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Ash Ketchum is a main character of the Pokémon Anime. He is a Trainer from Pallet Town, aspiring to become a Pokémon Master.


Continuing from Kanto and the Orange Islands, Ash wears a medium blue vest with gold trim, white collar and sleeves, dark cyan or teal T-shirt, blue jeans with light blue cuffs, black and white sneakers with red dots, green fingerless gloves with light green borders and a red and white hat with a green stylized "L".

Ash's hair is shape and pointed and his lighting bolt-like markings are slanted.


Since entering the Johto region, Ash became independent in himself as he starts to train the Pokémon he owns instead of catching more of them. Ash still had trouble opening up to advice from others, being patient with others and taking rivals seriously, other than Gary, but began to get a little better at it. Although, Ash still kept his other traits from his previous travels while keeping his love for Pokémon.



Professor Elm

Ash and Professor Elm.

Ash was instantly impress with Professor Elm's research. Also, Ash and his friends would run into Professor Elm during their travels in Johto and would greatly help each other no matter what.


Ash and Casey.

Ash is good friends with Casey. However, when they first meet they battle each but Ash used bigger Pokémon during the battle against Casey. Although they battle again when Casey was tricked into believing that Ash was cheater by Team Rocket. However, the truth was reviled and they work together to stop them and part ways on good terms. Ash would help Casey and she has done the same for him, shown the other two times they encounter each other.



Ash and Harrison.

Ash and Harrison became rivals and friends during the Johto League Silver Conference. During the league, Ash and Harrison battle each other in a full six on six battle but he lost him, although it was a good battle. They part ways on good terms, after the league was over. Through Harrison, Ash found out about the Hoenn region and decided to go there as his next region for his journey.



Ash and Heracross.

Ash first meet Heracross in a forest it was living in and it was having trouble getting its usually tree it likes to suck on for food back, due to Team Rocket interfering. After helping it and was ready to continue his journey, Ash was followed by Heracross as it wanted to join him and he happily accepted then it became the first Pokémon he caught in Johto. After that, Ash and Heracross became close friends with each other. Ash has Heracross help him in his battles from time to time. After leaving Heracross in Professor Oak's care, Ash has call upon it a couple of times and is happy to see it when he reunites with it at the lab.


Ash and Bayleef.

Ash first meet Bayleef when she was a Chikorita and tried to catch her but kept getting back up. Seeing this, Ash brought Bayleef to a Pokémon Center to get treated but Team Rocket stole her, which led him and Pikachu to go after them to get her back. After rescuing her and getting away from Team Rocket, Ash and Bayleef started to bond with each other. When he was gonna leave her with a Nurse Joy, Ash saw that Bayleef wanted to go with him and she became the second Pokémon he caught in Johto. However, Ash became surprised when Bayleef developed a crush on him and that she would get extremely jealous if any of his other Pokémon got his attention; in most cases, Pikachu.

After she evolved, Ash kept getting tackled by Bayleef, due to her believing that she was still small to be in his arms, as she didn't realize that she had grown so much. After this happened a couple of times, he had enough of her tackling him and believed she was gonna do it again when she was approaching him slowly, Ash lost his cool towards Bayleef as he told her to get away from him and stay away from him. After a while, Ash noticed that Bayleef, who's feelings were left hurt, ran away and went looking for her. With the help of his friends, Ash realized that his harsh words were the reason why Bayleef ran away from him. After finding her with a kind old woman that found her, Ash tried to get Bayleef to see how really sorry he was for hurting her feelings but nothing worked. When she, Pikachu and the kind old woman's Pokémon were taken by Team Rocket, Ash rushed in to save them and that act got Bayleef to realized that he truly was sorry for hurting her feelings and forgave him. After everyone was saved, Ash was also given an apology from Bayleef as well when she realized that her tackles got him to lose her cool on her in the first place.

After that, Ash and Bayleef bond for each other grew as she mellowed out but still sometimes gives him affection and she is always happy to see him whenever they reunited, after he left her at Professor Oak's lab while he continues his travels. Ash has a lot of faith in Bayleef as he notice how hard she works whenever he uses her in a Pokémon battle and his grateful when she helps him get out of a tough spot.


Ash and Quilava.

Ash first encounter Quilava during its time as a Cyndaquil when he heard about one living near the area he with friends were at. When it helped him and Pikachu get away from Team Rocket, Ash instantly caught Quilava as he was trying to get it away from Team Rocket's robot as it was getting ready to blow up. After catching it as his third Pokémon from Johto and stopping a boy that wanted it, Ash and Quilava formed a friendship with each other. Ash greatly helped Quilava grow, due to being the baby of the group at the time. After leaving it at Professor Oak's lab, Ash is happy to see Quilava again when he come to Pallet Town for a visit. After evolving before his fifth Pokémon League competition, Ash was very proud with Quilava in its growth in battle and abilities.


Ash and Totodile.

When Ash first meet Totodile, he and Misty both wanted to catch it but they ended up having a battle with each other for ownership of it, due to not knowing which of their Lure Balls was used on it first. Ash ended up winning Totodile and it became his fourth Pokémon he obtained in Johto. Also, Ash and Totodile personality match as their both energetic. That part of their personality allowed Ash and Totodile to bond with each other. Also, Ash has called on Totodile for battles or if he needed to put out anything that had to do with fire. Ash left Totodile with Professor Oak when his Johto journey ended but he is happy to see it when he comes to Pallet Town for a visit.


Ash and Noctowl.

Ash first meet Notctowl in a forest he was at with his friends and instantly wanted to catch it, due to being a different color but failed. However, after he saved it from Team Rocket, Ash was given another shot by Noctowl as it wanted to go with him. Ash succeed in catching Noctowl and it became his fifth Pokémon he obtained in Johto. Also, Ash and Noctowl instantly became friends. Ash would call upon Noctowl to battle or to look around for something from the air. After his Johto journey ended, Ash left Noctowl with Professor Oak but he is happy to see it again when he visits.


Ash and Donphan.

Ash received Donphan as an Egg then hatched into a Phanpy as his sixth and final Pokémon he obtained in Johto. However, Ash ended up scaring the newborn when he had Pikachu send Team Rocket blasting off with a Thunderbolt attack. Ash tried to get Donphan to come out as he wanted to assured it that it was an accident and this led Pikachu to blame himself for having it run away from them. When he found it, Ash saw that Team Rocket was using Donphan to catch Pikachu, due to it being easily trusting at the time. Finding them in a river, Ash saved Donphan and Pikachu, which led it to know who its real friends were. After that, Ash and Donphan formed an unbreakable friendship with one another. Ash left Donphan with Professor Oak when his Johto journey ended. When he returned from his new journey and was getting ready to set off on a new one, Ash saw that Donphan wanted to join him for his new adventure, which he accepted and that led to its evolution. After evolving, Ash called upon Donphan from time to time in battle due to noticing its newfound strength and abilities. Once his second journey through Kanto ended, Ash left Donphan with Professor Oak once again but he does still call on it for help in battles.


Ash and Larvitar.

Although he never caught it, Ash took care of Larvitar in Johto and was given to him as an egg from Professor Elm. Ash instantly earned Larvitar trust and was the only person it would open up as it wasn't very trusting of others, especially Brock and Misty. After returning to its home at Mt. Silver, Ash and Larvitar went their separate ways but promise to always be friends.


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Ash with Misty and Brock.

Ash heard that there was a region called Johto and traveled there to find and catch new Pokémon unseen in Kanto. He battled the Gym Leaders there and caught the three Starter Pokémon, just as he'd done in Kanto. Brock returned and left Professor Ivy, for unknown reasons, and Tracey remained at Professor Oak's Lab in Pallet Town. During this portion of Gold and Silver, Ash won two badges for the Johto League, by facing Falkner of the Violet City Gym and Bugsy of the Azalea Town Gym. He also catches a Shiny Noctowl, had another battle with Misty and said goodbye to his Charizard as he left it at the Charicific Valley so it could become stronger.

Ash won three more badges, but was delayed from having his sixth Gym Battle as the Olivine City Gym Leader, Jasmine, was preoccupied with caring for an ill Electric Pokémon, Ampharos, that fueled the lighthouse's power. Determined to get his Gym Battle, Ash traveled over to Cianwood City to get the medicine needed for Ampharos. Along the way he meets the Gym Leaders Whitney, Morty, Jasmine and Chuck, along with some new friends like Sakura, an aspiring Trainer and one of the 5 Kimono Sisters and reunites with Casey, whose Chikorita evolved into Bayleef. After his Gym Battle with Chuck, Ash and his mates traveled to the Whirl Islands on Chuck's suggestion to take part in the Whirl Cup Competition, a tournament for Water-type Pokémon.

After competing in the Whirl Cup Competition, Ash finally collected the remaining three badges to enter the Johto League by beating Jasmine, Pryce and Clair. He also met Lance and stopped Team Rocket's latest scheme at the Lake of Rage and brought a Larvitar back to its mother.

Ash battles his longtime rival Gary in the Johto League.

In the Johto League, he battled his old rival Gary and finally defeated him, bringing their long rivalry to an end, then fought Harrison from the Hoenn region, who had a Blaziken, a Fire-type Pokémon Ash had never seen before. To face it, Ash chose his trusty Charizard: the two Fire-types fought fiercely, but ultimately Charizard fainted and Ash lost to Harrison (however, Charizard managed to wound Blaziken badly enough to prevent Harrison from using it in his next match, which led to his own defeat). Ash then decided to travel to the Hoenn region, but sadly, both of his friends had to return home and thus would not be traveling with him this time.


On hand

Ash was given Pikachu by Professor Oak as the original Kanto starter Pokemon had been taken. Originally, Pikachu would not listen to Ash and constantly shocked him. However, after accidentally angering a flock of Spearow, Pikachu had a change of heart when he saw Ash defend him. Since then, Pikachu has assisted and been very successful in many of Ash's wins and over time has adopted Ash's mannerisms. Pikachu does not want to be in his Poké Ball so he stays out all the time, often riding on Ash's shoulder or head.

Totodile was captured by Ash using his Lure Ball. Since Misty also wanted him, they decided to battle in order to determine whose he was. Ash won. Totodile has a quirky personality and really likes to dance. He has even been known to use this dancing tactic to help win battles.

With Professor Oak

Captured after taking over a Power Plant, Muk was immediately sent to Professor Oak's Laboratory. While being there it grew incredibly affectionate and is known to hug Professor Oak on many occasions. However, past this affectionate yet slimy exterior, Muk has been used in several League battles and manages to hold its ground. As a running gag, Muk often knocks over Professor Oak when he's talking with Ash over the video-phone.

When he was in the Safari Zone, Ash managed to capture thirty Tauros, all of which reside at Oak's Laboratory. However Ash has used one of the Tauros on several occasions in Leagues and Frontier battles.

In training

When Squirtle was captured him was part of the Squirtle Squad, a terrorizing group of Squirtle that were causing havoc around Vermillion City. However after gaining respect for Ash, he joined his team and has since become an incredibly competent battler. He has won many Gym and League matches but has since returned to the Squirtle Squad to lead after the team started falling apart. Later, he appears with other Ash's captured Pokémon in Prof. Oak's lab, in the opening scene of BW: Adventures in Unova.

At home

Delia befriends Mimey after thinking it was Ash in disguise. Because of Delia's care and affection, Mimey decided to stay with her and help with household chores.
Mr. Mime


Officially Owned

Temporarily Owned

Given away

Traveled with


Ash borrowed Psyduck from Misty for the Fire and Rescue Grand Prix. However, he did not win the contest and returned Psyduck to her.


Ash encountered Latias in the form of Bianca at Alto Mare when he saved her from Oakley and Annie. Latias developed a close bond with Ash and have been playing with him and with her brother, Latios. One night, when Oakley and Annie captured Latios, Latias teamed up with Ash to rescue him. When Latios gave his life to save the city from a massive and deadly tidal wave, Latias was heartbroken and Ash comforted her over the loss of her brother. The next day, Ash and his friends were leaving Alto Mare and Latias (or Bianca herself) bid farewell to Ash.


Johto League

Ash's Johto Badges.

  1. Zephyr Badge
  2. Hive Badge
  3. Plain Badge
  4. Fog Badge
  5. Storm Badge
  6. Mineral Badge
  7. Glacier Badge
  8. Rising Badge

Pokémon League


Ash's Poké Ball trophy from the Extreme Pokémon race.


  • This is the first time Ash:
    • Had a companion return before and during his journey.
    • Had an unofficial battle with a Gym Leader.
    • Battled a Flying-type, Bug-type, Normal-type, Ghost-type, Fighting-type, Steel-type, Ice-type and Dragon-type Gym Leaders.
    • Didn't battle a main rival during his journey.
    • Defeated a main rival in the Pokémon League.
    • Had full battles in a Pokémon League.
    • Achieved Top 8 in a Pokémon League.
  • Ash's Johto team are the very first team to:
    • Have a Ground type on a team.
    • Have members from the Generation II group.
    • Have two members that are only dual Types, unless you count the one their Trainer caught then gave away and it would have been three.
    • Have four members that are only one Types, unless you count the one their Trainer caught then released and it would have been five as it would have been shared with the Kanto team.
    • Have a member know Dark-type and Rock-type moves.
    • Have six members on a team, unless you count two temporary members that were released or given away and that would be a total of eight members on a team.
    • Have a member caught in a different Poké Ball.
    • Have a member that is a Shiny Pokémon.
    • Have two members caught through battle.
    • Have four members caught without battle.
    • Have a member that was received or found as an Egg.
    • Have team up with past members for a Regional League, although they have team up with some of them before the League.
    • Have gotten their Trainer to the Quarter-finals, Top 8, in a regional League alongside their Trainer's Starter Pokémon, although his previous team had a hand in achieving this rank.
    • Have a fully evolved Ground type.
    • Have a member or more not evolve in their home region.
    • Have three members evolve.
    • Have one member that didn't evolve once.
    • Have a member or more that didn't defeat a Legendary or Mythical Pokémon.
  • Ash's Johto team shares many similarities with both his Kanto and the Pokémon from the Orange Islands:
    • They have a Water type and Normal type on their teams.
    • They don't have a Dark type, Dragon type, Ghost type,Rock type and Steel type on their teams.
    • They have members that knows Normal-type, Psychic-type and Water-type moves.
    • They have some of their member participated in more than one Regional League.
    • They have some of their member participated in a full battle or more.
    • They have some of their members participated in a different tournament or competition.
    • They have some of their members that did not participated in a different tournament or competition.
    • They have some of their members participated in a Battle Frontier battle.
    • They have all their members that did not revealed their ability.
    • They have a member or more that were kept in storage with their Trainer's Pokémon Professor during their Trainer's journey or after.
    • They have a member or more that didn't battle a Legendary or Mythical Pokémon.
    • They have none of their members that an Elite Four has or owned.
    • They have none of their members that an Island Kahuna has or owned.
  • Ash's Johto team shares many similarities with just his Kanto team:
    • They both have a Bug type, Fighting type, Grass type, Fire type, Flying type and Poison type on their teams.
    • They both have members be the same type on a team.
    • They both don't have a Ice type on their teams.
    • They both have members that knows Bug-type, Fighting-type, Grass-type, Fire-type, Flying-type and Ground-type moves.
    • They both have all three Starter Pokémon on their teams.
    • They both have a member or more that has or had a Signature Move.
    • They both have a member or more with an appearances based on gender.
    • They both have a member or more that already evolved into its second stage or was fully evolved before being obtained or caught.
    • They both have a member or more not participated in a Gym battle.
    • They both had a member or more travel in more than one region with their Trainer.
    • They both have a members or more be the same member that one of their Trainer's main or Pokémon League rivals had or owns.
    • They both have a member or more be the same member that one of their Trainer's Traveling Companions had or owns.
    • They both have a member or more not participated in a full battle.
    • They both have a member or more that battled a Legendary or Mythical Pokémon.
    • They both have a member or more capable of Mega Evolving.
  • Ash's Johto team shares many similarities with just his Pokémon from the Orange Islands:
    • They both don't have a member or more that changes from a one Type to a dual Type upon evolution.
    • They both have a member or more from a previous Generation, although the difference between them is that one group had a member that released while the other was sent to their Trainers Pokémon Professor and the other group was given away.
    • They both don't have a Fairy type and Psychic type on their teams.
    • They both had none of their members temporally or for a while disobey their Trainer.
    • They both have none of their members that a Gym Leaders has or owned.
    • They both have none of their members that a Pokémon Champion has or owned.
    • They both have none of their members that a Pokémon Professor has or owned.