


To conclude the threat of Team Plasma, Blake goes off to confront Colress,whereas Whitley joins forces with N and Hugh aboard the Plasma Frigate, while Black, White and Iris attempt to stop Kyurem. Blake struggles in his battle against Colress, who uses a special Genesect to counter his moves. On the other hand, Kyurem fires an icy blast on the Plasma Frigate, which severely damages it, including people on that ship. Ghetsis, however, tries his last attempt to escape, leaving others to rerout the ship before it crashes into N's Castle near the Pokémon League, which puts thousands of "liberated" Pokémon at the risk of losing their lives...

Chapter plot

In an airplane, Elesa receives a call from Clay, and is told to change the course to Undella Town. Before that, Elesa asks of Skyla to land at Striaton City. She goes to do so, until a Genesect quickly passes by the front of the airplane; Blake chases Colress, as the two guys ride on their Genesect. Leo and Looker fall down as the airplane stops, and the two witness Blake going after Colress. Immediately, Looker opens the door, asking of Leo to inform Elesa and Skyla that he is following Blake. Using a jetpack, Looker follows Blake. The latter is surprised to see Looker, but reminds that he is no longer his superintendent. Looker does not care about that - instead, he passes Blake's Dewott, Gliscor and Kabutops to him. Blake is happy about that, and Looker admits he is still by Blake's side, even if he is not an officer.

In that moment, Looker gets hit; Colress' Genesect fired a beam to hit him. Colress is a bit displeased he couldn't get rid of both Looker and Blake in one attack, considering he has to fly, too. Fortunately, Looker unfolds his parachute, and wishes Blake luck in defeating Colress. When he looks down, Looker does not identify the place, and realizes there's a huge Pokémon down near the flying ship. Whitley runs to stop Kyurem from attacking the Plasma Frigate, but Kyurem starts powering up. In that moment, Black's Brav intercepts its attack, followed with Iris' Haxorus and White's Pokémon. White calls to Whitley, and gives her Gigi, who is N's Pokémon, to let her see her trainer. Whitley is surprised to hold her, while Whitley reminds Gigi has a strong sense of smell, and should detect where N is located. As White and others continue the battle, her Sally warps Whitley into the Plasma Frigate.

Inside, Whitley is looking forward to work with "Lady" Gigi, who starts tracking N down. She smells N behind a wall, but Whitley does not see any door that leads inside. Just then, Hugh screams, to find Whitley here. Whitley is in shock, thinking Hugh will think of her as an enemy to be in this place. Whitley starts to cry, but Hugh bows down, apologizing what he said in Undella Town. He realizes Whitley is not the enemy he was seeking, and promises not to be antagonistic towards her from now on. Whitley sees he is also searching for N, but Hugh asks her first to wipe her nose. Hugh explains he also has to see N, but not to fight him. Instead, he explains that Rood told him that N knows where his sister's Purrloin is. He came here, as Whitley's mom told him that N was taken prisoner aboard the ship. Whitley is touched, and snouts her nose.

She explains that N is beyond the wall, but she doesn't see any entrance to it. Hugh thinks that she can carve a hole in the wall, by having her Tepig use Flamethrower at it. However, Gigi is not strong enough to do that, while Whitley is offended that Hugh thinks Gigi is her Pokémon. As the Team Plasma grunts arrive, Hugh goes to battle them, leaving Whitley to find a way to open the wall. As Whitley ponders what to do, her Foongy shows her the Accelgor she obtained. Looking at her Pokédex, Whitley smiles, for knows what to do. She slams her Poké Ball into the wall. However, she presses Accelgor to the wall to use Acid Spray, as she is not used to being a trainer that commands her Pokémon. As Hugh has stopped the battle, he looks back, seeing that Whitley managed to open the wall. He is grateful that she did that, but starts to blush to see Whitley hovering over N's unconscious body.

Whitley goes to gently wake him up, but Gigi falls on his belly, rudely waking him up. N opens his eyes, seeing Gigi came to save him, who becomes smug towards Whitley. N looks at Whitley, who starts to blush, while Hugh giggles. N realizes Whitley is one of Team Plasma's forces that liberated Pokémon, who looked up to her. Whitley blushes, while Foongy starts to react. N senses its feelings, and explains that Foongy would be worried if it didn't look after Whitley, which makes her cringe. Hugh rolls on the floor, laughing, which makes N wonder who he is. Hugh becomes serious, and introduces himself, stating he came to retake Purrloin that was liberated two years ago. N understands, and exclaims that will be the first Pokémon that will be returned. Whitley becomes surprised, until the ship starts to shake. N promises to return Purrloin, but reminds they need to stop Ghetsis first.

Outside, as everyone is battling Kyurem, they see the Plasma Frigate reacting. In Undella Town, Cedric Juniper and Bianca ride the former's Samurott to the Marine Tube's entrance. Samurott starts to slice the ice, and is assisted with Bianca's Oshawott and Lampent. On the other side, Benga has Volcarona and Pignite attempt to melt off the ice. Cheren is surprised that Benga has Pignite, and asks does it know the "Pledge" move. Benga confirms this, and Cheren sees it could combine with Grass Pledge. The students tell Cheren they hear something strange. Cheren activates his Xtransciver, and sees Bianca on the line. The latter is happy, and tells Cedric they are beyond the block of ice. Without further ado, Cedric's Samurott and Bianca's Oshawott use Water Pledge, while Benga's Pignite use Fire Pledge and Cheren's Servine use Grass Pledge.

The ice shatters, pleasing the students inside the tube that they are free. Bianca runs to Cheren and hugs him, for she was very worried about him. Cheren is happy, too, but blushes to see the female students looking at him hugging Bianca affectionately. Cheren asks Cedric for the status, and is told that the Kyurem has fused with Reshiram, and is moving towards the ship, though the four students that were missing are reported to be safe. Bianca tells him that they are Hugh, Leo, Blake and Whit- but before she could continue, Bianca gives Cheren the good news: Black has returned. Meanwhile, Colress belittles Blake for how inferior his Genesect is. Colress claims Blake has no chance to win. Suddenly, Colress stops, as he gets stabbed by Keldemaru's horn.

Colress stops, as Kelden hit him directly in his chest. However, Kelden goes to attack once more, but Blake protests, as it is too early to attack. Distracted, Kelden gets hit by Genesect's blast. Colress starts speaking how Kelden is free-minded, and should be taught some manner of obedience. He pulls out the broken Reveal Glass, which stopped the impact, claiming it is now garbage. Still, he smiles, for he is not in trouble: Ghetsis' underlings are now in trouble with the item being broken. Thus, the Weather Trio's effects subside, causing Thundurus, Tornadus and Landorus to revert to their original forms. The Shadow Triad is displeased with this outcome, while Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion push away the Legendary Trio with their swords. The Shadow Triad is defeated, while the Legendary Swords watch the Weather Trio depart away.

Terrakion comments that these three Pokémon are just the same as they are, as long as they are not captured by humans. Suddenly, Cobalion looks to the sky; as a bird passes by, Cobalion comments "they" are coming. Cobalion and Virizion are confused, while Terrakion adds that everything will soon be settled. Meanwhile, the Plasma Frigate flies up, and inside, the concerned Whitley, N and angry Hugh continue battling the Team Plasma forces. N asks of two grunts not to stand in their way. The grunts wonder what to do, considering Colress flew away. In a moment, they continue to pledge their service to Lord Ghetsis, and proclaim as long as he is standing, they will never lose. On closer look, Hugh realizes that these two grunts were the two people that took Purrloin from him five years ago. Hugh becomes furious, and has Vibrava continue attacking.

Their Zweilous is defeated by Vibrava, causing the grunts to retreat. Hugh turns to N and Whitley, asking them to continue without him, as he goes to pursue these two people. Whitley and N are concerned, and in this point, Foongy leaps near Hugh. N senses that Foongy wants to join Hugh in pursuing these people, but staying out of danger, and once victorious, he should regroup with the rest. Hugh nervously smiles, while N realizes Foongy wants of N to protect Whitley while it is gone. Whitley becomes hysterical that Foongy is being so impolite, but calms down when N holds her hand. N takes Whitley and Gigi through the portal to find his father, and are warped to a room with a strange person.

N and Whitley encounter Alder and Looker, the former to whom N refers to as "Gramps". Whitley and Alder are bewildered, while N recalls that Alder did ask him not to call him that, considering Alder feels old when referred to like that. At any rate, he reports that they have fought Ghetsis, but he has escaped somewhere. N asks about Looker, whom Alder describes as the International Police officer, who landed on the ship. Looker, however, fails to shush Alder, as not to reveal the identity. Whitley wonders if he is the coworker of the superintendent, which surprises Looker. Looker starts mumbling, while Gigi is sniffing around the area. N presses a button, opening a secret door.

N goes inside the secret room, where Ghetsis is standing, on top of many Poké Balls and his defeated Hydreigon; he mutters how he is still alive. Whitley is in shock to see so many Poké Balls, whom Ghetsis describes as the Pokémon that have been liberated from ignorant people. N refuses to believe that, since the plan was to manipulate people's feelings, tricking them into releasing Pokémon. Ghetsis is disappointed, since N was part of that plan. N admits his mistake, and is why he won't run away from the responsibility to truly listen to the Pokémon's voices and liberate them from Team Plasma's clutches, returning them to their trainers. Ghetsis sees N is making a point that there's a difference between trainers that leave Pokémon in Poké Balls or the storage system and him.

However, Ghetsis admits he is using them for his "dream", which is still better. Alder stops N from making a single step, while Looker announces he, as a member of the International Police, will arrest Ghetsis. Ghetsis waves his cane, for he refuses to be captured: he would rather be defeated than to be captured, bearing the shame that he failed to succeed in achieving his dream. A self-destruct mechanism is activated. Elsewhere, Hugh continues battling the two Team Plasma grunts, who are overwhelmed by his power. Hugh is furious at them, and yells at them not to give up so easily. Having no Pokémon left, a grunt sends one of the liberated Pokémon, Snivy, out. However, Snivy is too troubled and latches onto Hugh's leg to surrender. The grunts are bewildered, and surrender too, which makes Hugh even more angry that they won't fight anymore.

In that moment, an explosion rocks the Plasma Frigate. Black and White scream, thinking N and Whitley got hurt. The ship's hull is damaged, and causes Poké Balls to fall down through a crack. Upon seeing this, Kyurem fires an icy wave to form a slide, for all Poké Balls roll down next to Black, Iris and White. Inside the ship, Hugh is quite hurt, though he wonders what happened to N and Whitley. He looks at Foongy and Snivy; he places them into Eelektross' claws, asking of it to get them to safety. However, Foongy strikes Hugh, who realizes he did make an oath that they both would rejoin Whitley. Moreover, Snivy jumps to get hold of Hugh. Hugh lets Snivy accompany him, as they will search for the group together.

Whitley snaps out, seeing they suffered an attack. She gasps upon seeing Alder having a giant beam on his back to protect her. Alder simply smiles, for he is more concerned about Whitley's well-being. Whitley says she's fine, and asks about Looker, who is fine, along with his Croagunk. Suddenly, the group hears "Father!" Whitley realizes this is Lord N's voice, and sees him trying to reach Ghetsis, who is lying at the edge of the ship. N grabs Ghetsis by his coat before he could fall down, and asks of him, referring to as his father, to give him the cane. Ghetsis barely comments that N is referring to him as his father. N confirms this, for Ghetsis did save him when he was alone, abandoned and cold.

Despite Ghetsis becoming a villain, N admits his love towards his father has not changed. Ghetsis becomes silent a bit, then wields his cane. Instead of passing it to N, Ghetsis strikes N's face with the cane, shocking Whitley, Alder and Looker. Ghetsis' voice trembles, as he demands of N, "the monster", to unhand him. Continuing to bash N with his cane, Ghetsis is disgusted that the monster, who "bit his hand that fed him" calls him "father". N loosens his grip on Ghetsis: despite falling down, Ghetsis maniacally laughs. However, Zerkom grabs him, and Ghetsis demands of the legendary dragon to release him as it looks down upon him with fury. In that moment, Kyurem releases the Light Ball, which unforms into its original form: Reshiram.

Reshiram and Kyurem glare each other for a moment, then the latter leaves into the forest. Black asks Reshiram the meaning of this, to which Reshiram looks around. White assumes it is looking where the Plasma Frigate is, to which Iris thinks they should chase after the flying ship. Thus, Gorm and Rood promise to watch over the Poké Balls, while Iris goes with Black and White on Reshiram to find the Plasma Frigate. Rood asks Gorm about the situation, to which he comments that N and Black are no longer enemies as "Heroes of Truth and Ideals". He reminds that Kyurem fused with both Reshiram and Zekrom, and believes there's no meaning for any of them to fuse, or diffuse. Rood asks about Kyurem, to which Gorm remarks that it won't leave the one that controlled it: Colress.

Blake confronts Colress, who deflects Kelden's attack. The latter falls onto Blake, who glances that Colress is advancing on with his Genesect. Colress' Genesect attacks Blake's, and Colress laughs that Blake will soon be eliminated. Blake exclaims as long as there is a time lag, he can dodge easily. Colress stops laughing, as Blake explains that criminals like Colress have same patterns that can be noticed and countered, despite them thinking such patterns cannot be read. Blake reminds this is their third encounter. Colress frowns, and understands Blake's words, then asks where did Kelden disappear. In fact, he wonders where are the rest of Blake's Pokémon. Blake repeats the same question to Colress about his Beheeyem, as his Kabutott and Glisott arrive to the scene, helping Dewott in combating Beheeyem.

Colress remarks that Blake did well to find out that his red Genesect is also controlled by the Colress machine, an improved version that has a much wider range. Colress asks how did he know of it, to which Blake muses that he wouldn't expect Colress to hold onto it. He states Colress would always improve it, just to prove his superiority towards Blake. Colress admits that, seeing Blake has read his movements: his Beheeyem uses the machine to send signals to his red Genesect from a different location. This is, in fact, a technique a certain person from Johto region used: send Morse code to give orders to their Pokémon. However, he uses a simple signal that sends and receives orders, through a microphone on his spectacles. Moreover, since there's a limited range where the signal can be emitted to, Colress sees that Blake intentionally sent his Pokémon down to track Beheeyem and the Colress machine.

Colress claims he is such an idiot to try to fool Blake into believing he had no control over the red Genesect. Kelden swoops down, and strikes Beheeyem, destroying the Colress machine, and Beheeyem itself is hit by Dewott, Kabutott and Glisott. In that moment, Colress loses control over the red Genesect, and falls down. Blake has his Genesect advance to capture Colress. However, the latter orders Techno Blast: the red Genesect emits the attack, blasting Blake and injuring him badly. Colress yells out that he actually is in control of red Genesect, as he had personally raised it. Colress exclaims red Genesect will listen to him, no matter what. Wondering if Blake's protective suit can handle another attack, he has his Genesect emit another Techno Blast within point blank range.

As the attack is launched, Blake presses a button on his Poké Ball. In that moment, Escavalier plugs Genesect's cannon, and a flash of light appears. Both Escavalier and Genesect fall down. Colress realizes he was negligent not to think Blake added another Pokémon to his team, but admits it was reckless to sacrifice it to stop Genesect. He starts to wonder where Blake is: behind him, Blake floats in mid-air, being carried by a Victini. Colress remembers that Pokémon brings victory, and is blasted away by its V-Create. Colress barely mutters that he does not believe that Blake had such a powerful Pokémon in his possession. Blake denies this, as Victini simply helped him out.

He remembers a report where someone's Braviary protected Victini from Team Plasma two years ago. Some time ago, Victini encountered Braviary, and directed him towards Blake, since he was helping Black in fighting Team Plasma. Colress barely stands up, and concedes defeat, realizing he should not have joined Team Plasma after all. However, he smiles, glad that Blake was the one that defeated him. Suddenly, Kyurem arrives near the two. Victini floats to Kyurem, and Colress realizes he is about to be punished. Kyurem fires a Sheer Cold, freezing Colress completely. At the same time, Skyla flies her airship. She and Elesa try to find the Team Plasma ship near the Giant Chasm, and see it badly damaged. On the ship, Hugh visits Whitley and N, and finds both of them with Alder. Foongy leaps down, emitting its spores to heal N a bit.

Alder is grateful for this, while Hugh realizes this is the Pokémon Champion. He also spots Looker and Croagunk, and remembers the latter to be able to talk. Standing at the edge of the ship, Alder wonders how can they escape. However, they get visited by Black, White and Iris, who are standing on Reshiram. Alder greets them, and is asked to go on Reshiram. Alder smiles, thinking he should let Hugh and Whitley go on first, though Hugh states he has Vibrava to carry him around. White asks of them to get N and Whitley, while she can have her Barbara carry her around. Iris warns them not to make such slow promises, as the Team Plasma airship is flying towards the Pokémon League and N's Castle.

Suddenly, Looker gets a call from Blake, for Colress has been defeated. Looker promises to go there right away, and contacts the HQ for this information. Looker continues to talk, but Croagunk pushes him away: Black and his Brav carry them away before the airship crashes into the castle. Bianca, Cheren, Leo and Cedric watch the collision from Skyla's airplane, and fear for Black and White. White announces they are fine, but the collision caused a fire that is spreading through the castle. Moreover, there are many Pokémon inside the castle that have been "liberated". Hugh flies with Vibrava to try and save Purrloin, but the fire is too hot for him to cross beyond. White sends Nancy, and Black his Costa, to douse the fire, but it is spreading too fast. Hugh curses, thinking they do not have many Water-type Pokémon.

In that moment, Kabutops, Keldeo and Dewott join the group, and emit water to douse the fire as well. Blake appears as well, commeting that a single Water-type attack won't do much. Hugh is in shock to see him here as well, though Blake asks of others to send their Emboar and Serperior, to make Pledge attacks stronger. He notices Snivy and Tepig present as well, and wishes that Oshawott and Samurott are here as well. White smiles, as they do have them: Bianca and Cheren, as well as their Serperior and Oshawott, come out of the plane, and are happy to see Black and Emboar. However, Blake and Hugh stop them, as putting out the fire is more important than these reunions. Benga comes out as well, glad to see his "friends" well. Alder smiles that his grandson made some new friends, much to Hugh's surprise that Alder is Benga's grandfather.

Gigi takes Whitley's attention. She turns around, and hears N telling that Gigi wants to put out the fire: Whitley is touched by "Lady" Gigi's request. The group decides to unleash the Pledge moves, to douse the fire but also to prevent the castle from collapsing. Without further ado, the group - Blake, Whitley, Black, White, Cheren, Hugh, Benga, Bianca and Cedric - have their Pokémon (Oshawott/Dewott/Samurott, Tepig/Pignite/Emboar and Snivy/Servine/Serperior) use Water, Fire and Grass Pledge moves at the castle.

A moment later, Looker talks to Blake, how they captured Colress and after he would defrost, he'd be taken into custody. Blake reminds him he is no longer his superior, and he does not have to say him this information. Looker claims he is just talking to himself, and adds that they have captured Ghetsis, with Zekrom's help. The group confronts Ghetsis: Black exclaims this time "truth" and "ideals" will not be fulfilled this time, or ever. Ghetsis refers to Black as "dreamer" and "Hero of Truths", stating that dreams of weak and powerless are crushed to let someone else's dream be fulfilled. He questions if that is evil, isn't Black just as evil, since he did crush Ghetsis' dream. Black becomes infuriated, but White steps in, pointing out that deceiving others and using them for their own needs is no dream at all, but simply Ghetsis' ambition.

Black is amazed by White's words, as is Ghetsis, who remembers that the ignorant ones strive for a strong leader that would lead them to the ideals. He mentions that those that cannot accept the truth will always be deceived. He believes that all those that deny his ideals now will later accept them and welcome Ghetsis back into their midsts. Black is annoyed by Ghetsis, as is White. Whitley doubts that, backlashing at Ghetsis that all the Pokémon he has deceived and hurt will never, ever forgive him, and will not let him escape, either. Ghetsis is amused for a moment, but notices many Poké Balls behind Whitley. He notices that many Pokémon that have been "liberated" glaring and scowling at him. Turning around, he sees the Pokemon from N's castle that were saved from the fire also glaring and scowling at him. His composure cracked by visible fear, Ghetsis starts laughing hysterically as he enters the Interpol helicopter of his own free will to escape all the angry Pokémon, even as he is restrained by Sawk and Throh.

N walks with Alder, carrying Zorua and accompanied by a special Purrloin. They visit Hugh and his sister, to which Purrloin becomes mad at first, and pounces. However, Purrloin simply plays a trick on them, and the siblings are glad to be reunited with it. Kelden talks to its masters, showing that the Giant Chasm has frozen entirely. It believes that Kyurem simply went to this chasm to take its final rest. Kelden wonders if they should refuse bonding with humans. Cobalion explains that they will not refuse people that want to understand them, but they will retaliate against those that wish them harm. Virizion and Terrakion smile, thinking it changed its mind after the encounter with humans at Seafloor Ruins.

N and Black proudly stare at Reshiram and Zekrom. The two dragons smile, and fly away. Blake notices the two dragons fly, and reuintes with his Pokémon team: Kelden, Kabuott, Gliscott, Escavalier and Dewott.





  • The group unleashing the Pledge moves is similar to the scene in "The Final Battle VIII", where the Pokédex Holders have their Pokémon unleash the ultimate moves (Frenzy Plant, Hydro Cannon and Blast Burn).
  • Initially, this chapter was split into two parts, to the point where N and White join forces and are warped into room with Alder and Looker. With the release of volume 55, the chapters have been joined together.
    • Thus, at 89 pages, this makes this chapter the longest of Pokémon Adventures series.