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This Sirfetch'd is a Fighting-type Pokémon owned by Ash Ketchum and the first Pokémon he caught in the Galar region, as well as the fourth Pokémon he caught during his journey around the world with Goh.


Sirfetch'd is an experienced battler who aims to become a "Leek Master" as he wants become the mightiest fighter, an expert at fighting with his Leek.

As a Galarian Farfetch'd, Sirfetch'd was very competitive and was always looking to push his limits, even when he is at a disadvantage. Also, similar to his teammate Lucario, as a Riolu, Sirfetch'd, while he was a Galarian Farfetch'd was known to pick fights with other Pokémon prior to being captured. He's shown to be cold and aloof towards Ash. He is mostly known for making a "bring it on" ("come on" in Japanese) gesture when challenging his opponents to combat.

Similar to Ash's Charizard in his disobedience phase, Sirfetch'd, while he was still a Galarian Farfetch'd wields a great deal of power and wished to pursue getting stronger alone. According to Rinto, despite his power, Farfetch'd lacked the synchronization with Ash.

He is normally on friendly terms with his Kantonian counterpart, but they will dispute with each other when conflicts arise. For instance, he once nearly fought with Kantonian Farfetch'd after mistaking the latter for eating his curry.

Upon evolving, Sirfetch'd has fully ascended into knighthood. He begins displaying a much more chivalrous and gallant demeanor, as he once protected his trainer, Ash from being wet when a car almost splashed some water of him.

Sirfetch'd always keeps training to master his techniques with his Leek and tries to work together with his trainer who agrees to help him achieved his dream.


File:Ash Journeys Pokémon and Goh Galar First partner Pokémon.png

Sirfetch'd with his trainer Ash and teammates Pikachu, Dragonite, Gengar, Lucario and Dracovish, along with Goh and his Galar First partners.


After battling with Ash and his capture when he was a Galarian Farfetch'd, they both share a love of battling and mostly obeys his Trainer's command in battle. Despite that, he can be cold and aloof towards Ash, striking him with or pointing his leek towards him. And yet, he starts to understand that his Trainer wants to become stronger together as Ash wishes to get stronger alongside him. Upon seeing his Trainer's selfless act to save him and help him, Sirfetch'd started to bond with Ash and protected him when he needed him the most. After his evolution into Sirfetch'd, he has gained more trust and bond with each other and is very loyal to Ash.

Sirfetch'd's Teammates


Sirfetch'd seems to be on good terms with Pikachu as he conducted him a very good friend to have. Also, Sirfetch'd appreciates Pikachu's support for him.


Sirfetch'd doesn't have much of a relationship with Dragonite but does care about it and considers it a good friend to have. In addition, Sirfetch'd does seems to be impressed with Dragonite's strength in compassion to his others teammates.


Although he isn't close to it, Sirfetch'd has shown to get along with Gengar and does see it as a friend. Also, Sirfetch'd doesn't usually train with Gengar because of their Type matchups.


Ever since meeting and battling it as a Riolu, Sirfetch'd has come to consider Lucario its sparring partner, much like Ash's Scraggy being sparring partners with Iris' Axew. Also, Lucario and Sirfetch'd do have a rivalry with each other but they not only see each other as friends but also teammates.


Sirfetch'd doesn't have much a relationship with Dracovish but does see it as a friend and teammate.

Goh's Pokémon


Both Ash's and Goh's Farfetch'd.

Ash's Sirfetch'd appears to have a mutual rivalry with Goh's Kantonian Farfetch'd. While the two are normally friendly to each other, they are prone to bickering, which leads to them clashing with their leeks.


As Galarian Farfetch'd

Ash asking Farfetch'd if he wants to join his team.

Before encountering Ash and Goh, Farfetch'd had managed to defeat a Trainer's Chewtle. Goh tried to catch him and ordered his Kantonian Farfetch'd to battle against him, but both attempts failed due to the Galarian Farfetch'd being more experienced. In the beginning, Farfetch'd saw through the strategies of Ash's Riolu and beat it up.

Farfetch'd joining Ash's team.

However, Farfetch'd was beaten by Riolu, who after some encouragement from Ash, turned the tables around. Farfetch'd was cheered on by Ash and wanted to continue, but ended up passing out due to fatigue. After being healed at a Pokémon Center, Farfetch'd was deeply impressed by Ash's battling skills, and allowed himself to be captured by him. After being brought out of his Poké Ball, Farfetch'd sparred with Riolu as he came to see it as a good training partner.[1]

Both Ash's and Goh's Farfetch'd believing the opposite stole their food.

Farfetch'd was later seen eating breakfast with the group. However, a wild Sobble is secretly stealing food, Farfetch'd believed that Goh's Farfetch'd stole the food. When Sobble revealed itself, it became timid and cried excessively, making everyone, including both Farfetch'd, crying. He went on a search party for the Sobble and found it hiding in the water fountain where Goh unintentionally captured it.[2]

Afterwards, it was brought home to Cerise Laboratory. Later, he was seen crying with many of Ash and Goh's Pokémon after he was exposed to Sobble's tears again.[3]

Farfetch'd was brought out for training practice to train against Riolu but was quickly taken out by Riolu's Reversal.[4]

Farfetch'd battling in his first World Coronation Series match against Bea.

Ash later brought out Farfetch'd during the first round of his World Coronation Series battle against Bea. He went up against her Hawlucha. In the end, Farfetch'd lost due to the fact that he couldn't stop the momentum of his leek, leaving him open to Hawlucha's Flying Press, which knocked him out. After Ash lost the battle, he apologized to Farfetch'd and Riolu, promising they would get revenge and win the next time they meet.[5]

Farfetch'd was later seen enjoying lunch with Ash's current team and Alolan team at the Pokémon School.[6]

Farfetch'd later helped Ash's Riolu in his training in order to win against Bea in a rematch.[7]

Farfetch'd later joined Ash as they headed to the Rock Tunnel, where a mass outbreak of Geodude was taking place, in order to train there. Once they arrived Farfetch'd began to train on his own by smashing some rocks. He tried to master its moves with his leek, aiming to become a Leek Master. During training, they encountered a Trainer, Dozer, whose partner was a Gurdurr, and decided to have an official World Coronation Series match with them. As they began their battle, Farfetch'd went all out with the power from its leek and Gurdurr's steel beam. As the fight went on, a Trainer named Rinto and his partner Gallade watched Farfetch'd fight while he see how it and Ash wasn't in total sync. Farfetch'd then ended the match by taking out Gurdurr when they clashed with Brutal Swing, and causing Gurdurr's steel beam to break, thus winning the match. After its victory, Farfetch'd continued to train itself when Ash watch see what's bothering it. Then, Rinto and his Gallade showed up and greeted Farfetch'd and Ash. Rinto told them that he believed that something was lacking between their bond during their battle and asked Ash and Farfetch'd to have a battle against him and his Gallade, which they accepted. Once the battle began, Farfetch'd went on full throttle attack on Gallade, only for the latter to dodge all of them with ease. As Farfetch'd continued to attack, Gallade managed to knock out Farfetch'd with one powerful move, False Swipe. Farfetch'd was tended by Ash while Rinto pointed out that Farfetch'd had a lot of potential and power, but still needed to have a complete sync with Ash. As Rinto and his Gallade left, he asked Ash and Farfetch'd for another battle once the two are in unison. Back home in Cerise Laboratory, Ash and Pikachu decided to train together with Farfetch'd, helping it to get stronger and hopefully have a rematch with Rinto.[8]

Farfetch'd, Ash, Goh and Scyther are beginning Wikstrom's training at the Hall of Chivalry.

Farfetch'd later joined Ash to the Kalos region where they can be trained by Wikstrom in the Hall of Chivalry, along Goh and his Scyther. During the second challenge, Farfetch'd and Ash when through the maze of doubts where Farfetch'd is only focus completing the challenge and not even by Ash when was injured of was trying to save it by one of Wikstrom's Pokémon. However, Farfetch'd then fell into a trap hole, and Ash came to its aid and pulled it up, but it dropped its leek in the process. Realzing this Ash quicky take Farfetch'd out of the hole while jumped down and managed to return the leek to Farfetch'd. In the third and final challenge, Ash, Farfetch'd, Goh, and Scyther battle both Wikstrom and his Aegislash while trying to retrieve a Key from Wikstrom's Klefki. As Goh and Scyther chase after Kelfki, Farfetch'd took on Aegislash, while Ash himself engaged Wikstrom in a sword fight. When Ash started to get overpowered, Farfetch'd remembered Ash's selflessness while saving it and retrieving its leek and decidiced to defended him from Wikstrom's sword, at the cost of taking a hit from Aegislash's Sacred Sword. However, Farfetch'd then learned a new move: Detect and was able to use it to evade a second Sacred Sword. Farfetch'd then followed through by hitting Aegislash with Night Slash and was prepared to finish it off until Ash told it to stop as Goh and Scyther were able to retrieve the key and win the challenge. After completing Wikstrom's training, they were able to receive Knight's medals from WIktrom and witnessed Goh's Scyther evolve in Scizor as well. After that, Ash told Farfetch'd that will beat Rinto and Gallade the next time and win, with Farfetch'd happily agree as he began to bond more with Ash from their recent adventure.[9]

Farfetch'd evolving into Sirfetch'd.

Farfetch'd was training with Goh's Scizor until they were exhausted as their Trainer's decided to take them to the Pokémon Center. After getting healed at the Pokémon Center, Farfetch'd encountered Rinto and his Gallade again as there in the World Coronation Series and Ash challenged them to a battle, which they accepted. However, during the battle, Farfetch'd leek got split into two. Seeing this, Farfetch'd was devastated. However, Ash not only encouraged it but also gave it the idea of using the split off piece of its leek as a shield. Through the battle, Farfetch'd landed some critical hits. When Gallade was going to land another attack, Farfetch'd started to evolve into Sirfetch'd.[10]

As Sirfetch'd

Sirfetch'd battling against Rinto's Gallade in a World Coronation Series Match.

After evolving, Sirfetch'd used his new skills to give the upper hand on Gallade and was able to beat it. Through this victory, Sirfetch'd helped Ash's rank in the World Coronation Series to go up.[10]

Sirfetch'd was later seen in the Cerise Laboratory with Ash's other Pokémon, where he opened a letter for his trainer and when Iris invited Ash in a World Coronation Series match in the Unova Region at Opelucid City Gym.[11]

Sirfetch'd was later seen when he was used by Ash to help out with Goh's Grookey and Chloe's Eevee's first errand, where it was protecting them from Team Rocket's Pelipper (who was doing an errand itself for Team Rocket).[12]

Sirfetch'd was send out along with Ash's team to show Bea & then had lunch & was seen eating with Bea's Hawlucha.[13]

Sirfetch'd was sent out as Ash's third Pokémon against Bea. He blocked Machamp's flurry of Bullet Punches with its leek shield and slightly weakened Machamp with Fury Cutter before being switched out into Hawlucha. Despite repelling Flying Press with its leek sword, he retaliates with Night Slash, followed by Brutal Swing, but Hawlucha dodged both of those attacks. He attempts to counter its Sky Attack with Night Slash which collided, but the power from Hawlucha's attack was too much for the Wild Duck to handle as he got overpowered by that super effective attack and was defeated as a result.[14]

Sirfetch'd was later used in a practice battle with Goh's Greedent.[15]

Sirfetch'd was later sent out to battle Articuno in a Raid Battle alongside with Goh's Darmanitan, Gary's Tyranitar, and Horace's female Indeedee. But it was quickly defeated with a powerful blast of Blizzard.[16]

Later on, Sirfetch'd was sent out to meet Ash's old Kalos traveling companions, Clemont and his sister, Bonnie in Lumiose City. During the visit, Sirfetch'd began training himself on mastering a new move. Clemont identifies the move Sirfetch'd is trying to learn is his signature move, Meteor Assault. During the training, Ash's Dracovish became fascinated with Sirfetch'd's leak and bites down on it. But despite the little setback, Dracovish's interference somehow inadvertently helped Sirfetch'd stabilize the leak long enough for him to learn the move. Soon, Sirfetch'd and Dracovish teamed up in a practice Double Battle against Clemont's Luxray and Diggersby. During the battle, Sirfetch'd successfully manages to master Meteor Assault and defeated Luxray. Sirfetch'd then watched Dracovish learn a move of its own while mimicking his Meteor Assault pose, which is the Dragon-type move, Dragon Rush. With that, Dracovish defeats Diggersby and gives Ash the win in the practice Double Battle.[17]

Sirfetch'd was later used as the first Pokémon in Ash's battle with the Kalos Elite Four member, Drasna, in the World Coronation Series. It went up against her Noivern. During the battle, he temporarily lost his sword and shield. But still manages to reclaim them and deal some damage to Noivern before being recalled back. Sirfetch'd was later called back out to battle against Drasna's Mega Altaria, whom he was able to defeat with Meteor Assault. However, due to the amount of damage he received from his battle with Noivern, Sirfetch'd succumbed to his injuries and is knocked out of the battle. But despite all of that and being recalled back to his Poké Ball, Sirfetch'd popped back out to cheer Dracovish on and watched it defeat Noivern, which resulted in giving Ash the victory and increasing his World Coronation Series ranking[18]

Sirfetch'd was later seen training with his teammates in Cerise's Laboratory. He then witnessed Goh's Froakie evolving into Frogadier during a battle with Chloe's Eevee, which inspired Ash to go to Kalos and find his Greninja.[19]

Sirfetch'd reappeared in a flashback where he was training with Ash's Lucario before its World Coronation Series battle with Raihan.[20]

Sirfetch'd later reunited with Ash's Alola team when he revisited Alola after helping Lillie reunite with her father, Mohn. He then ate lunch with Ash's Alola Pokémon alongside with his teammates. But when he heard that Ash wants to participate in the Battle Royal, he cheered for his trainer along with most of the Pokémon listening to his conversation.[21]

Sirfetch'd was later seen doing some hard training with his teammates for the upcoming Masters Tournament. By the end of the day, he is later seen resting with them after a long exhausting day of training.[22]

Soon, Sirfetch'd was introduced to most of Ash's Pokémon who are residing in Professor Oak's laboratory in Pallet Town. During the visit, Sirfetch'd trained with Bulbasaur, Sceptile, and Oshawott to master his fighting abilities. Sirfetch'd later watched Ash's battle against his former rival, Paul, where he emerged victorious. Before leaving town, Sirfetch'd later posed with most of Ash's Pokémon for a group photo with his trainer.[23]

Known moves

Move notes

  1. ^ Sirfetch'd knew this move as a Galarian Farfetch'd, but executed it in 'PJ060: Beyond Chivalry… Aiming to be a Leek Master!'
  2. ^ a b Sirfetch'd knew this move as a Galarian Farfetch'd, but executed it in 'PJ086: A Battle of Mega Versus Max!'


  • As a Galarian Farfetch'd, Sirfetch'd marks the first time Ash had caught a regional form of a previous Pokémon.
    • He was also the first regional form Pokémon to evolve.
    • He is also the first Pokémon owned by Ash that he caught from the Galar region.
    • He was also the first regional form Pokémon since the Sun and Moon series to appear.
  • Sirfetch'd is Ash's first capture in a brand new region since his Heracross in Johto that isn't a Flying type or a First partner Pokémon. Coincidentally, they are both are Fighting-type Pokémon.
  • Sirfetch'd is Ash's first Pokémon to know a Dark-type move that is neither Bite nor Crunch.
  • Sirfetch'd is currently Ash's only Pokémon he caught during Pokémon Journeys: The Series that's not dual-type.
  • As a Farfetch'd, Sirfetch'd marks the first time Ash had caught the same Pokémon as his current traveling companion, though Goh caught the Kantonian Form of Farfetch'd while Ash caught the Galarian Form.
  • Sirfetch'd was the first of Ash's Pokémon to battle and defeat a regional Elite Four member's Pokémon.



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