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Even if you can't see your opponent, you can still sense their presence with your mind's eye.

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Aura (波導(はどう), Hadou, Waveguide) is a form of spiritual energy introduced in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. It is described as the essence of every living creature.


In ancient times, there were individuals who possessed the ability to sense and manipulate aura to perform valiant deeds. They were known as Aura Guardians, and they would also educate those with the potential to wield the aura themselves. Throughout history, several guardians have disappeared, however, there are currently two individuals who possess the capabilities of aura guardians; Ash Ketchum and Riley. Whilst Riley trains to become an Aura guardian himself, Ash chose to stick to his quest to become a Pokémon Master.

Abilities of Aura

Aura Guardians have the following abilities:

  • Aura Vision: Acts as a second source of sight when their normal eyes are closed or they are blinded. It helps them navigate their surroundings even if fog obstructs their regular vision. The wielder can even identify an individual's aura from the surroundings as seen with the target appearing more vibrant than the surroundings. As shown in All Out, All of the Time!, Lucario's eyes give off a blue glow to indicate the use of aura even with open eyes.
  • Aura Transference: The wielder transfers their aura to another being. However, it is considered fatal with the adverse side effect of losing their own life in the process.
  • Projection: The wielders manipulate their aura to conjure up barriers and projectiles to help protect those around them or for self-defense.
  • Time Flower Access: By interacting with one of the crystallized flora found in the kingdom of Rota, the wielders are able to view the memory stored in the flower.
  • Spiritual Sensory: Using this power allows the wielders to pick up on the thoughts and emotions of any individual and anticipate their actions. It also can be used as a means of locating lost individuals or those in hiding. There are cases where even though in suspension, an individual can still transmit and pick up on wavelengths.
  • Frequency resistance: By using its power, the wielder is able to protect themselves from external influences. However, if the frequency's force is greater than the wielder's own aura, the wielder will end up overwhelmed by the frequency.
  • Empowerment: If the two auras are compatible, one's own strength grows stronger than on its own. In Octo-Gridlock at the Gym!, the aura flows from the user in luminescent blue energy whilst powering-up an attack. Mega Evolution can also amplify the power of Lucario's aura.
    • Similarly to the Bond Phenomenon, a strong resonance with their trainer can help Lucario achieve a higher level of power with their auras harmonizing with one another.
  • Aura transmission: The wielder can transmit signals to those who are sensitive to said energy, including thoughts and memories. The receivers can also home in on the source.
  • Communication: When interacting with the crystals located in Rota and the Tree of Beginning, the wielders can deliver their words to one another even from long distances. As seen with Lucario, they can also communicate through aura as a form of telepathy. An example is shown in Sword and Shield: The Legends Awaken! where Ash's Lucario asks its trainer to use Aura Sphere instead of Vacuum Wave.
  • Key Stone Enhancement: Key Stones can enhanced the power and abilities of users of Aura. An example is shown in An Adventure of Mega Proportions!, The Key Stone enhanced Ash's and his Lucario Aura powers, which allowed them to locate the Aura Pokémon Mega Stone. When used in conjunction with a Key Stone, Aura allows a Trainer and their Pokémon to:
    • Locate the matching Mega Stone even from miles away.
    • Create a telepathic vision, in which they can feel each other and anyone inside the other's Aura from far away.


  • Drainage: When transferring their aura to another being, the wielder will become surrounded by a clear aura and goes through a painful phase in which they feel their life energy becoming weaker. After transferring their aura, the wielders would start to fade out of existence as their physical bodies begin to dissolve and eventually disappear.
  • Corruption: When overcome by a negative force, the wielder's own aura turns a dark hue and then they fall under the influence of the source of the corruption. Alternatively, wielders could end up possessed by their own aura if they lack training and experience.

Known users

These individuals have been known to possess the power to sense and control Aura. So far, there are currently 2 active humans that possess the ability.








  • In Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! Parts 1 and 2, a special Riolu made a bond with Ash after he saved it from Hunter J's client by communicating with him using its aura.
  • Supposedly, auras are a paranormal belief that every life form gives of an emanation. This can be expressed by the flame/light energy surrounding the individual's body. Starting from the XY series, the aura waves were being depicted as shock-waves. In Octo-Gridlock at the Gym!, the light energy was seen surrounding Ash's Riolu when storing its energy.
    • Additionally, people who wouldn't be sensitive to aura like that of Lucario can still be exposed to the bursts of power as seen in The Aura Storm. Bonnie describes it as a breeze.
  • Aura has mainly been depicted in a light shade of blue in the anime. However, if the energy is stronger than normal, it would be depicted as amber in color.
  • When Ash's Lucario is using its Aura power, its eyes become blue.
  • As stated by Kellyn, all living things have their own unique aura. However, there are cases where certain auras are similar as seen with Ash and Sir Aaron, or even compatible as seen with Ash and Riolu/Lucario.
  • As shown in Caring for a Mystery!, Ash's Lucario can still pick up on Ash's aura and send signals to him even inside the Egg
  • Iris has been shown to possess a similar power that relates to Dragon-type Pokémon.
  • Judging by Lucario's Pokédex entry which is written by Professor Laventon, he is very likely the one who coined the term "aura" by himself.
  • Greninja has been shown to have a sensitivity to negative energy, similarly to how Ash can sense aura.