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Ash Ketchum is the main protagonist of the Pokémon Anime and a trainer from Pallet Town, aspiring to become a Pokémon Master.


Ash wears a new outfit which is different than his previous outfits. He wears a white and blue striped short sleeved loose collared shirt, brown capris with red outlines with baggy pockets and red folded sleeves at the edge of his capris and shades of blue sneakers. His hat is red and black and the Poké Ball design is white. Ash wears a silver Z-Ring on his left wrist which was later changed into a Z-Power Ring.

As a member of the Ultra Guardians, Ash wears an indigo and white uniform with light periwinkle accents as the edge of the short sleeves, collar and inlines of his uniform are black. He wears matching indigo gloves.

In A Young Royal Flame Ignites!, while teaming up with Professor Kukui disguised as Masked Royal as Ash Royal, he goes shirtless but retains his capris and sneakers from his primary outfit and dons a red flame designed wrestling mask with green and light blue with blue designs at the back of his mask. The wrestling mask was given by Kukui before they teamed up together at the Battle Royal.


Since entering the Alola region, Ash is shown to be far more enthusiastic than he did in the Kalos region while at the same time kept his determination and his love for Pokémon. While Ash does retain his competence and experience, not getting upset over losing the Trial Challenges and defeating multiple Pokémon at the same time, he displays a considerably more childish and hyperactive demeanor.


Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon


Ash and Pikachu with Sophocles, Mallow, Lana, Lillie, Kiawe and Professor Kukui

Ash arrives in the Alola region on a vacation with his Mom, which Mimey won for them. After a nice Sharpedo ride, a run-in with a Bruxish that Lana caught on her line, a race with Grubbin then having some bad luck with a Bewear and some racing Tauros, Ash finds the Pokémon School where he meets Lillie, Mallow and Sophocles. However, Ash gets mistaken for a new student by Mallow and takes him to see Samson Oak, which conveniently leads him to Delia and Mimey. After Delia gives the Kantonian Vulpix Egg to Samson, Ash was shown the rest of the school by Mallow, including the classroom, where he meets Professor Kukui. After the meeting, Ash witness Kiawe, who he saw flying on his Charizard before, being confronted by Team Skull, who challenge him to a three on one battle, with the prize being his Charizard. Ash jumps in to help, defeating the Salandit and leaving the Zubat and Yungoos to be finished off by Kiawe and Turtonator's Z-Move, Inferno Overdrive. After seeing all of this, and receiving a Z-Ring from none other than Tapu Koko itself, Ash decides to stay with Professor Kukui and Rockruff while attending the Pokémon School.[1] On his first day at school, Ash's new classmates give him some challenges before Tapu Koko showed itself which it takes his hat before realizing it wanted to battle him and Pikachu. During the battle, Ash was shown how to use the Z-Move Gigabolt Havoc by Tapu Koko with Pikachu using the move but the Z-Crystal shatter due to not doing the island trial. After Tapu Koko left, Ash was told of the island trails by his classmates which he decided to take on to get another Z-Crystal with his classmate giving their full support for him. The next day, Ash was given a Rotom Pokédex by Professor Kukui to get info on the Pokémon in the Alola region.[2] When he tried to catch his first Alola region Pokémon, Ash gets a surprise attack by Team Rocket, who tried to take Pikachu again, but failed when the Bewear that he saw when he was exploring on his first day at the region takes them away.[3] Ash was able to catch a Rowlet, his first Alola Pokémon, after befriending it when it got hungry as it instantly bonded with him and they wanted to be with each other.[4] Ash met Hala the Island Kakuna of Melemele island where he gives him the task of figuring out on how to get rid of the Alolan Rattata and their evolve from Alolan Raticate as their causing problems on the Island. Through the help of his friends, Ash figured out on how to solve the problem by asking Yungoos and their evolve form Gumshoos for help as they once drove them off before.
SM009 18

Ash's receives Normalium Z.

Ash was taken to Verdant Cavern by Hala where he would take the Island Trail and won when the Totem Pokémon Gumshoos gave him a Normalium Z-Crystal. After wining the Trail, Ash asked Gumshoos along with its allies for their help to take care of the Ratta and Raticate which they did as they were drove off once again. Ash was accepted to do a Grand Trail battle against Hala.[5]
SM010 3

Ash battles his first Grand Trail against Hala

Next, Ash was to do his Grand Trial against Kahuna Hala which their battle was a two on two battle. Through the hardwork of Rowlet and Pikachu, Ash won his Grand Trial. However, Ash was about to accept the Fightinium Z-Crystal as his reward but Tapu Koko swapped it for the Electrium Z for him as his reward instead.[6] 

Ash catches Rockruff, the Pokémon Professor Kukui was taking care of, after helping it win a battle.[7] Sometime later, Ash and Pikachu got challenged to another battle by Tapu Koko but the force of the battle caused Pikachu to fall off a cliff with Ash trying to save him but Tapu Koko saved them both with no winner. Ash declared that they would get stronger and win the next time they battle.[8] Ash and Pikachu went to an island named Treasure Island to spend time together during which they got to see Tapu Lele, the island guardian of Akala island.[9] Then, Ash and his Pokémon come across Litten, who he's seen a few times before, again but this time he finds it with Stoutland in its new home. Ash sees that to Stoutland is trying to teach Litten Fire Fang but with no success. Sometime later, Ash was asked by Litten for his help as its ailing mentor has fallen ill. Ash takes to Stoutland the Pokémon Center but only to find out its nearing the end of its life and wonder if Litten knows. Ash decides to keep them company but finds out that the pair have gone back to their home. After Stoutland passing, Ash with his Pokémon kept Litten company for awhile at its home. Ash became happy to see Litten is feeling better then battled it but with no winner. Despite no winner in the battle, Ash sees that Litten, who wants to grants its mentor last wish, wants to join him then caught it.[10]

SM027 9

Ash meets his first Alola rival, Gladion

Ash came across Gladion, Lillie's brother, thus becoming rivals and good friends. Through Gladion, Ash learns and decided that he will take on the Grand Trial on Akala island to get Rockium-Z so he can use Rock-type Z-Moves.[11] However, Ash was going to get his wish when he and his classmates are gonna take a field trip to Akala island but before they did they meet the Island Kahuna of Akala Island Olivia.[12] Ash then went with Mallow to collect cooking herbs when Totem Lurantis challenged him. Ash won and defeated Lurantis and received the Grassium Z and then ate dinner with his friends, Professor Kukui and Olivia.
SM035 22

Ash receives Grassium Z


Ash battles his second Grand Trail against Olivia

After Ash got the Grassium Z, they challenged Kahuna Olivia with Rowlet and Rockruff while Olivia used Midday Lycanroc and Probopass as their battle is a double battle. After defeating her, Ash received the Rockium Z so Rockruff could use Continental Crush.[14]

At night, Ash and Pikachu went looking for Rockruff, who ran off to train, but found it cover in dust from Tapu Lele. After Rockruff got away again, Ash and the co. went to find him with Professor Kukui and Olivia. Ash with his group found Rockruff with Olivia and Gladion’s Lycanroc at the Ruins of Life with Tapu Lele, who tried to heal it but failed the first time. Ash passed out when Tapu Lela used Drain Kissed on him and the two Lycanroc which helped heal Rockruff along with giving the energy back to them. After recovering from the energy drain, Ash witness Rockruff evolved into Dusk Lycanroc right before he and co. went back to Melemele Island with Professor Kukui.[15] After their filed trip, Ash and Lycanroc were using the Rockium-Z against Team Rocket but they failed to do so. After Kiawe took care of Team Rocket, Ash and Lycanroc did some training to help them perfect the Z-Move. Ash did Rockium-Z correctly when Team Rocket came back for another battle against them.[16]


Ash reunites with Misty and Brock

Ash returns to Kanto with his classmates for an extracurricular lesson where he reunites with his long time friends, Misty and Brock. After arriving to Pallet Town, Ash reunites with some of his Pokémon under Professor Oak's care. After dealing with Team Rocket again along with falling asleep from Jigglypuff song, Ash and everyone were treated to a welcome party with his mom there as well.[17] The next day, Ash and everyone headed off to the Cerulean Gym located in Cerulean City, where they got a chance to battle Misty or Brock. Ash decided to battle Misty in a one on one battle with him being the winner of the battle then everyone headed back to Alola that evening also he tells Misty and Brock to come to visit them sometime.[18]

Ultra Adventures

One night, Ash has a dream where he promises the Legendary Pokémon Solgaleo and Lunala. However, Ash could't recall it that next morning. While heading to school, Ash and Pikachu saw Tapu Koko coming back as they follow it then saw an unknown Pokémon which helped him remember the promise he made to the Cosmic duo.
SM044 10

Ash meets Nebby

Ash brought it to school to show everyone then Lillie nicknamed it Nebby with everyone liking the name and they all agreed to call it Nebby. Ash help find something Nebby would like to eat but it didn't like anything they gave it all until Sophocles proved a bag of star candies with it liked a lot. Ash and Lillie were heading to Professor Kukui house where they see a helicopter on the beach as Professor Kukui explained that they have visitors who want to see them. Ash meets Lusamine, Lillie and Gladion mother, the president of the Aether Foundation along Professor Burnet, Wicke and Faba as they all came to meet Nebby. Ash shows Nebby to Lusamine where she concludes that it's an Ultra Beast then Professor Burnet explains about the Ultra Beast and the battle they had with the Tapu Guardians. Ash tells them the dream he had that night about the promise he made to the Cosmic duo, after seeing an image of the Altar of the Sunne. Although Lusamine and Wicke offer to take care of Nebby, Ash declined their offer due to his promise to take care of Nebby. After Lillie and Professor Kukui assured Lusamine that he is a very trusting trainer as they tell her all the accomplishments he has done in Alola, Ash was allowed to take care of Nebby and Lusamine offer to help him whenever he needed it.[19]

Ash has some awesome adventures with Nebby especially when it learned teleport as it teleported him and his friends to various places, minus Lillie.[20] Ash got to go to Aether Paradise with his friends which is where the Aether Foundation is located as he got to Lusamine, Wicke, Faba and Professor Burnet again.[21]

By accident when Nebby teleported him, Ash meets up with Gladion again, after he thought about him, with Pikachu and Lycanroc where he meets his Type: Null, nicknamed Silvally. Ash tells Gladion that Lillie is doing well also during the conversation Gladion explained why Lillie's afraid of touching Pokémon, due to an Ultra Beast attacking Lillie back when she was little, and his Silvally saved them. Ash wonders why Lillie never explained this but Gladion believes the trauma she suffered caused her to repress the memory of those events. Ash was asked a lot of question by Gladion as he is curious as to why the Cosmic duo chose him to take care of Nebby, about his Dusk Lycanroc, what powers does he possess and what kind of influences does he have on Pokémon. However, Ash doesn't have all the answer to Gladion questions but decided to have a battle, as Team Rocket interrupted before, as he believes this will help him answers his questions. Understanding the idea and accepting his challenge, Ash with Lycanroc put up a good fight against Silvally but lost then Gladion understood more about him also he has him promise not to tell anyone he saw him also about Silvally, especially Lillie, which he understood and promised he won't say anything.[22]

Ash is hanging with Professor Kukui and Professor Burnet, who came to give Nebby a check up, along with his Pokémon. Then Kiawe, Lana, Lillie, Mallow and Sophocles came over as they are having a sleep over at Professor Kukui house. Ash invited Professor Burnet to join them and she gladly accepts as everyone gets settled in. Ash suggested having a contest to see who gets to sleep in the loft, as Sophocles and the girls want to sleep up there, with finding Nebby being the contest. After the contest, with the girls being the winner due to Nebby pooping out of Lillie's hat and into her arm freezing her in fear, they play a game call Z-Posses one, two, three but Kiawe got carry away and used Inferno Overdrive messing up the place. Ash, Mallow, Lillie and Professor Burnet make dinner while Professor Kukui has the rest help him clean up the place. Just when everyone was about to eat, Professor Burent's Munchlax swooped in and ate everything promoting the two Professor to go out to get something to eat for everyone while the others wait. While waiting, Ash and everyone decided to some training for Pokémon battle to help them forget how hungry they were. After eating, they all talked about how amazing Professor Burnet is along with talking the about the homemade food at Kiawe and Sophocles place, right before going to sleep for the night. The next day, everyone is walking along then Ash and everyone became stunned when Lillie could't touch Pokémon again even Snowy, as Nebby teleported her to Gladion's location where she saw his Type: Null which triggered a memory from her past.[23]

At night, Ash was at the beach getting scolded by Gladion for having Nebby bring Lillie to where he was then apologizes for it's action. The next day at school, Ash and everyone cheer Lillie up then witness her try to touch Snowy but got scared. However, Ash and everyone praised Lillie for her courage. After school was done, Ash, Nebby, Pikachu and Rotom decided to take a walk with Lillie and Snowy. While walking, Ash was asked by Lillie if he saw Gladion which he admits that he did see him as he explains that he didn't want her to see Silvally then told how upset he was which got his friend to laugh due to knowing her brother. Ash hears Lillie tell him that when she saw Silvally it brought back a memory from her past. Not wanting to see his friend down, Ash cheers Lillie up by having Rotom show a video of Pikachu doing an imitation which worked. However, Ash also unknowingly encourage Lillie to not give up on getting over her fear of touching Pokémon as she decided to remember her past then they were all teleported by Nebby, who decided to help her. Being teleported from one place to another, Ash got to see all the places Lillie and her family did together before her mother, Lusamine, got busy with her work. Ash with everyone were then teleported to Lillie and Gladion childhood room located at the Aether Foundation. After being teleported to Lusamine room, Ash realized that Nebby wants to grant Lillie's wish as she wanted to remember everything then they were brought to the Aether Foundation basement which is strictly forbidden other then Aether Foundation employees. While going through the basement further, Ash, Pikachu, Nebby, Rotom and Snowy were pushed into a wall by Faba's Pokémon as Lillie is grabbed by Faba, who didn't want her to remember her past. Ash, Nebby, Pikachu and Snowy tried to save Lillie, minus Rotom as it went go get some help by pulling the alarm, but Faba's Hypno hold them down with Psychic. Ash with everyone were rescued by Gladion and his Silvally then became glad when Lillie, who remember everything from her past, touch Sivially thus putting an end to her fear of touching Pokémon for good. Ash told Lillie how happy he was for her then was thanked for his help.[24]

After helping Lillie get over her fear of touching Pokémon, Ash, Gladion and Lillie went back to Aether Paradise when Nebby got kidnapped by Faba, who wanted it to open an Ultra Wormhole. Meeting up with Lusamine, Ash and everyone were able to rescue Nebby but it evolved which caused the Ultra Wormhole to open. Ash and everyone see Nihilego come out of the Ultra Wormhole then became stunned when the Ultra Beast took Lusamine away, who sacrifice herself to protect Lillie and Gladion.[25]

SM051 3

Ash shows Professor Burnet Nebby's condition, after it was kidnapped by Faba

While heading back to Melemele Island, Ash offer to help Lillie and Gladion find Lusamine. However, Ash was told no by Gladion as he tells that this situation is a family matter. After arriving back to Melemele island, Ash heads back to Professor Kukui house for the night. The next day, Ash was still worried about Nebby as it hasn't moved since it evolved then Kiawe, Lana, Mallow and Sophocles came over to check on him. Ash tells his friends about what happed at Aether Paradise as they became shock that Lusamine was taken away through an Ultra Wormhole then they all hear more shocking news as Hobbes comes in with Professor Kukui to tell them that Lillie and Gladion are gone. Knowing that their trying to find a way to rescue Lusamine, Ash and everyone heads over to Hala house for some idea on where their at. Hearing Hala explain about the Altar of the Sunne and about Solgaleo, Ash remembers being their in a dream where he promises the Cosmic duo that he would take care of Nebby. Ash and everyone head to Poni Island, where the Altar of the Sunne lies, to catch up with Lillie and Gladion as they want to help rescue Lusmaine. After catching up to Lillie and Gladion, Ash tells them their reason of being here despite Gladion telling him again that's its a family matter but Ash and Lillie were able to change his opinions as he lets them come along in their quest to rescue Lusamine. While looking for Solgaleo, as it can open Ultra Wormholes, at the Altar of the Sunne, Ash and everyone come across the Tapu Guardians instead, surprising them.[26]

Ash became amazed and shocked when the Tapu Guardians showed him and his friends that they were the ones who brought Nebby to Melemele island for him to find and take care of. Later, Ash became excited when Nebby evolved into Solgaleo then was given a Solganium-Z, as they needed to use a Z-Move to make an Ultra Wormhole.
SM052 12

Ash gets licked in affection by the newly evolved Solgaleo, Nebby

However, the Z-Crystarl didn't fit Ash's Z-RIng so the Tapu Guardian encases it for him then gave it back to him. Ash, Gladion, Kiawe, Lana, Lillie, Mallow and Sophocles all get on Solgaelo's back then Ash performs Searing Sunraze Smash. After performing the Z-Move, Ash and his friends enter the Ultra Wormhole, leaving both Professor Kukui and Professor Burnet, who also arrived to Poni island to help them rescue Lusmaine, behind.[27] Making it to the dimension where Nihilego lives, Ash and everyone find Lusmaine fused with Nihilego but they were blocked off by Lusmaine's Pokémon, who were stopping them from getting close to her as everyone, but Ash, Pikachu and Solgaelo kept going while the others battle the Pokémon.[28] Ash with Pikachu and Solgaelo were able to get to Lusmaine as they tried to save her. Just when Ash was having a hard getting through to Lusmaine, Lillie and Gladion come to Ash's aid. Ash became shock when Gladion tells him that they need to stop Nihilego and free Lusmaine because her Pokémon will keep getting back up without end. While Solgaelo goes to help the others, Ash and Glaidon hear Lillie give a speech to help get through to Lusmaine which worked but Nihilego refused to let her go.

Ash and Pikachu perform 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt for the very first time

Ash's Electrium-Z temporary transforms into Pikashunium-Z then he and Pikachu performed the Z-Move 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt which stop Nihielgo and freed Lusmaine and her Pokémon. Ash, Gladion and Lillie reunites with their friends as he tells them that they were able to save Lusmaine then returned to the Altar of the Sunne where they reunited with Professor Kukui and Professor Burnet.[29]
SM055 3

Ash all excited for both Professor Kukui and Professor Burnet's marriage

Ash wonders where Solgaelo, Nebby, is, as it returned to the wild, as it left without him giving a thank you for its help then greets Lillie, who took some time off from school to be with her mother, as she thanks him and everyone for their help in rescuing Lusamine. Later at Professor Kukui house, Ash became stunned but happy that Professor Kukui and Professor Burnet are getting married. The next day, Ash tells Kiawe, Lana, Lillie, Mallow and Sophocles about the news, much to the girls joy. Although the girls were hoping for a weeding, Ash tells them and the rest of the boys that the Professors aren't gonna do a weeding ceremony, disappointing the girls. Ash, Kiawe and Sophocles were in on girls idea of doing a surprise wedding as a gift for the Professors. The night before the wedding, Ash was approach by Gladion and tells him that he gonna do the other Islands Trials but does ask him to congratulate the Professors on their marriage for him then leaves. Ash goes to wake up Professor Kukui at his house then brings him outside to see that they have a wedding as Professor Burnet tells them that its a gift from his student which makes him very happy that his students did this for them. Ash attends the weeding then Lusamine came to them and asked to join an elite group call the Ultra Guardians which they all accepted also they got to see Solgaelo, Nebby, flying up in sky where Ash gets his chance to thank it for its help and know he'll see it again one day.[30]

Ash goes to Ula'ula Island for the very first time with his friends as they arrive at Mount Lanakila where Hala's Crabrawler is gonna evolve into Crabominable. Later on their trip to Mount Lanakila, Ash participated in the PokéSled Jump tournament where he tried to use his Z-Move Gigavolt Havoc for his performance but failed. Ash was pleased to see that Hala won the tournament and got to see the prize he won, a sled.[31]

SM061 8

Ash and his fellow Ultra Guardians on their first mission

Ash was at school where he, Kiawe, Lana, Lillie, Mallow and Sophocles got their first Ultra Guardian mission where they have to catch a Buzzwole then return it to its home. The Ultra Guardians with their Ride Pokémon then headed over to the Melemele Meadows due to being the location where Buzzwole is. Ash found Buzzwole and battle it but he stop the battle when its was showing off its muscles then he decided to join in with Pikachu and Kiawe joining him as well. When the girls and Sophocles showed up to their locations, Ash caught Buzzwole then the Ultra Guardians returned it to its home but not before doing a muscle pose as a way of saying goodbye to it.[32]

SM063 8

Ash in a Battle Royal battle against the Masked Royal, Professor Kukui in disguises

While at Professor Kukui house, Ash with his Pokémon watch a Battle Royal battle which impress him, especially the Masked Royal, Professor Kukui's altar ego. Ash went to the Battle Royal Dome with his friends but Litten went up on the stage as it wanted to battle the Masked Royal's Incineroar, who happens to be Litten's final evolved form. Thanks to Litten, Ash with Kiawe and Sophocles got to battle the Masked Royal but they lost. That night at the beach, Ash told Litten that they should battle the Masked Royal again then decided to train as they want to help Litten learn a new move, Flame Charge. After days of training, Ash with his fiends see that the Masked Royal came to them then had another battle with him where Litten evolved into Torracat, who also able to perfect Flame Charge in the process. However, Ash lost to the Masked Royal again but was proud that Torracat gave its all in the battle.[33]

SM065 5

Ash and his classmates with llima

Later on, Ash meets llima, a graduate of the Pokémon school, as he came to visit due to him studying at the Kalos region. Ash and everyone were explained by llima about one of reason why he came back to Alola is that he wants to get a Z-Crystal pacifically for his Eevee. Hearing that llima wants to make his Eevee stronger without evolving, Ash tells llima that he can also relate as he wants Pikachu to become stronger the way he is as well. Ash and llima were gonna have a battle but was interrupted by Team Skull but got to his Z-Move then they both to have a battle another time.[34] Ash with his friends were taught Poké-Ping Pong by llima, who won a lot of Poké-Ping Pong tournaments, then got to cheer him on in a Poké-Ping Pong tournament he participating in, which was the other reason why he came back to Alola for, where he won the tournament. Ash and friends got to say goodbye to llima as he was gonna explore the islands then head back to Kalos.[35]

Ash with his classmates were listing to Sophocles give a presentation of the Hokulani Observatory that his cousin, Molyane, runs at Mount Hokulani on Ula'ula Island also Professor Kukui told the class that Sophocles cousin is a friend of his. Ash suggests to Professor Kukui that they should make a filed trip to Hokulani Observatory sometime. After the presentation, Ash and his friends were getting ready to have lunch but see Pikachu is not present then they all search for him. When Rowlet left campus to keep searching for Pikachu through the air, Ash with his other Pokémon left campus as well to go look for Pikachu by ground. Ash found Pikachu with Rowlet and an Ultra Beast were about to be captured by Team Rocket but he with his Pokémon arrived just in time to save them. After dealing with Team Rocket, Ash brought the Ultra Beast back with him as it was given the name Poipole also Lusamine assigns him to be its partner until they can find the Ultra Wormhole it cam from. Ash showed Poipole how Poké Ball works as it believed that he was playing with it. After showing his intentions, Ash made one final attempt to catch Poipole but jumped right in as it already grew found of him and his Pokémon. Ash with his Pokémon were all playing at Professor Kukui house then became impressed when Poipole drew a picture of Pikachu.[36]

Ash, Kiawe, Lana, Lillie and Mallow all go with Sophocles to Bamboo Hill as he made a discovery while camping with his parents. Ash and everyone all dug it up as they spent hours doing it then they all came to conclusion that its an Ultra Beast when they dug it up all the way. The next day, Ash with the girls and Kiawe became shocked when Sophocles told them that the Ultra Beast was in the ground for two hundred years then they were called for an Ultra Guardian mission. After explaining to Lusamine that they already knew about Celesteela, the Ultra Beast name, as they told her they dug it up the other day, Ash and the rest of the Ultra Guardians headed back to Bamboo Hill so they can Celesteela get home. However, Team Rocket tried to steal Celesteela but they were stopped. Ash, Kiawe, Lana, Lillie, Mallow and Sophocles waved goodbye to Celesteela as they were able help it to blast off then it flew to the moon, due to the Ultra Wormhole it came from being there.[37]

SM074 9

Ash meets Acerola

Hearing Professor Kukui dream about making a League in Alola, Ash gets fired up. Ash left by boat for Ula'ula Island so he can do its Grand Trail where he meets the Island Kahuna of Ula'ula Island Nanu and his friend Acerola also through her he got to hear a tale about the Radiant One, who brought light to Alola. Ash did a Pre-Trail battle against Nanu but lost when Lycanroc, who goes berserk when its fur gets dirty, went out of control. Despite Nanu telling him to go back to Melemele Island, Ash decided to stay and train. That evening, Ash decided to go see Tapu Bulu, the Island Guardian of Ula’ula Island, for training through an idea from Acerola.[38] Ash goes to the Ruins of Abundance with Acerola so they can ask Tapu Bulu for help in his training. After going all way to the the top of the Ruins of Abundance, Ash meets Tapu Bulu and asked for its help. Ash was excited when Rowlet learned Razor Leaf when it was struck by the power of the trees Tapu Bulu planted. Ash played with Pikachu, Poipole and Rowlet in the rain then saw Lycanroc going berserk again when Tapu Bulu pushed it out in the rain. However, Ash calmed Lycanroc down by reminding it the bond they share also he told it how much it cared about it exactly the way it is. After helping Lycanroc calm down, Ash with Lycanroc battled Tapu Bulu where it learned Stone Edge but the battle was called of by Tapu Bulu. Ash was pleased by the training he did with his Pokémon as he and his Pokémon were given Oran Berries by Tapu Bulu.[39]

Ash goes to Nanu for a Pre-Trail battle rematch which he agreed to do for him but his opponent is at the Thrifty Megamart, an abandoned site. Ash with Acerola, who's referring the battle, go the site Nanu told them to go but they find that Team Rocket is also their. Ash become shocked to hear that the Team Rocket trio are is opponents for his Pre-Trail rematch but he accepts the challenge.
SM076 20

Ash and Pikachu performed 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt once again to defeat Team Rocket in a Pre-Trail battle

Ash ended up wining when Pikahcu learned Electroweb and used 100,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt again to win the battle. After Nanu arrived at the Thrifty Megamart, Ash is accepted to do a Grand Trail battle with Nanu.[40]
SM077 5

Ash battles his third Grand Trail against Nanu

Arriving back to the Ruins of Abundance for his Grand Trail battle, Ash became surprise to hear that Nanu Grand Trail battle will be a one on three battle but he accepts his terms as he uses Lycanroc for his battle. However, Ash wasn't sure that Lycanroc had his rage under control as he told it to calm during the battle. Ash became upset when Nanu, who realizes that he was doubting his Pokémon, insults his skills as a trainer but Lycanroc tackled him as it not only wanted to get him to clam down but to show that its been under control of its red-eye state this whole time. Ash apologizes to Lycanroc for doubting it and for letting Nanu insults go to his head. After exchanges of Z-Move, Ash won the Grand Trial and was given Lycanium Z, a Z-Crystal pacifically for Lycanroc, then headed back to Melemele Island that evening.[41]

One night, Ash with his friends watch a firework display where they also saw a weird looking being as a ball came up into the air then it reforms itself and watch it perform then kneeled and left. The next day, Ash and everyone were talking about the performances the other night also they theorizes that the being might be an Ultra Beast which was proven right when they were called for an Ultra Guardian mission. While tracking Blacephalon, named of the Ultra Beast, they saw another Ultra Beast named Xurkitree absorbing electricity at a power plant. After Blacephalon arrived at the site, Ash and the rest of the Ultra Guardians watch them do a performances battle. Ash came up with the idea of doing their own performances then he would do a Z-Move to finish the job. The plan worked as Ash and the rest of the Ultra Guardians were able to catch them then send them back to their rightful homes. Later at school, Ash became surprise to hear when Professor Kukui told him and everyone in the classroom that the event venues want them to repeat their performances from the other night which got them wondering if they can repeat it.[42]

Returning to Ula'ula Island for a field trip to the Hokulani Observatory located at Mount Hokulani, Ash, Kiawe, Lana, Lillie and Mallow all meet Molayne, Sophocles cousin and Professor Kukui friend. Ash with Kiawe and the girls were given a tour of the Observatory then they got to look at the telescope. Later, Ash became amazed by the Minor at Starfall Hill where his Poipole found one still in its shell then he and Kiawe brought it back the Observatory. After Minor shell was able to open, Ash and everyone spent the day playing with it but when night fall they saw more Minor then saw them all fade away even the one they were playing with. Ash comforts Poipole, after seeing the Minor it befriended faded away, then saw a Rayquaza in the sky.[43] After their field trip at the Hokulani Observatory, Ash with his Rowlet and Kiawe ended up getting separated from everyone when they were taking a short cut to get back to Melemele Island. However, Ash, Rowlet and Kiawe got lost but they found their way out where they reunite with their Pokémon and Lana. Later, Ash, Kiawe and Lana reunite with Lillie, Mallow and Sophocles as they told them about their adventure in an ice cave they found and about Lillie being in a double battle also they told them that Lillie got Icium Z which she show to them. Ash, Kiawe, Lana, Mallow and Sophocles all hope to see Lillie do a Z-Move someday then they all headed back home.[44]

SM081 13

Ash teams up the Masked Royal in a Battle Royal match

Ash was at Professor Kukui's house with his Pokémon and Professor Burnet where they watch the Battle Royal match between the Masked Royal and Mr. Electric as he is part of a group called the Revengers. After Mad Magma another Revengers member interfered the match, Ash and Professor Burnet both agreed that the Masked Royal didn't want to win by default. Ash gets excited when Professor Burnet tells him that both of them and Professor Kukui are going to the next Battle Royal match, after the Masked Royal gets challenge to a match by Mad Magma. That next day, Ash with both Professors arrive at the Battle Royal Dome where they meet up with Kiawe, Lana, Lillie, Mallow and Sophocles as they all came to watch the match as well. After watching a different match, Ash and everyone, minus Professor Kukui, all get excited for the main battle but more Revengers interfered. Ash left the audiences to get his Torracat as it left to go help the Masked Royal as it had enough of the Revengers tricks. After Viern, who once tried to make Kiawe's family farm a resort hotel, arrives in his car and reveals that he is not only the president of Rainbow Happy Resorts but he is also the big boss of the Revengers, Ash offered to be the Masked Royal tag team partner for a tag team match instead of a one on one match. Ash gets dubbed as Ash Royal, after the Masked Royal gives him a masked to wear before the match, with them calling themselves the Double Royals. The Double Royals were battling really well together until some of the Revengers Pokémon interfered but Kiawe and Lana came to help them. After Torracat learned Revenge, Ash was able to defeat two of the Revengers Pokémon then the Masked Royal finished the rest of them with his Z-Move and they both finished Viern off together. Ash asked the Masked Royal if he and Torracat can battle them again sometime with the Masked Royal accepting his challenge then left.[45]

When Faba from Aether Paradise arrived to give a lesson in Science for class, Ash, Lillie and Sophocles were accidentally shrunk small in size when Faba's invention he brought to show to the class backfired. Ash and Lillie road on Pikachu but ended up getting separated from everyone with Sophocles. While floating through the river on Togedmaru, who ended up getting separated with them, Ash and his friends landed safely to shore then saw how huge Pokémon are due to being small. Ash and Lillie decided to have some more fun being small as they both hung onto a Comfey with Sophocles not far behind with his Togedmaru. After landing onto Anela stand, Ash and his friends ran into a Persian with him recognizing it being the one who bullied Torracat back when it was still a Litten. Ash and his friends were chased by the Persian until Mallow came to their recuse with her Tsareena battling it. After Tsareena betted Persian, Ash, Lillie and Sophocles were reunited with everyone then they returned to their normal size. After arriving back at the Pokémon school, Ash and his friends watch Faba give his invention another go but it ended up making Sophocles' Togedmaru grow bigger in size which didn't last very long.[46]

SM084 7

Ash and his classmates with Mina

After doing some training with his Pokémon, Ash and the Professors went to do some shopping where they met an artist named Mina and her partner Ribombee, who has the ability to read the feelings between humans and Pokémon. Ash brought his friends to meet Mina then became surprise in the painting she was doing of him and his Alolan family. After Mina's Ribombee reads Poipole feelings, Ash became surprise to hear the reason why Poipole draws is that its showing its feelings as he became happy to see how it express its emotion. After showing Lusamine, Wicke and Faba the info on Poipole, Ash sees Poipole drawing him, the Professors and their Pokémon with lighting shape on them showing how much it loves them with Rotom taking a picture of it. At school, Ash became worried when Poipole draws teardrops showing that its sad then he confronts it. Ash battle Team Skull, who wanted Mina's Ribombee, then ask Mina if she can help understand why Poipole is so sad when Rotom showed her what it drew earlier but all she said was is that it might be carrying a burden as it might be on a quest. Later in the evening, Ash sees Poipole drawing something in the celling and realizes that its drawing the Blinding One, the Pokémon they saw in a book that Acerola showed them back on Ula'Ula Island. Ash believes Poipole likes the Blinding One as well due to him and both Professors not know the answers as to why it would draw it.[47]

Ash with his classmates were doing a gym class where they vault horses but when it was his turn he accidentally trips and hurts himself but he assures everyone that he's fine. After school, Ash ran into Viern again where he's working on a tower. The next day, Ash and everyone saw a giant block at the school with them believing to be for class as he tried to get on it but tripped again but he told his friends that he's alright. Hearing Komala ring the bell, Ash and everyone were called in for an Ultra Guardian mission. Ash and the rest of the Ultra Guardians became surprise to hear that the giant block outside of the school is an Ultra Beast, named Stakataka, then went back outside to try to catch it. However, Ash and the rest of the Ultra Guardians ended getting their Beast Ball thrown back at them. Lasting until sunset, Ash and the rest of the Ultra Guardians all decided to try again tomorrow. After arriving at school that next day, Ash and everyone saw that the Ultra Beast was gone then found out that there's Ultra Aura in the city as they all go on their Ride Pokémon to investigate. Ash and the rest of the Ultra Guardians arrived at Viren's construction site where the Ultra Aura is located as they also found the Ultra Beast there as well. After the Ultra Beast started moving, Ash and the rest of the Ultra Guardians realize that the statue Viern's workers put on it is causing it pain. Ash went up onto the Ultra Beast to get the statue off it then kept his balance on it until it calmed down then he asked it if he can catch and promises it to return it to its home. After catching the Ultra Beast, Ash and the rest of the Ultra Guardians witness the Ultra Beast returned to its proper home.[48]

Ash and his friends head over to the Pokémon Paradise Resort with their Pokémon as Lusamine got them a reservation for the resort where their Ride Pokémon are require to get treatment over their due to all the hard work they do for them. Arriving at the resort, Ash and everyone have the workers at the resort look at their Ride Pokémon as to what treatment they needed. After sorting out what their Ride Pokémon needed, Ash and everyone headed over to the hot springs to relax before everyone went with their Ride Pokémon to get their respective treatment. Ash with Mallow and their Ride Pokémon go the stress course to help them relief their stress. However, Ash and everyone ended up getting caught in a net by Team Rocket then witness them almost making off with their Pokémon but all the Ride Pokémon saved them. After Team Rocket was taken care off, Ash and everyone headed over to the flower bath.[49]

One morning, Ash notices that both of the Professors are acting very strange when he sees them not their usually happy and upbeat selfs. At school, Ash was inform by his classmates that their parents and Lillie butler, Hobbes, are acting the same way as the Professors are. After Professor Kukui left due to not being motivated to teach class, Ash hears Kaiwe explain about the upcoming Manalo Festival that happens once every twenty-one years. Ash explains how he heard about the Blinding One from Acerola when he was on Ula'ula Island then hears Lillie explain the story to everyone. After school got out, Ash and Kiawe did some training but could't do their Z-Move which got them confused as to why they could't. Later, Ash and everyone sees that the clouds are getting darker then they were called in for an Ultra Guardian mission. Ash and the rest of the Ultra Guardians head over to Poni Island to meet up with Lusamine, Wicke, Faba, who are also acting strange, and Professor Burnet. When they arrived at the Altar of Sunne on Poni Island, Ash and the rest of the Ultra Guardians are joined by Gladion, who also became an Ultra Guardian. Ash and the rest Ultra Guardians are explained that the Ultra Aura has been decreasing and because of it left a side-effect on all adults which makes them not their usually selfs. Informed that the side-effect doesn't effect children and Pokémon, Ash and the rest of the Ultra Guardians were inform of a small Ultra Wormhole but could't determined where it is due to the clouds being in the way. Ash, Gladion, Kiawe and Lana use their Z-Move to help get one of Faba's machine to work as it can remove the clouds. After clearing the clouds, Ash and the rest of the Ultra Guardians with Lusamine head over to a new ruins that the Aether Foundation found at the Ultra of the Sunne. However, Ash and everyone were called back by Wicke when she tells them that somethings is coming out of the Ultra Wormhole. Arriving back, Ash and everyone see Lunala coming out of it the Ultra Wormhole then saw unknown Pokémon coming out of it as well.[50]

Seeing Lunala in trouble, Ash and the rest of the Ultra Guardians head over to Melemele Island to help the Legendary Pokémon. Ash and the rest of the Ultra Guardians did the best they could to stop the unknown Pokémon from hurting Lunala but it ended getting absorb by it. When Team Rocket tried to catch Lunala while under the unknown Pokémon control, Ash was almost electrocuted by the net they used, after the possessed Lunala broke free from it, but Solgaleo, Nebby, came to his rescue. Ash became happy to see Solgaleo again as he tells it how much he missed it then witness it free Lunala from the unknown Pokémon control. After Lunala collapsed onto the beach and the unknown Pokémon collapse into the ocean, Ash with Gladion saved Lunala and Solgaelo, who went to check on its friend, from Team Rocket, who tried to catch both of them. When the unknown Pokémon came out of the ocean and possess Solgaelo, Ash tried to chased after it as he wanted to save his friend but the Ultra Wormhole closed before he could go after them. Seeing all the adults back to normal, Ash and everyone head back to base so Lunala could recover. While at base, Ash and everyone witness Lunala recovering then they all find out that the Aether Foundation decided to call the unknown Pokémon UB: Black. Ash became furious when he finds out that it was Team Rocket who tried to take the Cosmic duo. While watching over Lunala, Ash, Gladion, Kiawe and Lana witness their Z-Rings glow which restored the rest of Lunala strengths.
SM088 19

Ash and his friends at the Ultra Guardians base looking over a recovering Lunala

[51] After Lunala recovered and seeing its determination to help Solgaelo, Ash and the rest of the Ultra Guardians dispatch as they followed Lunala through an Ultra Wormhole that the Legendary Pokémon created. Passing through the Ultra Wormhole and seeing more Poipole, Ash and the rest of Ultra Guardians realize that their in Poipole's home world. Ash and the rest of the Ultra Guardians helped care for Naganadel, Poipole evolve form. Through Naganadel telepathy, Ash and the rest of the Ultra Guardians were explain about Necrozma, UB: Black and the Blinding Ones real name, also about how their world became as it is now. Also, Ash and the rest of the Ultra Guardians were inform as to why Ash's Poipole came to their world. Ash and the rest of the Ultra Guardians watch Lunala fight a possessed Solgaelo. Wanting to help the Cosmic duo out, Ash, Gladion, Kiawe and Lana use their Z-Moves in hopes that Necrozma would releases Solgaelo.[52] However, Ash, Gladion, Kiawe and Lana Z-Moves didn't work as they hopped it would because it made Necrozma stronger. After getting a call from Lusamine and explaining her the situation, Ash and the rest of the Ultra Guardians with everyone else in Alola share their Z-Power to Necrozma witch successfully set Solgaelo free from it.

Ash and Gladion with the Cosmic Duo ready to use a Z-Move to help Necrozma

To help fully restore Necrozma to its true form, Ash, Gladion with the Island Kahuna's use their Z-Moves which gave Necrozma enough power to restore both its true form and Poipole's home word. After Poipole home world has been resorted, Ash had to say goodbye to his Poipole as it decided to stay where it belongs which he understands. Before leaving for home, Ash sees that Poipole made one final drawing of him and Pikachu as its way of showing how much it cares about them. Ash and the rest of the Ultra Guardians waved goodbye to their friend Poipole then returned to Alola.[53]

Later, Ash, Kiawe and Mimo all came across Pikachu Valley on Akala Island where a lot of PIkachu live also all of them are owned by Pikala, who loves Pikachu.[54] Also, Ash and Professor Burnet attended an event at the Melemele Island's mall where the Masked Royal is starting is tour of going to every town to them how amazing Battle Royal battles are.[55]

Ultra Legends

Ash with his classmates perform a play that was written by Rotom for their families and friends that came to see the performances.[56] Later, Ash meets up with his friend Acerola again and introduce her to his friends. Ash, Kiawe, Lillie, Mallow, Sophocles and Acerola all helped Lana make a haunted house for Harper and Sarah, who wanted to go to one, at the Pokémon School. However, Ash and his friends witness real Ghost Pokémon come to them as they were attracted by Mimikins, Acerola Shiny Mimikyu, due to it being a real ghost. Ash and his friends were put to sleep where they saw several illusions created by a wild Mismagius. Thanks to Lana and Acerola, Ash and everyone were able to wake up from the illusions.[57]

When a magnetic force at Wela Volcano was causing the Aether Paradise equipment that detects Ultra Aura to get all messed up and could effect future Ultra Guardian missions, Ash and his fellow Ultra Guardians headed over to Akala Island to investigate the cause of the disturbances. Ash with Kiawe and Sophocles went to one side of the volcano while the girls went to the other to make the investigation go quicker. While investigating, Ash, Kiawe and Sophocles find out that some Alolan Geodude with its evolved forms are outside the volcano. Finding a spark stone, Ash and his group find out that some miners have been mining in the area. Through the information proved by three hikers, Ash and his group headed inside the mine to stope the miners from doing further damage to it. After stopping the miners and a rage an Alolan Golem, Ash and his group meet up with the girls where they informed Lusamine as to what caused the magnetic forces. Ash and rest of the Ultra Guardians were very grateful when the three hikers volunteer to help patrol the volcano to prevent from anyone disturbing the balance of the area.[58] Ash was gonna go to Aether Paradise to deliver Professor Burnet and her Munchlax lunches when they forgot them. However, Ash was able to get to Aether Paradise when Lillie arrived in her helicopter where she explains that Lusamine needs to see him as she wants the detail about the Manalo Festival. After arriving at the Aether Foundation, Ash gives Professor Burnet and her Munchlax their lunches then headed over to see Lusamine where he witness Rotom download the photos it has from the events of the Manalo Festival. Ash and Lillie visited the Conservation Area to see the Ditto that they helped out before. Hearing that a Stufful that's being taken care by the Aether Foundation has gone missing, Ash and Lillie offer to help look for it. Finding Stufful with Team Rocket, Ash asked Team Rocket to give Stufful back but could't due to being attached onto Jessie's hair. Ash was about to have Pikachu Thunderbolt but Bewear showed up then witness Stufful hugging her as their mother and child. After Bewear and Stufful took Team Rocket away, Ash and everyone were still shocked about these turn of events, minus Wicke, who was happy about the reunion for Stufful and Bewear.[59]

SM097 9

Ash shakes hands with his second Alola rival, Hau

Later, Ash meets Hau, Hala's grandson, where he has a Dartrix, who happens to be Rowlet's evolve form, as his partner. Ash with Rowlet battles Hau and his Dartrix but lost when he could't put his Grass-Type Z-Crystal in his Z-Ring in time. Despite the lose, Ash asked Hau for a rematch which he accepted but the battle would have to take place that next day. After training Rowlet to learn a new move, Ash battle Hau again which he won when he performed Bloom Doom as his fishing move. Becoming Rivals and great friends, Ash and Hau part ways as they both vow to battle each other again one day.[60] When Rotom got offer to be on its favorite T.V show, Ash was very happy for his friend but became worried and upset that Rotom didn't consider its friends when it accepted the offer to do the show oversea without giving a second thought. Ash started a fallout with Rotom then left all upset. After having a talk with Lillie, Ash decided to make things right with Rotom then went back to set to apologizes for his behavior before. However, Ash was surprised that Rotom decided to stay with him because it realized its dream was to become the world greatest Pokédex ever then grabs his friend playfully.[61]

Wanting to get stronger for his last Grand Trail on Poni Island, Ash and Pikachu encounter Tapu Koko again where they battle it once again. However, Ash with Pikachu were accidentally sent to a parallel world when Tapu Koko and a Shiny Tapu Koko from the parallel world used an electric attack at the same time which created a crack between the two worlds. During their visit, Ash with Pikachu encounter Dia and his partner Zeraora, a Mythical Pokémon, when they came across Guzzlord, who happens to be an Ultra Beast. Ash and Pikachu listen to Dia's story when he told them how Guzzlord came to his world also how it destroy his world.[62] After arriving at Dia's base, Ash and Pikachu were in shock that his base is the Pokémon School. Ash was explain by Dia, who realize that their not from his world, that he and Pikachu got sent to a parallel world. Despite being told no into helping them stop Guzzlord, Ash and Pikachu decide to train anyway which inspired Dia with Zeraora to join them so they can battle the Ultra Beast.

Ash and Dia using their Z-Moves

When Guzzlord was approaching them, Ash with Pikachu join Dia and Zeraora to sent the Ultra Beast back through the Ultra Wormhole for good. When Dia wanted to retreat because Guzzlord was too strong, Ash refuse to run and was determined to help his friend finish what he started. With the help from the Shiny Tapu Koko, Ash and Dia use Gigavolt Havoc together to finish Guzzlord for good which sent it back through the Ultra Wormhole. With Dia and the two Tapu Koko's help, Ash and Pikachu were sent back to their world.[63]

Ash with his classmates reunite with Misty and Brock

Through an surprise arrangement by Lana, Ash reunites with Misty and Brock again. After Brock offer to stay and help Nurse Joy at the Pokémon center, Ash and his classmates show Misty their favorite spots. While the girls were showing Misty their favorite jewelry store, Ash, Kiawe and Sophocles waited outside for them where they spotted the Poké Ride Mantine Surf. Hearing that Misty, Lana and Mallow were interested in Mantien Surfing with Sophocles adding about doing it, Ash suggested into going to Treasure Island as their destination to surf to. Ash and his friends all had a great time surfing as everyone jumped on the waves, minus Lillie, Mallow and Sophocles. After arriving on the island, Ash show his friends around the island. However, Ash and his friends had to stop Team Rocket from stealing the Mantine when they showed up once again to cause trouble. After freeing the Mantine, Ash, Kiawe and Lana use their Z-Moves with Misty boasting their moves by having her Mega Gyarados use Hydro Pump to blast Team Rocket off. Ash and Misty meet back up with Brock where he had dinner made for all of them.[64] Ash with his classmates take Misty and Brock to Akala Island to see Kaiwe's family farm. After showing the family farm, Ash with his classmates introduce Misty and Brock to Olivia. Watching a battle between Olivia and Brock, Ash with his friends, minus Olivia and Brock, were captured by Team Rocket when they arrived to capture their Pokémon. Thanks to Olivia and Brock teamwork, Ash and his friends were set free from Team Rocket. After Team Rocket was defeated, Ash and his friends watch a firework display then had to say goodbye to his longtime friends once again but they both vow to come back and visit again one day.[65]

Later, Ash and his classmates arrive on Poni Island to do their research projects for school. Ash was planing to do his last Grand Trail battle as his project but could't because there was no Island Kahuna. Despite having no Island Kahuna, Ash decided to battle Tapu Fini for his Grand Trail battle instead. While exploring the Island, Ash and his classmates meet Hapu, who is the granddaughter of one of the previous Island Kahuna's, where she mistaken them for thieves as she believes that they were gonna take her radishes from her fields. After losing Hapu, Ash went looking for Tapu Fini where they encounter Team Skull stealing the Sensu Style Oricorio by using Hapu's radishes to lure the Dancing Pokémon to them. Ash was getting ready to battle them but Hapu showed up where she accused him for stealing again but he cleared the misunderstanding to her by showing her what Team Skull was doing. After Hapu took care of Team Skull and apologizes for accusing him as a thief, Ash asked if he can have another battle with her but she refuse to battle him then left.[66] Wanting to battle Hapu again, Ash and Pikachu went to the Ruins of Hope to find her. After helping her Mudsdale calm down when it stepped on a Corsola brach, Ash asked Hapu, who wanted to repay him for helping her, for another battle but she refused to battle him. Ash kept asking Hapu for a battle but he ended getting kicked by her Mudsdale when he annoyed her. Landing where Lillie and Gladion were, Ash was chased by Hapu until his friend got her to stop. Ash was asked by Gladion, who was gonna battle his sister, if he wanted to battle him which he accepted. However, Ash lost to Gladion again then saw Tapu Fini fly over them.[67]

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Alola Island Challenges



  • Unlike the previous anime series, Ash does not wear fingerless gloves with his outfit in Sun & Moon.
  • With the capture of Litten, this is the second time since the Sinnoh region that Ash catches two out of the three starter Pokémon. Coincidentally like in Sinnoh, he catches Grass and Fire-type starters.
  • With the use of the Z-move 10,000,000 volt thunderbolt, this is the second time that Ash has a power that directly connects with one of his Pokémon, also involving a factor that contains his name. The first was Greninja's Bond Phenomenon which was nicknamed "Ash-Greninja" by Bonnie.


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