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Lost in the Big City (VSゾロア, VS Zorua) is the 6th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 45.


Black and Tep take walk through the city. Since it is quite big, they enter a building, where they find a lone boy. As Black goes off to find the staff to handle the kid, Tep witnesses the boy transforming into the Pokémon, Zorua, who starts to tease him.

Chapter plot

Black and Tepig take a stroll through Castelia City. Black muses how many people there are, and how tall the buildings are. However, the crowd causes Black to feel dizzy, as he has never seen so much people at once place. Thus, he enters a building to relax. While he does that, Black notices a crying child. He is a bit disturbed as to why is nobody trying to help this child. Black gains the boy's attention, and asks it about his name, where does he live, or where his parents are. The child does not answer, so Black goes to find someone else that could direct this child. As Black goes to find the building's staff, the boy maliciously looks at Black's Tep.

The child shifts into Pokémon, which blows Tep's mind. Pokémon, however, takes Tep's tail and places it into his snout. Pokémon laughs, so Tep chases it away to the elevator. However, Pokémon shifts into a human, and enters the elevator. Tep tries to find Pokémon inside the elevator, but fails. Once the elevator opens, the human shifts back into the Pokémon and leaves the elevator, surprising the people. Tep continues chasing after the Pokémon, and goes to attack it, until he encounters another Tepig. The two cheer, until Tepig kicks Tep away, and shifts into the Pokémon again. Tep withstands the Pokémon's attacks, and its tail glows to retaliate. Tep launches a Fire-type attack that burns the Pokémon.

Black exits the room, wondering where the boy and Tep went to. He gets hit by the Fire-type attack, and scolds Tep why is he attacking, instead of watching the boy. Tep is annoyed, as he sees the Pokémon leaving. As Black and Tep leave, the Pokémon, Zorua, shifts into a human again, planning to shapeshift into a boy to cause more trouble.


  • This is the Pokémon Adventures chapter with the least number of Pokémon appearances.