Azalea Town (ヒワダタウン Hiwada Town) is a small, isolated town located on the southern peninsula of the Johto region.

The town is best known for being the residence of Kurt, a custom Poké Ball creator who makes rare Poké Balls out of apricorns. He lives in the north-western area on the east edge of Ilex Forest with his granddaughter.

Azalea Town features other notable locations as well, such as the Slowpoke Well. The Gym Leader of the town is Bugsy, a Bug-type trainer. His Pokémon include Metapod, Kakuna, and Scyther. The player's rival also appears at the gate to Ilex Forest, and a battle with him is required to pass. Azalea Town is also the only place at which Charcoal can be purchased.

In the games, this is where the player first encounters Team Rocket.


Azalea Town is a rather small town in comparison to the other towns in Johto. Azalea town has very less buildings but many trees which make it rich in Bug Type Pokemon. Azalea town, like other towns, has a Pokemon Center and a Poke Mart. It has a Pokemon Gym too owned by Leader Bugsy. He specializes in Bug Type pokemon. It contains two houses. One of them is owned by a Woodcutter who gives the players HM Cut after they complete a mini quest in Heart Gold/Soul Silver. The other house is owned by Pokeball Creator Kurt who makes Pokeballs from Apricons for Players in Heart Gold/Soul Silver.


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Areas of Interest

Kurt's House

Kurt specializes in making Apricorns into Poké Balls.

List of Balls


Azalea Town appears to be based on the real-world city of Tsu, Mie, Japan. It is located in roughly the same place, and the azalea is the official flower of Tsu.

In other languages

Language Name
English Azalea Town
Spanish Pueblo Azalea
Italian Azalina
French Ecorcia
German Azalea City
Japanese ヒワダタウン
Korean 고동마을
Hindi अज़ेलिया शहर
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