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This Infernape is a Fire/Fighting-type Pokémon owned by Ash Ketchum.

He was originally Paul's Pokémon as a Chimchar, but with Paul later heartleslly abandoning him after deeming him to be nothing more than a weakling, Ash subsequently stepped in and offered Chimchar a chance to join his team, with Chimchar accepting.

Under Ash's care, Chimchar evolved into Monferno and later Infernape while also helping Ash win many key battles in terms of Gym battles in Sinnoh or fights against other rival trainers as well as Team Rocket.


Infernape, as a Chimchar, was usually a very sweet and kind Pokémon, until Blaze was activated and he went on a rampage, ignoring everything and everyone around him, attacking everyone around which in turn forced Ash to personally stop Chimchar until he could calm down even though Ash himself was risk of being attacked. He was also afraid of Zangoose since he was attacked by them, and had very low self-esteem, as Paul often scolded him for being unable to meet his expectations and didn't allow him to show any emotions outside of anger and ferocity, and as a result, he was afraid of being punished or yelled at for letting his trainer down, and this was also briefly extended towards Ash until he understood that it was a yell of concern. After he joined Ash's team, Chimchar had difficulty in settling in due to everyone, Pokémon included, always helped each other without hostility. At first, after losing a training battle, he believed he was going to get scolded, but everyone complimented him, causing him to burst into tears of happiness, and due to his new trainer Ash, he managed to get over his fear of Zangoose. Ash always had great trust in Chimchar, using him in several important battles, and it was repaid when the Chimp Pokémon won them for his trainer, whose training methods worked perfectly for him.

Every time Chimchar saw Paul, he would get really fired up and determined to defeat him in battle no matter what. He always wanted Paul to understand that he isn't a weakling. Chimchar never gives up in battle, which is a trait that it carried with him as he evolved into Monferno, and then into Infernape.

Infernape is quite the feisty Pokémon and, in his current stage, he is always looking for someone to battle and some new way to boost his skills. Infernape's personality almost completely matches Ash, which is why these two are a perfect match for one another. He still retains some of his childlike personality from when he was a Chimchar, and, like when he was a Chimchar, always takes any advice and motivation it receives, even from his enemies, such as Meowth. He is also very friendly to other Pokémon as one of his best friends is Dawn's Piplup.

Infernape is an adapted battler similar to May's Blaziken when using his fighting techniques such as his Mach Punch.

Infernape's journey and training under Ash has turned Infernape into a truly powerful battler, being able to easily defeat Jolteon with a single Mach Punch and take out many members of Paul's team. Thanks to his Blaze Ability, Infernape becomes even more powerful in battle, which was the reason his Flare Blitz was powerful enough to knock out Paul's Electivire despite already having taken so much damage.

In Pokemon: Master Journeys, it is revealed that Infernape is striving to get stronger even further as he heavily spars with most Pokémon, even fellow Fire-types such as Ash's Charizard, Ash's Quilava, Ash's Talonflame and Ash's Pignite in order to prepare a battle against a wild Moltres. He also maintains his personality upon reuniting with Ash when he was with Goh and Gary before battling Moltres.



Although he first met Ash during his time with Paul, Infernape, as a Chimchar, took an interest in him when he saw how much he cared for his Pokémon and Ash commenting on his skills as a battler. After Paul abandoned him and Ash asked him to come with him, Infernape accepted his offer becoming very close with him. They would do anything for one another no matter what. Ash always encouraged Infernape and believed in him, and that trust was repayed through all his victories, and also manages to master his Blaze Ability.

Infernape's teammates

Infernape is great friends with his teammates and enjoys being with them. However, Infernape has a stronger bond with Pikachu and Torterra as they both not only became some of his first real friends but also his best friends.

Paul's Electivire

Infernape and Electivire have a rather intense rivalry that can be traced to back when they first met in their basic forms, both under Paul's command. He was always belittled by Electivire, who always believed Chimchar was inferior to it (and took pleasure in bullying him). However, Electivire grew to respect his increasing power, such as being surprised at his evolution into Monferno during their Full Battle at Lake Acuity, with Infernape returning the respect. This was best shown during the Lily of The Valley Conference, as Electivire stopped the referee from declaring him incapacitated, as it believed that Infernape could still battle, and chose that over victory, getting delighted by seeing Infernape get back on its feet as it wanted to battle Infernape for as long as possible. Electivire can also be seen smirking after its defeat, and finally viewed Infernape as its equal.


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Chimchar's troublesome past.

Chimchar was discovered by Paul whilst trying to escape a pack of Zangoose. When he was cornered on the edge of a cliff, Chimchar used Flame Wheel and defeated all the Zangoose. However, Chimchar developed a huge, paralyzing fear of Zangoose. After Paul became impressed with him and offered a spot on his team, Chimchar accepted the offer and was caught by him.[1]

Diamond and Pearl series

Chimchar did try his hardest for Paul, but Paul grew disappointed in him because he couldn't display that kind of power whilst he was training with him. Although he helped Paul win many battles, including his gym battle with Roark, Chimchar in his Trainer's eyes still considered him weak.[2][3][4][5]

During the Hearthome City Tag Battle tournament, Chimchar and Pikachu won the first round for their Trainer, after they got pair with each other.[6] That night, after winning the first round, Chimchar was training with Paul and his other Pokémon where Ash, who noticed what they were doing when he was training his Pokémon, arrived at the scene. When he used Flamethrower, Chimchar accidentally hit Ash and went to go see if he was okay but was relieved to see that he wasn't hurt then showed appreciation towards him when he praised him for getting strong. Chimchar witness Ash and Dawn, who arrived with her Piplup, argue with Paul for the way he treats him. Although he wanted to get stronger through his Trainer's methods, Chimchar begins to question it as he felt sad for not having any encouragement from Paul and not being able to befriend his teammates. After leaving Ash, Pikachu, Dawn and Piplup, Chimchar was training some more but collapsed from exhaustion and was about to be hit by Paul's Elekid Thunder attack. However, Chimchar was saved when Pikachu arrived just in time by using Volt Tackle then Ash, Dawn and her Piplup show up as they told Paul that he's done more than enough training. Chimchar was brought to the Pokémon Center by Ash so he can get treated and some rest. Despite needing rest, Chimchar was put in battle by Paul and Ash had his Turtwig protect him during the battle, which he appreciated from both of them. However, due to battling a Zangoose, Chimchar couldn't relive battling the Cat Ferret Pokémon as he let his fear get the better of him and Paul wasn't pleased. While defending Turtwig from a Fire Blast, Chimchar was ready to attack but Paul completely stopped giving him orders but Ash decided to give him the command as he helped him defeat Metagross while Turtwig defeated Zangoose. When Paul decided that he was too soft to use the kind of power he'd seen when he battled the Zangoose and had enough, Chimchar was released from his team for good, abandoning him. Chimchar pleaded with Paul to reconsider his decision but his choice stood. Ash, Dawn, Brock, Pikachu, Piplup and Turtwig arrived on the scene and they were stunned by what his former Trainer did to him.[1]

Chimchar being offer to join Ash's team.

Just as he was about to return to the wild, Chimchar stopped when Ash stepped in at the last second and offered him a spot on his own team.[1] However, before he could give a response, Chimchar was captured by Team Rocket, who intended to make him a member, but used a Flamethrower to escape and sent them blasting off yet again. Although, due to being in the air, Chimchar was falling but Ash saved him just in time and Chimchar accepted the offer to become a permanent member of his team. Chimchar was caught by Ash in one of his Poké Balls while being witnessed by Dawn, Brock and his first real friends, Pikachu, Piplup and Turtwig. After watching the semi-finals of the Hearthome City Tag Battle tournament, Chimchar was used in the finals and was able to win for Ash and Paul.[7]

While Ash and his friends were camping, Chimchar was brought out from his Poké Ball alongside his new teammates along with Dawn and Brock's Pokémon. Unfamiliar with his surroundings, Chimchar observers Ash, his teammates, Dawn, Brock and their Pokémon prepare a meal then remembers on how he needed to eat quickly before training while he was still with Paul. However, Chimchar was encouraged to eat Brock's food by Ash, which he found very tasty. While watching Ash and Dawn train their Pokémon, Chimchar was surprised to see how they made praised their Pokémon instead of belittling them. Chimchar remembers when he defeated Paul's Elekid one time but his former Trainer was unimpressed and made him sad when he told him that he was worthless. However, through Ash's encouragement to do a practice battle, Chimchar was paired up with Dawn's Piplup and they were proven to be a tough match for each other though the Penguin Pokémon won in the end.[8]

Although he was on the ground scared that Ash was going to scold him, Chimchar was instead surprised that he picked him up and praised him for his strength. Despite everyone's support and encouragement, Chimchar couldn't help but break down crying as he realizes that he doesn't have to suffer from mistreatment from Paul or his Pokémon ever again as Ash comforts him. That night, Chimchar had a nightmare as he woke up and decided to go for a walk. While walking, Chimchar sees Team Rocket's Meowth, who was separated from Jessie and James at the time, but told him to cool down as he wasn't going to cause trouble and decided to sit with him. Chimchar listened as Meowth gave him some advice about letting go of the past and that his new friends/family will always be there for him no matter what.[8]

That next day, Chimchar asked if he could help the other Pokémon but they walked passed him and worried that he couldn't do anything to help them. Chimchar was called by Ash as he asks him to accompany him while he got some water and he happily said yes then left with his Trainer. However, while returning to camp, Chimchar and Ash witness three Zangoose attacking one of the containers that Team Rocket used to capture all the other Pokémon as he becomes scared of them. Seeing his friends in trouble, Chimchar overcame his fear of Zangoose and was able to defeat them. After defeating the Zangooses, Chimchar, Pikachu, Turtwig, Piplup and Buneary sent Team Rocket blasting off again.[8]

Chimchar was used against Maylene and her Meditite, hitting her with Scratch, but she recovers by hitting him with Drain Punch. The Chimp Pokémon hits her with another Scratch followed by a Flamethrower, but gets confused by her Confusion and gets recalled. He then fought against Maylene's Lucario, but despite hitting it with a super-effective Flame Wheel, he gets paralyzed by its Force Palm and hit by a super-effective Bone Rush, and his attempt to use Dig its stopped by an Aura Sphere, and Lucario defeats Chimchar with Metal Claw. He was also used in a 3-on-3 battle against Barry as Ash's first Pokémon. He fights his Staraptor and wins thanks to his agility, but despite the type advantage, he loses against his Roserade after being repeatedly hit by Poison Jab.

Chimchar was then used in the next three Gym Battles. He was used against Fantina and her Mismagius, defeating it with a powerful Flame Wheel and against her Fantina's Drifblim, who defeated both Pikachu and Buizel. Against Byron, he fought against his Bronzor, which was a tough opponent for Chimchar its special Ability Heatproof and its Rain Dance. Both Pokémon are tired, but only Chimchar manages to hold on, winning the round before being recalled. He then fights against Byron's Steelix, who quickly defeated Buizel, and manages to block it by repeatedly using Dig and defeats it with Flame Wheel, but when it has to face Byron's final Pokémon, Bastiodon, Chimchar is too tired and gets quickly defeated when Bastiodon uses his Flamethrower against him with Metal Burst. Against Candice, Chimchar fought against her Snover, who defeated Gliscor not before being weakened, and after Flamethrower is countered by Icy Wind, he manages to find her and defeat her with Flamethrower, but Candice's final Pokémon, Abomasnow, hits him with Blizzard and Ash recalls it. After Abomasnow defeats in one hit both Staraptor and Grotle, Chimchar is then sent out again, and this time, by using a piece of ice to quickly move on the field, he manages to hit her with Flamethrower and dodge all her attacks, tiring her out before defeating her with a Flame Wheel that Blizzard is unable to stop.

Chimchar being out of control due to his special Ability: Blaze.

In Chim - Charred!, Chimchar wants to take Gligar's place after it was defeated by Paul's Gliscor and battles Paul's Ursaring after seeing Paul's cruelty to Ash. Chimchar ends up brutally beaten by Ursaring despite his efforts to take it down. Chimchar's Blaze Ability was activated and defeats Ursaring with a powerful Flame Wheel. However, Chimchar goes berserk when his Blaze was activated and also throws Ash and the other Pokémon with his Flame Wheel causing a forest fire and also blasting Team Rocket off when they are hiding in the bushes. Both Buizel and Dawn's Piplup manage to extinguish the fire as Ash hugged Chimchar tight convincing it that the fight is over and it successfully wakes Chimchar back to its normal state making Paul forfeit his battle with Ash and he tells the latter about controlling Chimchar's Blaze.

Chimchar evolving into into Monferno.

In Evolving Strategies!, during Ash's first Full Battle with Paul, when Ash has only Chimchar left, he sends him out to fight against Paul's Ursaring, who already defeated half of his team: Buizel, Staraptor and Pikachu, but the Chimp Pokémon manages to beat it for the second time and evolves into a Monferno afterwards and learns a new move, Mach Punch. Despite that, Monferno was too tired and was defeated by Electabuzz as Ash loses the full battle. Ash was so depressed to see his Pokémon are in a bad shape while taking recovery at the Pokémon Center. Monferno, like the others, is badly hurt, but his recovery is slower that his teammates and requires a Cheri Berry. As Pikachu was taken by Team Rocket by surprise, they are stopped by Gliscor's Sand Attack forcing both James and Jessie to fight them. Monferno easily knocks Team Rocket with a multiple of Mach Punch, freeing Pikachu from the net as the trio takes the blame on each other. Ash commands Buizel, Staraptor, Grotle, Gliscor, Monferno and Pikachu to use their powerful attacks to blast Team Rocket off after Ash's confidence and determination finally restored from his Full Battle loss.

In Fighting Ire with Fire!, Ash battles Barry in a three on three battle using both Barry's Empoleon and Monferno as the first. Monferno gives the upper hand against Empoleon but being knocked down in a distance with its Hydro Cannon. The battle is soon interrupted by Team Rocket who managed to capture Ash, Dawn, Brock and Barry as other Pokémon did their best to release them as their attacks are unaffected but they are captured by them during their motto. Team Rocket's success are soon to be short lived when Monferno manages to break the ball that Ash got trapped with a powerful Flame Wheel. To their scare, Monferno went berserk when his Blaze Ability was activated and unleashed his full power against Team Rocket by destroying their balloon with a powerful Flame Wheel followed by a Mach Punch. Ash tries to stop Monferno from attacking while he continues using Flame Wheel while Paul's Electabuzz uses Protect to protect Pikachu, Piplup and Empoleon while in the cage. Ash hugs Monferno tight trying to convince him about their promise to get stronger and be together. It engulfs Ash in flames much to Paul's shock and seeing Ash risking his life for his Pokémon. Monferno finally regains his normal state and tries to protect the Pokémon when Electabuzz is losing its energy, Monferno uses Flame Wheel while he evolved into Infernape to break the cage to rescue Pikachu, Piplup and Empoleon and lifts and destroys the remaining robot that Team Rocket used with a single Mach Punch. All of the Pokémon were happy to see Infernape. Paul also reveals to Ash that Monferno's Blaze Ability had caused him to evolve into Infernape. Ash also tells him that he will battle him someday. Paul replies that his older brother, Reggie wants to see them both battle in the Sinnoh League especially to challenge Ash's Infernape which it accepts its challenge before he left. Ash decides to train more for his final badge at the Sunyshore Gym which Infernape accepts.

Infernape was later used in a battle against Flint's Infernape, but lost due to his lack of experience compared to Flint's, getting defeated by a single Mach Punch. This was Infernape's only defeat since it evolved, and it has won every other battle it was in.

Infernape had a major role in Ash's gym battle in Sunyshore Gym where he easily defeated Volkner's Jolteon with Mach Punch and use his fully controlled Blaze to defeat Volkner's Luxray, who already defeated Pikachu, with a powerful Flame Wheel.

Infernape learned Flare Blitz in Working on a Right Move!, knocking out Brock's Sudowoodo in a practice battle. In the quarter-finals, he faced off against Paul's newly evolved Aggron with Flare Blitz which burns it and proceeded to deliver a Mach Punch, defeating it. Infernape later battled Paul's Ninjask. Infernape used Dig and used Flare Blitz underground which made the field burst out Infernape's flames which damaged Ninjask, canceled Paul's Drapion's Toxic Spikes effect and surrounded the field in mist which allowed Infernape to attack Ninjask by a single Mach Punch, knocking it out.

Infernape vs Paul's Electivire at the Sinnoh league.

Infernape battled Paul's Electivire in the final battle between Ash and Paul, as Electivire defeated both Gliscor and Pikachu. Electivire used Thunder and slammed its tail to the ground which made the rocks fly towards Infernape. The so-called "Field Thunder" was done because of Infernape weakening the stability of the field when it used "Underground Flare Blitz." After a lot of battling, Infernape used Mach Punch, however, Electivire's tail caught Infernape's arm. Electivire then proceeded to use Thunder for a long period of time. After Electivire let it out, the referee began to announce that Infernape was unable to battle, but Electivire stopped him from doing so. Suddenly, Infernape began to glow and activated his Blaze and fired a super-powerful blast of Flamethrower which not even Electivire's Thunder could penetrate. Infernape then attacked with a powerful Flare Blitz. Thanks to the Blaze-powered Flare Blitz, Electivire was burnt, gave in and stumbled to the ground, declared unable to battle, with Ash winning the full battle against his long-time Sinnoh rival Paul and ending their rivalry. With this victory, Infernape also allows Ash to qualify for the semi-finals of the Pokémon League, something that he had never achieved before .In The Brockster Is In! it helped make the ship hot to heal several Baby Pokémon.

Ash left Infernape at Professor Oak's lab when he decided to travel to Unova.

Journeys series

According to Professor Oak, Infernape continued to train on his own after Ash left for Unova, to the extent that he is rarely seen around. Recently, he sparred with fellow Fire-Types such as Ash's Charizard, Ash's Quilava, Ash's Pignite and Ash's Talonflame in order to prepare a battle against a wild Moltres on a valley. He is later reunited with Ash by knocking him down with a friendly hug when both Gary and Goh were with him. As the wild Moltres arrived to confront them, Infernape decided to battle it out with Ash. He started by executing a Flamethrower on Moltres, which it absorbs the flames, while the latter counters with Fire Spin to corner him, to which he used Dig to escape. Infernape then used his Mach Punch, which Moltres dodges the attack and countered with Air Slash. Infernape used Flare Blitz, which clashed with the Air Slash, but instead knocking it out with a super effective damage. Despite the heavy damage, Infernape is later aided by Gary's Blastoise when Gary sent out Blastoise to use Hydro Cannon on Moltres, who countered with Fire Spin to cornered it only for Blastoise to escape with Rapid Spin. He watched Blastoise faint from being hit from Moltres' Hurricane and both Gary's Electivire and Ash's Pikachu saving Goh's Cinderace by defeating Moltres with their powerful Thunder causing it to fly away in defeat as one of its feathers had fall off onto the ground and Gary came all the way to get Moltres' feather to study. Infernape later reunited with all of Ash's Pokémon after the ordeal, and apologized to the Fire-types for his behavior, to which he is forgiven.[9]

Infernape also appeared during a flashback before Ash and Volkner participated in a World Coronation Series battle against each other. It is seen battling Volkner's Luxray.[10]

When Ash returned to Oak's lab, Infernape was helping Ash's Gengar train. When Gengar began emitting sparks from his fists, Infernape intensified his training, which allowed Gengar to learn and use Will-O-Wisp. He was delighted alongside all of Ash's Fire Pokémon when Gengar defeated Paul's Metagross.[11]

Infernape watched Ash's match against Steven Stone in the World Coronation Series of the Masters Eight alongside all of Ash's other Pokémon. When Gengar defeated Steven's Aggron from the burn effect of Will-O-Wisp, Infernape was extremely pleased and hugged Oak alongside Charizard.[12]

Known moves

Move notes

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  2. ^ Infernape knew this move as an Monferno, but executed it in 'DP???'

Improvised Moves

  • Counter Shield was used in "Shield With a Twist!" and "Evolving Strategies!". Chimchar/Monferno uses Flamethrower after using Flame Wheel, releasing fire whips everywhere.
  • Flamethrower Wheel used in a Tag Battle against Khoury and Lyra, it starts off with Cyndaquil running ahead and using Flame Wheel and while Cyndaquil somersaults into the Flame Wheel, Monferno uses Flamethrower towards Cyndaquil causing more flames to gather and a speed boost towards the target.
  • Flamethrower Skating used in Ash's Battle with Candice. It consists of Chimchar using a piece of ice as a skateboard or surfboard to gain speed and use Flamethrower to avoid being counterattacked by Abomasnow's other attacks.
  • Underground Flare Blitz was used in a battle against Paul at the Lily of the Valley Conference in "A Real Rival Rouser!. Infernape used Dig, and then while underground used Flare Blitz, causing the entire field to heat up and fire to burst from the ground. This canceled the effects of Drapion's Toxic Spikes and also damaged Ninjask.


  • Infernape has activated his Ability more times than any other Pokémon on Ash's team.
  • Infernape's Flare Blitz, compared to Flint's Infernape's Flare Blitz, is blue colored, rather than red and yellow.
  • Infernape is the first Pokémon owned by a rival from Ash, and which was later owned by Ash himself.
  • After evolving into Monferno, it is the first time Ash had two starter Pokémon that evolved from the same region.
  • Infernape is the first Pokémon to have battled alongside Ash after being left at Professor Oak's Lab since his battle with Tobias.



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