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Ash Ketchum is the main protagonist of the anime series and a highly experienced Trainer from Pallet Town, aspiring to become a Pokémon Master.


Ash wears a new outfit that slightly resembles his original outfit. He wears a blue vest with yellow outlines, while his undershirt resembles the sleeping clothes that he wore in Kalos. He remains with no gloves as he did in Alola. He wears indigo shorts with black outlines coming from each side of his shorts similar to his Ultra Guardian uniform and wears black sneakers with blue highlights and a white "X" on front respectively. His hat resembles the one he wore in Hoenn, and the Poké Ball design is in a black shape of the letter C. During his second visit to Galar, he wears a Dynamax Band on his right wrist which he obtains from Leon. Also, Ash sometimes returns to wearing his Z-Power Ring on his left wrist whenever he is battling in an important match, especially World Coordination Series battles. During a visit to Kalos, Ash received a Key Stone from Korrina, which is on one of the gloves that look similar to the ones he worn during his Unova and Kalos journey, so he can use Mega Evolution.

Ash's sided spike hair has increased a bit and are sharper like they were before, his eyebrows and his spike hair tuft is larger than usually seen in previously. When he is not wearing his hat, his hair remains the same, only smoother and shorter. Ash's two lighting bolt-like markings still remain slightly bigger like they were in the sun and moon series. His eyes are a bit wider than they were before.

Whilst possessed by one of Spiritomb's spirits, Ash's eyes become narrow and his mouth becomes jagged. Further into the possession, Ash's face turned purple with the sclera becoming green. His left eye becomes swirly like that of Spiritomb's.


Ash maintains his experiences from his previous travels, maturity, and skill included. However, Ash is more overly excited to see Pokémon that he has seen before in the past and ones he's never seen before. Although this trait has caused him a lot of trouble in the past and to almost lose his friendships with his previous companions, Ash realized that his stubbornness needs correcting, due to his companion, Goh, being the same way as he is and decided to not only help him cope with it but also help himself in the process. Also, Ash is secretly understanding that he needs to develop his Aura powers a little, due to having to train one of his Pokémon, Lucario, in that field as he works hard to help it and himself.



Professor Cerise

Ash and Professor Cerise.

Ash met Professor Cerise when he opened his lab in Vermilion City with him attending the ceremony. After helping him with his research, Ash accepted Professor Cerise's offer to be his assistant in researching Pokémon more closely. Also, Ash has come to see Professor Cerise a good friend and respects him as a researchers.



Ash and Bea.

Ash first met Bea in a Karate Dojo in Kanto, where they have their first World Coronation Series battle, where he lost against her. In their second match, Bea started to respect Ash for his skills. Ash also realized that he and Bea share the same goal of defeating Leon and become the strongest Trainer in the world. This causes a rivalry between Ash and Bea, who both have the same passion of battling. However, Ash does get annoyed with Bea when she doesn't remember his name and calls him the "Riolu Trainer".



Ash, and Dragonite.

Ash met Dragonite when it was a Dragonair when he and Goh visited its home on Dragonite island. Ash was able to help it fly by growing its wings which he was successful with some training he did with. When he was sent falling towards the ocean by Team Rocket's Wailord, Dragonite evolved into its final evolution and saves Ash's life. After dealing with Team Rocket, Ash was asked by Dragonite if it can join his team as he accepts its request, making it the first Pokémon he caught in his journey around the world. Ash has a great relationship with Dragonite.


Ash and Gengar.

Ash first met Gengar at the Cerise Laboratory where it was causing trouble. Although Chloe chased it away, Ash ended up being stalked by Gengar later on as it was still in the area. Hearing that it was abandoned by its original Trainer, similar to the way his Charizard, his Infernape, and his Pignite was abandoned by Damian, Paul, and Shamus when they were a Charmander, Chimchar, and Tepig, Ash offered Gengar his friendship and it became official when he saved it from Team Rocket.

After passing out from a fever Ash unknowingly caught and recovered when he woke up, he noticed an apple and a Poké Ball by his bedside. Seeing this, Ash realized that Gengar wanted to go with him and accepted it to his team along with it becoming his second Pokémon he caught in his journey around the world. Ash and Gengar are very good friends with each other, although he once accused it for something it didn't do but didn't assume that again when it attacked him for that.

During their trip to Stow-on-Side in Galar, Ash learned about Gengar's Gigantamax form from the Gym Leader, Allister. After a failed first attempt at the Stow-on-Side Stadium, Allister assisted Ash, Goh, and Gengar into finding three clusters of Max Mushrooms in order to make Max Soup for it drink and help Gengar become eligible to Gigantamax. The following day, after Gengar drank the Max Soup, Ash managed to successfully activate Gengar's Gigantamax form.


Ash and Lucario.

Ash received Lucario as an Egg that instantly hatched into a Riolu on the night when he got it, although they subconsciously connected to each other through their Aura. However, Ash had to work on getting Lucario to trust him as it ran away just after hatching. Seeing it battling a wild Onix, Ash and Pikachu came to its defense. After healing it at the Pokémon Center, Ash caught Lucario as his third caught Pokémon from around the world. Ash and Lucario share a close bond with each other.

Also, Ash doesn't mind that Lucario, while it was a Riolu, stays by his side and when it would hold his hand or hang onto his leg. In addition, Ash has been a big influence on Lucario. Also, Ash enjoys its company as he would let Lucario stay outside its PokéBall. Ash has great respects for Lucario's fighting spirit and faith in it. After having Lucario participate in World Coronation Series battles, Ash praises it for its hard work and the two even train together alongside Pikachu. Ash even considers Lucario another partner and best friend. Overtime, Ash and Lucario's bond grows stronger, which ables them to do Mega Evolution together.


Ash and Sirfetch'd.

Ash met Sirfetch'd, while it was a Galarian Farfetch'd, during his third trip in the Galar region where it shows to be a highly skilled and experienced battler. When Ash battles it, he sees Sirfetch'd with great spirit and determination and even respect it as an honorable Pokémon. After healing it at the Pokémon Center, Sirfetch'd sees Ash as a worthy Trainer and decides to join him. After that, Ash caught Sirfetch'd as the first Pokémon he caught in the Galar region as well as his fourth Pokémon he caught in his journey around the world.

Ash and Sirfetch'd are very good friends with one another. Despite their friendship, Ash doesn't like when Sirfetch'd, as Farfetch'd, would act cold with him sometimes and would attack without him saying anything, even when he told it to stand down.

However, Ash respects Sirfetch'd's dream to be a leek master as he wants to help make that happen for it, much to its appreciation. Ash would even risk his safety to help Sirfetch'd as he saved it from falling down a hole and retrieved its leek for it, which got it to bond with him and even choose his safety over winning a battle. After its evolution, Ash and Sirfetch'd have gain more trust in each other as it became very loyal to him, thus making their friendship stronger than before.


Ash and Dracovish.

Ash met Dracovish during his fifth trip in the Galar region where it was resurrect from some Galar fossils while on a research mission for Professor Cerise and the curator of the Museum of Science. After it was revived, Ash went to greet Dracovish but it ended up freaking him out when it tried to bite his head. However, Ash was able to get Dracovish to trust him as he bonded with it during their little adventure together and decided that it wanted to join him. After that, Ash caught it as the second Pokémon he caught in the Galar region as well as his fifth Pokémon he caught in his journey around the world. Ash and Dracovish seems to have become good friends with each other.


Ash, Delia and Professor Oak heading to the Cerise Laboratory.

Ash heads to the Cerise Laboratory with his Mom and Professor Oak. Upon arrival, Ash encounters a Yamper who he tries to befriend but gets electrocuted by it instead. Ash then attends at the open ceremony, where he learns that the Legendary Pokémon Lugia was spotted at Vermilion city and attempts to battle Lugia. When arriving at the scene, Ash meets up with a local boy named Goh. As the two ride on Lugia. they are able to become friends after getting to know one another. After returning to the Cerise Laboratory, Ash and Goh are exhausted when Chloe, Goh's childhood friend and Cerise's daughter, shows up and notices how tired they look. Ash and Goh then show Professor Cerise the information on Lugia that they collected and become assistants of the Cerise Laboratory, which they both accepted.[1]

Ash and Goh's first assessment is to investigate the Ivysaur all over Vermilion City. Before investigating, Cerise gives Ash a special phone then he and Goh have a Rotom fuse with their phones to become part of their Pokédex. However, during the investigation, Ash and Goh have a fallout when they find an Ivysaur in trouble. Arriving at a Gym being constructed, the two follow the Ivysaur along with their pre-evolved form Bulbasaur to the building. Following the Seed Pokémon, Ash is able to climb easy but notices that Goh is having trouble then decides to put his grudge towards him aside to help him climb up. Although it was a long way up, Ash and Goh get the top of the building then witness them about to evolve. However, Ash and Goh become shocked when Team Rocket shows up to steal them. Ash had Pikachu battle Team Rocket and send them blasting off once again. Ash and Goh witness their evolution but was oblivious when his friend was telling that he and Pikachu were amazing. Ash and Goh bring their findings to Professor Cerise then somewhat apologize to one another for their fall out from before.[2]

Ash and Goh witnessing the Giganatmax Phenomenon.

Ash and Goh's next assessment was to investigate the special phenomenon in the Galar region. Upon arriving in Galar, Ash and Goh encounter wild Scorbunny and three Nickit who steal the former's backpack. After getting his backpack back, Ash and Goh then head to the train station on route to the Wild Area, to continue their investigation.[3] When Ash and Goh arrive at the Wild Area, they encounter a sleeping Snorlax and meet up with Scorbunny again. When the Snorlax gets Gigantamax, Ash, Pikachu, Goh and Scorbunny try to move the Snorlax where it is blocking the railroad for the incoming train. After successfully dealing with Snorlax, Ash witnesses his friend Goh when he catches his very first Pokémon, Scorbunny.[4] Ash helps Goh begin his goal on catching all Pokémon to fill in his index on his phone. Ash, Pikachu, and Scorbunny help Goh search and catch a bunch of Bug-type Pokémon in the Kanto region, where he is successful in catching them. Ash is also able to teach Goh how to catch Pokémon by battling and weakening them during their mission.[5] Ash brings Goh to the Hoenn region, where he has them entered in the Battle Frontier Flute Cup tournament. Ash brings Pikachu and Mimey with him to compete in the tournament. During their visit, Ash and Goh meet a guy named Hodge, who appears to be a cool guy and is nice to Ash but somewhat rude to Goh. When the tournament starts, Ash cheers for Goh, but sees his friends get quickly defeated by Houji. Meanwhile, Ash is rapidly advancing through the tournament, winning battle after battle. When the final match between him and Houji starts, Ash uses Mimey first against Hodge's Hariyama. After Mimey easily defeats Hariyma, Houji sends out his Mightyena, which Mimey easily gives up, forcing him to switch with Pikachu. After winning the tournament, Ash is rewarded with the prize, while Houji congratulates him as he had fun during their battle.[6] Ash and Goh later meet a disheartened and worn-out Piplup in Vermilion's port. It appears this Piplup comes from the Sinnoh region and has gotten lost, and its Trainer named Lauren was looking for it, so they decided to take it back home. When they arrive in Sinnoh, they met Misaki who is happy to be reunited with her Piplup. However, they realize Piplup left after Misaki got another Pokémon, a Croagunk who has a rivalry with Piplup. Ash enters in the Drift Ice Race with his Pikachu. However, Ash and Goh become shocked when Team Rocket shows up to steal their Pokémon. Ash and Goh battle Team Rocket and are able to send them blasting off once again. Afterward, they witness Misaki and her Pokémon, who finally make amends as they complete their assignment and return home.[7]

Ash and Goh read the news about the legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh appearing in Johto, so they head to the region where they can meet it. However, when they arrive they realize that the sightings of Ho-Oh turned out to be fake which were due to a kid name Chad, who did it to help his grandfather look for Ho-Oh again after giving up searching for it. The boys help Kurio and his grandfather look for Ho-Oh in the Bell Tower. However, they run into trouble with a Misdreavus and a Stantler until Goh stop them by catching them. When they arrive at the Bell Tower, they try to look for Ho-Oh as they call out for it. Despite failure on searching for Ho-Oh, they help Kurio's grandfather to get his motivation back as he will continue to look for Ho-Oh himself. After their mission, Ash and Goh return home.[8]

Ash being rescue by the newly evolved Dragonite.

Ash and Goh head to an island where they can investigate the Dragonite who live there. During the investigation, Ash and Goh discover how the Dragonite live there, such as sleeping, eating, and living together along with their pre-evolved forms Dratini and Dragonair. However while they are doing their research, Ash befriends a Dragonair who has trouble flying and using Dragon Dance. Ash was able to help it master the move and was able to grow its wings. While they were there, Team Rocket attempted to steal the Pokémon but they were soon defeated when Dragonair evolves into a Dragonite. After Team Rocket was dealt with, Ash caught the newly evolved Dragonite, thus joining it on his team.[9]

Ash and Goh greeted their Pokémon at Cerise Park, where they see Ash's Dragonite with Goh's Scyther and Stantler greeting each other with hugs and Goh's Wurmple evolving into Cascoon. They later encountered a mysterious Gengar at the Cerise Laboratory and starts attacking everyone. Ash and attempt to battle and catch during their pursuit but failed in doing so. As Gengar continues its mayhem, Chloe shows up and she and Yamper defeat it, causing it to leave the laboratory. At night, the boys become determined to battle Gengar the next time it shows up.[10]

Ash and Goh return to Galar to watch a World Coronation Series match.

Ash and Goh head back to the Galar region to watch the finals of the World Coronation Series As they arrive to the tournament, they witness the battle between one of the Kanto Elite Four Lance and the Pokémon Champion of Galar, Leon. During the battle Leon defeated Lance and then became the "World Champion". After seeing the battle, Ash declared he wants to battle Leon. When the match ended, the Wyndon Stadium was attacked by a wild Drednaw after Team Rocket accidentally provoked it and caused it to change into its Gigantamax form.[11]

Ash and Goh head out of the stadium to deal with the Gigantamax Drednaw. However, during their battle, something unexpected happened. The Dynamax energy from underground engulfed Pikachu and caused it to transform into its Gigantamax form. Ash was shocked to see his best friend Gigantamaxing himself but took the opportunity to use it to battle Drednaw. Ash had initial trouble with Pikachu's newly giant form, but somehow got used to it during the fight with Drednaw. Ash and Pikachu then defeated Drednaw, via Leon's advice, with a powerful G-Max move, G-Max Volt Crash. After a victorious win, Pikachu reverted to its normal size. Ash and Goh thanks Leon for his help as Leon thanks them for their heroic efforts as well. Ash asks Leon that he want to have a battle with him but Leon stares at him with an interesting look. The other day Ash thinks about Leon as he wants to battle which Goh states that he can by entering the World Coronation Series himself. Goh explains the rules and ranking system whereto climb through the ranks in order to battle Leon. However, the Boys were shocked to see Leon as he accept Ash offer, much to the former pleasure.[12]

Ash using Dynamax for the first time.

At the Wyndon Stadium, Leon gives Ash a Dynamax Band as Leon realizes he used Dynamax without it yesterday. Leon explains hows Dynamax works, for when a Pokémon Dynamax, their moves became Max Moves and told Ash that his Pikachu can Giganatmxax and has his own special G-Max Move. Leon also told that he can use Dynamax when a Pokémon returns to its Poké Ball. Ash did remark about Pikachu hate being in his Poké Ball but are sure they still manage and decides to borrow the band. As their battle begins, Ash was being overpowered during most of there but still managed to hold their ground. During the battle, Ash's Dynamax Band glows and transfers its energy to Pikachu, causing him to activated it Gigantamax form again. Leon response by Gigantamax his Charizard which led the fight into a Gigantamax battle. Due to Ash inexperience with Dynamax, he was defeated by Leon. After the battle, Ash thanks for their fight and tries to return his Dynamax Band but Leon tells Ash he can keep it. Leon told Ash he likes special unrefined Trainers like and he needs to "pop" more if he wants truly satisfy him. Ash asks Leon for another the next time they meet as Leon promises their next one will be an official match. Ash then decides to enter the World Coronation Series in to have his official rematch with Leon.[12]

Ash and Goh travel to the Unova to investigate the "Ruins of the Giants" that have discovered in a Resort Desert. During their mission, Ash and Goh stumble some traps, Pokémon, and other obstacles in their way. Ash and Goh then participated in a raid battle against a giant Golurk, where Goh was able to catch it after weaken through their battle. Ash and Goh return to Cerise Laboratory where they check on Goh's Unova Pokémon sleeping peacefully.[13]

Ash gets invited by Goh and his family for a nice meal.

One day at the Cerise Laboratory, Ash and Goh decide to return to their homes, after the Institute having a problem with the maintenance system and will be shut down in a few days. As they go back to their homes, Ash notices that Goh left something behind and went to return it to him. As Ash arrives at Goh's home, he realizes he wasn't there and decided to call. After getting Goh, call he tells Ash that Cubone lost its bone by a group of Mankey. Ash meets up with where they help Cubone get its bone back. After finding and defeating the Mankey, they realize they lost Cubone's bone. After countless of searching, they were able to retrieve Cubune's Bone. Ash mets Goh's parents when they arrived at their locations and gets invited by them for a nice dinner.[14]

Ash and Goh encounter the Gengar they met before. Seeing it again, Ash and Goh blaze with enthusiasm as they declare that they will definitely catch it this time. However, Ash and Goh's joy turned to dismay when Gengar quickly left. Little did he know, Ash ended up being stalked by Gengar as it was hiding away in his shadow, where he put a curse on him. Due to Gengar in his shadow, Ash ended up having a lot of bad luck, such as falling down the stairs, haven't his food ruined and got crushed by his and Goh's Pokémon. Ash decided to head outside for some fresh air where he met Gengar's former Trainer. However, during the conformation and Goh caught up with him, Ash realizes that the Trainer actually left the Gengar at the Cerise Laboratory a couple of years ago and had no intention of coming back for it. After hearing his story, Ash became surprised when Gengar, who hear the whole conversation, came out of his shadow to exact revenge on its former Trainer for his selfish actions. Ash tried to stop Gengar and reason with it, but it was infuriated about the shocking truth of his old Trainer abandoning it to listen. Also, Ash scolded the Trainer for his careless actions and was disgusted by the way he told Gengar that he was through with it then ran away in fright. After the Trainer fled, Ash tries to comfort Gengar but it ran away in anger. Ash decides to find Gengar as he hates to leave it at the state it is in. After finding it, Ash saves Gengar from Team Rocket. Ash told Gengar to team up with him as he knows what his old Trainer had done and wants to help it. After Gengar accepts his offer, Ash and the Shadow Pokémon teamed up against Team Rocket. After dealing with Team Rocket, Ash told Gengar they should go back to the Cerise Laboratory but then collapsed due to a fever. After waking up from his fever, Ash sees that Gengar gave him some food and an empty Poké Ball. Seeing the Poké Ball, Ash realizes that Gengar wants to go with him and accepted it to his team.[15]

Ash and Pikachu helping Goh's Scorbunny learn a move.

Ash and Goh were training at the Cerise Laboratory with their Pokémon Pikachu and Scorbunny until Goh's Darmanitan came and mocked Scorbunny for knowing a fire type move. During their quest to find more Pokémon, they encountered Team Rocket and have a battle with them. Goh and Scorbunny were quickly defeated but luckily Ash and Pikachu send Team Rocket flying off again. After dealing with Team Rocket. Ash witness Goh and Scorbunny had an argument were Goh disapproves of Scorbunny learning a new move. Ash helps Goh and Scorbunny made by telling Goh how to truly become one with his Pokémon in battle. During their second, battle with Team Rocket, Ash watch Goh Scourbunny battle by themselves and not only witness Scorbunny lean a new move: Ember but also witness Scorbunny evolving into Raboot. After Team Rocket has been defeated for the second time, Ash and Pikachu were over Goh and Raboot triumph but saw Raboot walk away while ignoring their special fist bump as they usually do.[16]

Ash registers for the new season of the World Coronation Series. He plans to have his first battle with Visquez, the substitute Gym leader of Vermilion Gym. After arriving at the Gym, Ash was surprised that Visquez knows him as she heard about him from Lt. Surge where he won a Gym Battle against him. Ash asks Visquez to be his first opponent in the World Coronation Series which she accepts. Ash starts his first World Coronation Series match in a 2v2 battle. Ash sends Pikachu out against Visquez's Raichu in the first battle. However Pikachu has taken a lot of damage during the battle, so Ash decides to switch Pikachu with Gengar. Ash was happy that Gengar was victorious against her Raichu but was bummed when it soon lost to Electrode, not before managing to do some damage to it with Psychic. Ash recalls Gengar and praises Gengar for its hard work. Ash sent out Pikachu again to battle Electrode. Ash and Pikachu were able to defeat Electrode by rolling it in reverse and having Pikachu struck it down with his Iron Tail and surviving its Aftermath by using Eletroweb as a shield. After the battle, Ash and Pikachu celebrate their victory over their first match as they advance to a new rank. Visquez congratulates Ash for his win in their Battle and she plans to tell Lt. Surge that he could have another rematch with him, much to Ash's pleasure on wanting to battle him again.[17]

Ash and Goh at a movie set.

Ash and Goh went to see a movie being created. There, they encounter a Ditto who's fallen into a slump after angering a director due to not being able to transform very well. When the Ditto ran away from the studio, Ash and Goh decided to search for the missing Pokémon. Luckily, they find the Ditto with Team Rocket, who were helping it become a better actor. They rescue it from Team Rocket, who faked their defeat in order to bring the Ditto back to them, and brought it back to the Theater.[18]

Ash and Goh have been chosen to lead a Pokémon Orienteering event at the Cerise Laboratory. During the event, Ash lead a group of kids while he starts his second World Coronation Series match with a Trainer name Oliver in a one-on-one battle. Ash sends Pikachu out against Oliver's Meganium for the battle. During the match, Ash was able to defeat Seiya and won his second match. After the battle, Ash and Pikachu celebrate their victory over their second match as they advance to a new rank: 1,512. As he experiences just how fun it is to battle and catch Pokémon alongside the children participating in the event, Ash reaffirms his unfulfilled "dream" about entering the World Coronation Series to battle and defeat Leon to help him achieve more of his goal on becoming a Pokémon Master. However, Ash and Goh witness Lugia appear then they were preparing to battle it until it turned to a trick by Team Rocket, which they use a decoy Lugia. Although, Ash and Goh became surprised when the real Lugia appears and rescues the kidnapped Pokémon then helps the boys defeat Team Rocket. After the event, The boys were happy that they give the kids a fun experience and inspire then to become Trainers like them someday, something they'll look forward to.[19]

Ash looking at an egg in the Pokemon Center.

Ash and Goh then research about Pokémon Eggs, which they decide to go look for one. While searching for a Pokémon Egg, Ash gets challenged by a Trainer named Hayden and starts his third World Coronation Series match. During the battle, Ash sends a powerful wave of Aura, which caused an Egg to feel his presence. After the battle, Ash wins his third match in the World Coronation Series but sees Pikachu got an injury and decided to take him to the Pokémon Center. Just then, Ash senses something nearby but didn't know what. At the Pokémon Center, while his Pikachu was getting his wound healed, Ash senses something again and follow the source. Ash then finds a Pokémon Egg, which Nurse joy explains that the Egg was originally from Sinnoh that got imported to Kanto. After being told that it was passed down from one caretaker to another and it even refused to hatch for some unknown reason, Ash tells Nurse Joy and Goh that he sensed that the Egg was close by. Ash was given the Egg to keep by Nurse Joy. Back at the Cerise Laboratory, Ash shows everyone the Egg as they explain how to take care of an Egg. Ash watches over the Egg to make sure it was alright and even stop his Dragonite from almost accidentally squishing it when it tries to give it a hug. That night, the boys were sleeping until they woke up when they notice that the Egg was starting to hatch. After the Egg hatch, they were amazed when it was revealed to be a Riolu. However, the boys went after Riolu when it got confused and ran off from them. The boys' search for Riolu led them to a forest. During which, Ash expressed to Goh how he felt that Riolu was waiting for him and later believed it to just be mistaken. After Goh suggested to split up to cover more ground, Ash and Pikachu left in one direction while their friends left in the other direction. Luckily, Ash and Pikachu found Riolu, who was being attacked by an Onix. Seeing this, Ash and Pikachu rushed to protect Riolu, who sensed his aura powers. When Riolu pushed Pikachu aside, Ash realized that the Emanation Pokémon wanted to battle with him. Through their teamwork, they were able to defeat Onix. Ash praises Riolu for its skills and then takes it to the Pokémon Center to heal its injuries. At the Pokémon Center, Ash was happy that Riolu had its wounds healed. However, Ash became surprised that Riolu wants to come with him, which he accepted. Ash caught Riolu and makes it a member of the team.[20]

While in Hoenn to investigate a Beautifly migration, Ash and Goh helped Raboot win a dance battle as it was helping some wild Pokémon living in the area. Hearing that Goh wanted to release Raboot, Ash told his friend that he should have talked to his partner about it with it first, which got him to realize his mistakes. After Raboot caught up with them, Ash was pleased that Goh and his partner are planning to stay together.[21]

Ash, Goh and their Pokémon working together to help each other.

Ash was at Cerise park training with Riolu as he had Mimey use Reflect on its Vacuum Wave. However, Ash was called by Goh as he had Pikachu and Riolu accompany him as they meet up with him then help take care of his Pokémon. However, Ash and Goh notice a food shortage as they decided to spend the night at the park. Ash took some time to get some rest with Pikachu and Riolu but were woken up by Goh as it was their turn to keep watch. However, Ash and his Pokémon fell asleep but were woken up when he said Pikachu use Thunderbolt in his sleep. After waking up, the boys see that the other Pokémon were fighting and Dragonite grab everyone as it told them that they should let them work this out on their own. However, Ash and Goh see that Golurk was going berserk as it sealed was remove but some his friend Pokémon recovered it then put it back on. Although, Ash, Goh and their Pokémon all help his friend Cascoon evolve into Dustox. After everything was resolved, Ash, Goh and their Pokémon enjoy some time together.[22]

Hearing rumors at the Resort Area in the Sinnoh region, Ash and Goh head over their to investigate. While their, Ash and Goh meet up with the Team Rocket trio, who were on vacation, in disguise as they were help by them. After finding out what they came for, Ash and Goh had to stop Team Rocket elite group Matori Matrix led by Matori, who lied to the Team Rocket trio just so she could get them out of the way of the operation. Ash had Pikachu and Riolu battle them but his partner ended up getting taken as he tried to save him but Goh stop them. While at the Pokémon Center, Ash decided that they need to find Team Rocket and not only get Pikachu back but the other Pokémon they stole. With the Team Rocket trio, who overheard everything Matori said and want payback, help, Ash and Goh found Pikachu along with the other Pokémon as they were able to rescue them. After Team Rocket retreated, Ash and Goh thanked the disguised Team Rocket trio for their help then left to go back to Kanto.[23]

Ash and Goh later travel to the Kalos region where Ash partakes in a Battle Festival to raise his World Coronation series ranking. He and Riolu later sense an aura nearby, which turns out to be from Korrina's Lucario and is greeted by its Trainer, Korrina. Ash and Korrina later face each other in the finals, Ash using Gengar and Dragonite, and Korrina using Mienshao and Lucario.[24]

Ash help Goh train his Magikarp for a jumping competition but was bumped when it didn't return to earth. However, after investigating Slowpoke Islands, Ash and Goh sees that the latter Magikarp made its return.[25]

Ash, and Goh encounter their first Galarian form Pokémon, Farfetch'd.

Returning to Galar for a Coronation series match, Ash and Goh see Leon battle a Galar region Gym Leader as he beats him. After that, Ash and Goh learn a little bit about Galar's history through Sonia. Hearing about a wild Farfetch'd, Ash and Goh found it as he watches his friend battle it then lost. When he was about to have Pikachu battle it, Ash became surprised that Riolu came out of its PokéBall on its own then had it battle the Wild Duck Pokémon instead. Ash was pleased that Riolu beat Farfetch'd then brought them both to the Pokémon Center. After they were healed, Ash offered to help Farfetch'd become stronger and it happily accepts the offer. After catching it, Ash brought Farfetch'd out then watches it spar with Riolu.[26] While eating, Ash and Goh meet a wild Sobble but it ran away from them. However, Ash became surprised that Goh caught Sobble and encouraged it when he had it battle a wild Silicobra. After Sobble ran away from everyone, Ash helped Goh look for it. However, Ash and Goh were stunned that Sobble was captured by Team Rocket then helped his friend save his Pokémon. Through the efforts of their partners, Ash and Goh were able to save Sobble then send Team Rocket blasting once more.[27] While training Pikachu and Riolu, Ash was asked by Goh if he saw Sobble, which he said no. Hearing some of Goh's Pokémon crying, they realize it was nearby and Ash had his Dragonite calm it down, which worked. Ash and Goh became amazed to see Chloe taking care of a Pidove. Although, they notice how jealous Yamper was about Chloe giving Pidove more attention than him. Ash and Goh were told about Chloe's past with Yamper. However, Ash and Goh were willing to help defend the two Pokémon from a wild Fearow. Although, Ash became annoyed that Goh didn't think about catching the wild Fearow.[28]

Ash was later seen to be battling Tony in a World Coronation Series match between Electabuzz and Riolu. After Riolu got the win, Ash rank went up to 901st rank in the Super Class. However, while training Riolu, Ash was unaware of Pikachu feeling neglected as he didn't give him a chance to spar. When his mother later arrived at the lab to check up on him, Ash ate the dinner she made for him and everyone then left to go train with Riolu some more. That next day, after his mother left, Ash was ready to train with Riolu as Pikachu tried to get his attention but to no avail, which led him to run away. However, Ash noticed Pikachu's absences and realized that his partner was feeling neglected because of how he has been training Riolu instead of him with Chloe's help. Realizing the truth and where he was going, Ash rushed to his hometown of Pallet Town in order to find Pikachu and apologizes with Goh accompany him. After Pikachu, who realized his mistake of leaving him, and Mimey, who went with him, arrived in Pallet Town, Ash sees him as he apologized to him for not paying attention to his feelings and his partner in return apologizes to him for leaving without warning. That night, Ash decided to thank Mimey again for looking out for Pikachu then lullaby him to sleep.[29]

Ash and Goh aided Jinny in helping her Feebas, Feebee, to win a Water-type friendship contest in Hoenn, which they succeeded.[30] Later, Ash accompanied Goh to the Pokémon Center in order for him to participate in a trade meeting. He later battled Koromi in a World Coronation Series Super Class Match, which he won.[31]

Ash later visited the Fighting Dojo in Saffron City to battle the Karate master who had been beaten by the Galar region Gym Leader, Bea. He decides to have a World Coronation Series Great Class match against her. Despite his determination, Ash was utterly crushed by Bea's overwhelming strength, resulting in his rank dropping.[32]

Ash soon accompanied Goh to find some wild Pikachu. They eventually have an encounter with an affectionate Pikachu who gave the gang some Pecha Berries as a token of friendship.[33]

Ash later attempted to have Riolu battle at a distance in two Great Class matches, however both resulted in his rank going down back to Normal class. This caused him to become depressed which made him falter in the battle against a Flygon. Fortunately, Goh was able to remind Ash of his unique battling style and Ash decided to start fresh again.[34]

Ash and Goh visiting Alola while having a reunion with his Alola classmates.

Ash and Goh later went to Alola where Goh hoped to catch an Alolan Exeggutor. He was reunited with Professor Kukui and Professor Burnet. He was soon introduced to Lei, Burnet's new born baby and was referred to as big brother. Ash soon caught up with his Alolan team and his classmates (safe for Lillie who was still searching for her father).[35]

Ash and Goh later brought Chloe to the Pewter Museum to see the exhibition of the giant Shieldon. After missing out on the chance to see the exhibit, they decided to dig up some fossils in the park.[36]

Ash was seen training Riolu and Pikachu in the park when Goh delivered news of Bea being in Cianwood City. Upon arriving at the Cianwood City Gym, Ash had not only re-encountered Bea, but also met up with gym leader Chuck. He soon has a rematch against Bea since he managed to raise his rank back up to Great Class. However, Ash and Bea battle ended up in draw when their last Pokémon knocked each other out. Despite the draw, Ash and Bea both acknowledge their skills as Trainers.[37]

When Ash and Goh were preparing some shaved ice, there was an electrical surge, which turned out to be the work of the Legendary Pokémon Zapdos. Finding Zapdos at a power plant, Ash and Goh teamed up with Team Rocket to battle it until his friend left to confront it. While Goh was continuing the battle against Zapdos, Ash battled Team Rocket and blast them off. After their battles, Ash and Goh were happy that they battled Zapdos as they hope to battle it again one day.[38] As Ash and Goh were strolling, they come across a Marshtomp who was stuck in the dried up mud. Although they tried to get it out, Ash and Goh failed to help Marshtomp until a Ludicolo with its friend came as they helped the Mudfish Pokémon get out of dried up mud. However, Ash and Goh were shocked that Marshtomp got stuck in the dried up mud again.[39]

One night, as Ash was about to go to sleep, he noticed his Dynamax band glowing a red light. The following day, he and Goh decide to see the leading authority on the Dynamax phenonemon, Professor Magnolia. Whilst on the train to Wedgehurst, a wild Bunnelby came in through the window and ran off with some of their lunch into the Slumbering Weald. Whilst chasing after the Bunnelby, Ash and Goh end up separating from each other. Soon enough, Ash was approached by a mysterious Pokémon who attacked him out of the blue. Despite Pikachu's efforts, the Pokémon appeared to be unfazed by the attacks. After the Pokémon summons up thick fog, Ash and Pikachu wound up unconcious. After leaving the forest, he noticed several rays of red light falling from the sky. Upon coming into a nearby town, Ash came across a rampaging Gigantamax Centiskorch who was attacking the residents. Ash decided to try and stop the rampaging Pokémon with Pikachu, Dragonite, and Riolu. Despite their efforts, the rampant Centiskorch appeared unfazed by their attacks. It wasn't until Leon and Charizard showed up that the Centiskorch returned back to normal.[40]

Ash and Leon soon arrived at a mine where a Coalossal ended up Gigantamaxing and went on a rampage. After returning it back to normal, Ash defended the Pokémon from the miners who were putting down Coalossal despite it not being itself at the time. Ash was soon encountered by Rose and his secretary, Oleana who invited him to a meal at Rose Tower. During the meal, Rose offered Ash an enforcement if he were to accept his proposal, to which Ash states he would rather forge his own path.[41]

Ash soon departed from Rose Tower in order to reunite with Goh at Stow-on-Side when he saw a bright red light emitting from the Energy Plant at Hammerlocke. Upon reaching the stadium, Ash encountered Team Rocket who were being chased by Gigantamaxed Meowth., Inside the stadium, Ash and Leon witnessed the terrifying power Eternatus was capable of. When Rose entered the stadium, he told Ash and Leon his reasoning behind using Eternatus as a power source.[42]

Ash, Pikachu and Riolu continue their battle against Chairman Rose's Copperajah and Ferrothron whilst Leon deals with Eternatus. Noticing that Ferrothorn focused more on defense and Copperajah on offense, Ash strategically gets the two steel-types to attack each other. Just as Pikachu was about to unleash its Thunderbolt, it got pushed back by Eternatus' Dynamax Cannon. Just as Ash and Pikachu were about to get trampled by Rose's Pokémon, Riolu intercepted the attack to defend them. Despite the pressure of the Power Whip attacks, Riolu evolves into Lucario and pushes the two Pokémon back. Ash then commanded Lucario to use Vacuum Wave until Lucario told Ash through Aura to command Aura Sphere instead. Upon defeating Rose, Ash, Pikachu and Lucario head up to where Leon was taking on Eternatus and reunited with Goh and his newly evolved Cinderace. With help from Zacian and Zamazenta, Ash and Goh were able to defeat Eternatus as they caught it then sealed it away so the Darkest Day wouldn't occur again. Ash and Goh return the rusted sword and shield as they thank the two Legendary Pokémon for their help. Also, Ash and Goh hope to see the two Legendary Pokémon again someday then they return to Kanto.[43]

Ash and Goh received word about a strong Psychic energy signature that bares similarities too Mew. Hearing this, Ash and Goh venture off to Cero Island to investigate the mysterious energy. However, they encounter Mewtwo, which Ash knows but doesn't tell Goh because of the promise he made to the Genetic Pokémon from the last time they saw each other. Ash and Goh battled Mewtwo as they a good fight against it but they lost to it in the end. However, Ash and Goh's passion for their ambition impressed Mewtwo then brought them back to the lab where they reunited with their friends.[44]

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On hand

Traveling with

With Professor Oak

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Bulbasaur *

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Muk *

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Tauros *

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Heracross *

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Bayleef *

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Totodile *

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Buizel *

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Oshawott *

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Pignite *

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Krookodile *

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Hawlucha *

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Noivern *

With Professor Kukui and Burnet

Rowlet was found by Ash as he was trying to get food for his father Toucannon. After Ash saved him from falling and giving him food, Rowlet started to like him and saved Pikachu from Mimikyu. After getting Toucannon's approval, Rowlet decided to join Ash's team, becoming his first Alolan Pokémon.

This Rockruff was originally a wild Pokémon living under Kukui's care. In Rocking Clawmark Hill!, after seeing how Rockruff formed a strong bond with Ash, Kukui thought he was best for Ash to take Rockruff on his adventures, which he gladly accepts.

At the Cerise Laboratory

Delia befriends Mimey after thinking it was Ash in disguise. Because of Delia's care and affection, Mimey decided to stay with her and help with household chores.

Traveled with


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Feeby *

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Minun *

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Plusle *


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Lugia *

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Zacian *


World Coronation Series


Battle Frontier Flute Cup's Glass Flutes.


  • This is the first time Ash:
    • Works with a Pokémon Professor.
    • Travels with only one companion.
    • Travels to more than one region during his journey.
    • Defeated a regional Champion in battle.
    • Used all three battling techniques, although he used one of them in the previous series.
  • Ash's Journeys team are the very first team to:
    • Have a Ghost type on a team.
    • Have a member that knows Ghost- and Fairy-type moves.
    • Have members participated in the World Coronation Series other than their Trainer's Starter Pokémon.
    • Have a member that is or was a Baby and Regional form Pokémon.
    • Have members from the Generation VIII group.
    • Have a member that is a Fossil Pokémon.
    • Have a member that can only evolve through single battles.
    • Have a member or more that defeated a regional Champion in battle for their Trainer.
    • Have a member go through Mega Evolution.
    • Have several members of his team temporarily devolve back into eggs. However, this unfortunate circumstance was only against their will because the Alternate World Team Rocket was misusing the time-space powers of Dialga and Palkia and the Red Chain. So, it was not intentional on Ash's part and the devolution effects on his Pokémon and everyone else's were soon reversed afterwards.
    • Have a member Dynamax and Gigantamax other than their Trainer's Starter Pokémon.
  • Ash's Journeys team shares many similarities with both his Kalos team and his Alola team:
    • They have a Dragon and Flying type on their teams.
    • They have members that knows Dragon-, Flying-, Fighting-, Normal-, Bug- and Steel-type moves.
    • They have a member or more be the same member that one of their Trainer's main or Pokémon League rivals had or owns.
    • They have a member or more that has or had a Signature Move.
    • They have a member or more that knows or knew a Signature Move.
    • They have a member or more that changes from one Type to dual Type upon evolution.
    • They have a member or more that that battled a Legendary or Mythical Pokémon.
    • They have a member or more that didn't defeat a Legendary or Mythical Pokémon.
    • They have a member or more that participated in a different tournament or competition.
    • They have a member or more that temporarily or a while disobey their Trainer.
  • Ash's Journeys team shares many similarities with just his Kalos team:
    • They both have a Fighting type, unless the one that their Trainer temporally caught then released in Alola is counted as it would have been also shared with their team, and Water-type on their teams.
    • They both have a member that knows Ice- and Water-type moves.
    • They both have a Pseudo and Semi-Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon on their teams, although the difference between them is that one team has their members from the same region while the other team has their members from different regions.
    • They both have a member that was received or found as an Egg.
    • They both have a member that is connected to one of their Trainer's abilities, although the difference between them is that one is connected to trigger a form differences while the other is connected through spiritual energy.
    • They both have a member or more be the same member that one of their Trainer's Traveling Companions had or owns.
    • They both have a member or more that battled a Mega-Evolved Pokémon.
    • They both have a member or more that defeated a Mega Evolved Pokémon.
    • They both have a member or more that a Gym Leader has or owned.
    • They both have some of their members be the same type on a team, unless you count the temporally caught then released ones that their Trainer caught in Alola and it would have also shared with their team.
    • They both have more than one Dragon type on a team.
    • They both have a member or more that can't evolve, unless you count the temporally caught then released ones that their Trainer caught in Alola and it would have also shared with their team.
    • They both have none of their members that a Island Kahuna has or owned.
  • Ash's Journeys team shares many similarities with just his Alola team:
    • They both have a Poison and Steel type on their teams.
    • They both have a member that knows Dark-type moves.
    • They both have a member or more that traveled more than one region with their Trainer.
    • They both have a member that can only evolve either during the day or night.
    • They both have a member or more that a Pokémon Professor has or owned.
    • They both have members that were kept in storage by a different Pokémon Professor during their Trainer's journey or after.
    • They both have a member with an alternative color, although the difference between them is that one lost the alternative color when it evolved while one has remained the same.
    • They both have a member or more that are capable of Gigantamax , although the difference between them is that one hasn't done it while the other has done it.
    • They both have a member or more that is or was a Walking Pokémon.
    • They both have a member or more that is Genderless.
  • Ash's Journeys team shares a few similarities with his Unova team:
    • They both have at least one or more members that had already evolved into its second stage or were fully evolved before being obtained or caught.
    • They both have a member that was abandoned by their original Trainers, although the difference between them is that one was a Starter Pokémon while the other wasn't.
    • They both do a rotation between the ones in their Trainer's party and the ones kept in storage.
    • They both have a member or more that can only evolve through High Friendship.
    • They both have more than one Fighting type on a team, unless you count the two that their Trainer temporarily caught then released in Alola and it would have been shared with their team.
  • Ash's Journeys team shares many similarities with his Sinnoh team:
    • They both have a member or more from the Generation IV group.
    • They both have a member or more from previous Generations, although the difference between them is one evolved into its current teams generation group while the other remained the same.
    • They both have a member or more that an Elite Four has or owned.
    • They both have a member with a cross-generational evolution, although the differences between them is that one isn't a Regional Form Pokémon while the other is or was one.
    • They both have a fully evolved Fighting type.
    • They both have a member who has a cross-generational evolution.
  • Like the Pokémon from Battle Frontier, Ash's Journeys team doesn't have a regional Starter Pokémon on their team.
  • Ash's Journeys team shares a couple of similarities with his Hoenn team:
    • They both have a member that knows Psychic-type moves.
    • They both have a member or more that is capable of Mega Evolving, although the differences between them is that one or more hasn't used it while the other has.
    • They both have a member or more that didn't evolve in their home region.
  • Like the Pokémon from the Orange Islands, Ash's Journey team has a member or more from the Generation I group, unless you count the one he gave away or quickly released and would have been shared with the Johto team.
  • Ash's Journeys team shares a couple similarities with his Kanto team:
  • Like in Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire, Ash wears an outfit that has no resemblance to that worn by the player characters of the games the series are based upon.



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