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Fussing and Fighting (VSポカブ, VS Pokabu, VS Tepig), subtitled - (前夜(ぜんや), Zen'ya, The Eve), is the 5th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 43. It was initially added as the 1st chapter into the first B&W mini-volume.


In a distant region, Professor Juniper prepares to give the starter Pokémon to three new trainers but surprisingly a fight ensues. At the end of the day, Juniper wonders if the Pokémon are ready for friendships with trainers...

Chapter plot

Unova, a region of diversity and with it, its metropolitan city, Castelia City in the peninsula of the region and with it, a vast majority of never-before-seen Pokémon. The professor, at Juniper's lab, is busy talking on her mobile, saying about the Starter Pokémon and the kids she's entrusting them with. Once she finished talking, she prepares to sit down for dinner but first decides to put them back in their Poké Balls: Tepig, Oshawott and Snivy. As she puts the Poké Balls in the gift box, she gets a call from Fennel.

Tepig smells Professor Juniper's food and sees it on the table. It does a somersault onto the table and causes the plate to fly in the air. It uses Ember on one of the berries in her food and catches it to eat. Snivy swipes of the bits of berry touching it from Tepig while it's eating. More bits from the berry fly onto Snivy again, aggravating a lot. It goes on to attack Tepig. Oshawott sees the two fighting a tries to break them up but Tepig causes Oshawott to hit a wall, making it angry. The other two notice Oshawott. Oshawott uses its scalchop against the two of them, while they try to dodge and block the attacks. During Oshawott's flurry of attacks, it slices one of the legs of a table in the lab, sitting on it are a jug and a glass.

As the table keeled, the jug was flying into their direction. As the professor is talking to Fennel about Dream Mist, she goes to see what the noise is. She sees her room is a mess and also sees that Tepig must have a caught cold since it's sneezing out smoke, instead of fireballs. She puts the Pokémon back in their Balls and back in the box. As she's cleaning up after the mess that was caused by them, she wonders if they are ready to form friendships with their to-be trainers.





  • This is the first chapter of the Black & White arc.